Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3076

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Chapter 3076: The Artifact Spirit Reborn

The consciousness of the artifact spirit was completely shattered, but it did not disperse as a result. Its fragmented body assumed the clumps of mist and lingered there.

These were both the artifact spirit’s body, as well as the artifact spirit’s shattered consciousness, mixed with many fragments of information and imprints.

“Sigh, Anatta. Why must you do this?” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths sighed gently, his eyes filled with grief. He did not wish to see this at all.

“Since it refuses to talk, then let’s change him for another artifact spirit,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt. Afterwards, he slowly raised his hand and swept it gently through the space before him. The power of the Laws of Creation immediately surged forward from his hand, giving off a profound and mysterious presence.

When the Laws of Creation enveloped the artifact spirit’s fragmented body, it actually began to unbelievably recover slowly from the damage that was beyond salvation.

This basically felt like someone who was clearly dead was actually beginning to be revived. They were about to awaken again.

It was also like a certain expert whose soul had already been obliterated, only for them to defy common logic, where their dispersed soul actually reassembled.

This was the exact situation that the artifact spirit was going through right now. In this exact moment, the process that the artifact spirit underwent could basically be regarded as a miracle.

The Anatta Grand Exalt was using the Laws of Creation he had comprehended to the limit to reverse death, reviving the artifact spirit.

Of course, just the Laws of Creation alone were definitely not enough to perform such an impossible feat, let alone the fact that this was the Tower of Radiance, a sovereign god artifact.

The Anatta Grand Exalt was clearly using a certain object that permeated the space after the artifact spirit had collapsed, or perhaps something that existed within the artifact spirit. He used this as a foundation before putting in a little more work, which led to the miraculous result of the artifact spirit coming back alive.

Immediately, under the interference of the Laws of Creation, the artifact spirit’s shattered body began to reassemble. Some of the destroyed imprints or markings also slowly recovered under the Laws of Creation’s nourishment. The Laws of Creation even recreated some of the imprints that had already been obliterated for good, turning nothing into something.

Among these imprints that had either dispersed or been destroyed, there were a few scattered memories. Compared to the tremendous lifespan that the artifact spirit had lived, it was like a grain of rice in the ocean. It seemed so insignificant and so feeble that it could be swallowed by the river of time at any moment.

No, perhaps it could be said that this transient and insignificant memory fragment had already been destroyed. The Anatta Grand Exalt’s Laws of Creation had only recreated it through the various traces and information it had left behind during the time it did exist in this place.

“Hmm? I didn’t think the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance had devoured another spirit. Someone has clearly tried to nurture another artifact spirit for the Tower of Radiance so that they can claim the god artifact for themselves. This person’s capabilities are impressive.” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths narrowed his eyes slightly and realised all of the secrets in a single glance. “It’s just a pity that such a clever plan fell into shambles in the end. Not only did they fail to replace the Tower of Radiance’s original artifact spirit, but they even allowed it to be revived.”

“Anatta, are you trying to make that foreign artifact spirit replace the Tower of Radiance for good? If it’s any other god artifact of lower quality, you can obviously do this with ease given your ability, but the Tower of Radiance is a peak god artifact after all.”

“You have to go to such great lengths. It’s not that worth it.” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths sighed on the side. He was extremely puzzled.

The Anatta Grand Exalt said nothing as he gathered all of his focus to control the Laws of Creation. The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths was right. This was a sovereign god artifact after all. The difficulty behind urging on a foreign artifact spirit that had already been obliterated to replace the Tower of Radiance’s original artifact spirit went without saying.

If it were not for the fact that the foreign artifact spirit had already met a few innate conditions, such that it had already merged with the Tower of Radiance to a basic extent, then even with the exceptional abilities of Grand Exalts, they could not just switch out the artifact spirit of a sovereign god artifact.

The level which sovereign god artifacts touched on was simply too high. It was almost equivalent to Grand Exalts.

Under the Anatta Grand Exalt’s efforts, an artifact spirit unlike the one they had seen earlier gradually began to take shape as the fragments and various imprints gathered together.

It was also at this moment that an illusionary door suddenly swung open behind the Anatta Grand Exalt, revealing a miniature world inside.

In a certain location within the miniature world, a tiny beast shining with rainbow light hovered in the air as if it was completely submerged in cultivation. Around the tiny beast was a clump of mist-like Origin of Ways that radiated with an extremely profound presence of ways as if they represented the supreme laws of the world.

But at this moment, the Origin of Ways around the rainbow beast suddenly began to flow like a flood that had breached a dam. It poured out of the miniature world, merging together with the newly-formed artifact spirit.

With the assistance of the Origin of Ways, the extremely-feeble artifact spirit immediately began to strengthen at an unbelievable rate. The various imprints and incomplete memories left behind by the true artifact spirit merged with it too.

Normally, if a newly-born artifact spirit absorbed memories that completely surpassed what it could withstand, it was extremely likely for the same thing to occur again, where it lost its sense of self.

But this time, the Anatta Grand Exalt was presiding over this. Under the Anatta Grand Exalt’s personal efforts, the new, feeble artifact spirit no longer faced any latent problems when it merged with the Tower of Radiance’s past imprints and memories. The Anatta Grand Exalt had erased all of the dangers.

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths stared at the cluster of Origin of Ways and immediately sank into his thoughts. He murmured, “The presence from the Origin of Ways is rather familiar. I-i-it seems to be from the ancient Skywolf of the previous aeon!”

“I might not be from the same period as the ancient Skywolf, but some of the ancient Skywolf’s belongings have made it to the present day, which is why I’m so familiar with his presence.”

Gazing at the Origin of Ways, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Path’s emotions became mixed. He was perturbed.

Very soon, the Origin of Ways vanished, and the Laws of Creation gradually receded too. A brand-new artifact spirit appeared before Ancient Paths and Anatta.

The artifact spirit had only just been born, but it was clearly much more powerful than the artifact spirit that the Anatta Grand Exalt had killed a while earlier.

That was not just due to the fact that the Anatta Grand Exalt had revived it. Most importantly, the Origin of Ways it had absorbed this time far surpassed the amount from last time.

“Greetings, seniors. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life.” The artifact spirit immediately assumed the figure of a middle-aged man as soon as he recovered. He was graceful and elegant in appearance, but right now, he bowed politely towards the two sovereigns of the world.

Compared to the previous artifact spirit, this artifact spirit was clearly much more sensible.

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