Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1518: What Happened After That?

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Chapter 1518: What Happened After That?

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi's mission was a secret. Lu Xingzhi had told his family that it was best to keep it secret and not tell anyone else about it. Even though Mrs. Lu felt that it was a pity that she could not flaunt it to the world, she knew its importance. However, she could not stop the other people from talking nonsense about it.

Mrs. Lu did not have to fake the love she had for Jiang Yao, and that managed to dispel some people's suspicion.

Who would still want that kind of daughter-in-law if the rumors were true?

Besides, everyone knew that the Lu family's son had a bad temper. If his wife did that kind of shameful thing, would he be with her while shopping with his mother?

The Lu family would never suffer their daughter-in-law's wrath. Therefore, it meant that someone else had purposely slandered her name. 

"My daughter-in-law went to the countryside with my teacher, where the conditions were poor. She could not eat or live well there. She could not get used to the lifestyle when she was there, but she endured it. Her teacher finally told her to go home and rest. She's not home much, so I want to fatten her up so that she can be well again. Then, I'm hoping she'll give us a grandson soon!"

Mrs. Lu did not even need to give any excuse for Jiang Yao's recovery at home. They bought many things at the market. While they did that, Mrs. Lu answered all the questions that the people there had for her. When everyone in the market had finally heard of the story, she left the market with the two of them, utterly satisfied.

When they were alone, Mrs. Lu sneered. "Everyone knows each other's business here. Sometimes, it's quite annoying. Some of them don't have high moral standards either. They spread rumors without thinking of the consequences. Words can kill, and those people are no different than murderers. "

"Mom, don't be angry. It's good that you understand what kind of person I am. We don't live for others' words. They can say whatever they want. Anyway, I'm doing just fine," Jiang Yao said.

"You're so nice." Mrs. Lu sighed. She knew how those rumors started, which was why she felt angry. "That old woman from the Lin family is so evil-hearted. She threw you away when she was young and hoped that you would die. Now that you've grown up, you don't need them for anything. Why would she tarnish your reputation like that?"

Jiang Yao still did not know why that woman did that. She did not know the Lin family well and did not care about their blood ties.

Mrs. Lu was right—the Lin family didn't raise her. They only birthed her.

"By the way, what happened to the person who pretended to be my mother?" After the Cheng family intervened, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi had rushed back to Shu City. They did not know what happened after that.

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