Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3236: Godslayer’s Sword

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Chapter 3236: Godslayer’s Sword

The eight successors of the Martial Soul lineage, coupled with the Grand Exalt of the Martial Soul lineage’s partner, a total of seven Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes and two Grand Exalts, had perished at that instant.

Before the huge hand woven from the three thousand laws, even someone as powerful as the Grand Exalt of the Martial Soul lineage was unable to put up any resistance, immediately reduced to dust.

As for the seven Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, they did not even have the right to approach the great hand. Before the great hand had even arrived, the terrifying pressure it gave off along the way had erased the seven of them.

They were not low-level cultivators with feeble cultivations, but supreme Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes!

A Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime of the Martial Soul lineage possessed such great battle prowess that they even surpassed other cultivators of the same level.

However, despite their astonishing strength and battle prowess, they were still so feeble before the giant hand. They were not even as strong as the weakest of ants.

When this scene and image entered Jian Chen’s head, he immediately became cold all over. A chill ran through his entire body from head to toe.

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The scene froze there, and the consciousness of the artifact spirit receded. However, Jian Chen had become completely pale. His eyes were filled with shock. He was frozen, unable to return to his senses.

The image that the artifact spirit conveyed was far too terrifying. Even with all the tests of life and death and the unbelievable sights Jian Chen had witnessed throughout his life to get to where he was currently, he still felt fearful inside. He was severely shaken.

The artifact spirit and Jian Chen sat there blankly. Neither of them said anything. The sight was just too chilling and terrifying. Both of them had been frightened, such that they struggled to recover from it.

“J-j-just how powerful was that Grand Exalt of the Martial Soul lineage back then?” After a very, very long time, Jian Chen finally recovered a little and asked in a shaken manner.

“As for the exact strength, the previous artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance wasn’t too sure either. However, I’ve learnt from his memory fragments that during the age that his master lived in, no one throughout the cosmos was his master’s opponent.”

“In the eyes of the previous artifact spirit, his master was undefeatable and unstoppable. He was truly invincible,” said the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance.

Jian Chen sank into silence. He was not surprised about the Grand Exalt of the Martial Soul lineage’s strength at all. Let alone the past, even now, there was no one who could hold their ground against the Martial Soul lineage if they possessed the same cultivation.

It made him think about the seventh successor of the Martial Soul lineage, Qing Shan!

When Qing Shan was a Godking, he ranked first on the Godkings’ Throne. He even possessed the strength to kill Infinite Primes as a Godking.

That was a living example!

As for the Grand Exalt of the Martial Soul lineage, his strength went without saying.

He had no idea about his exact strength, but when the Grand Exalt of the Martial Soul lineage had been overwhelmed by the giant hand, heavily injured with only half of his body left, he could still kill his partner with a single palm strike. He made her scatter through outer space as droplets of light like rain.

His methods and abilities had completely surpassed any known Grand Exalt within the Immortals’ and Saints’ World.

However, despite how powerful he was, he was still unable to offer up any resistance before the giant hand.

“There are a total of three thousand great ways. Just comprehending one of them to the limit makes you the sovereign of a world. The more ways you comprehend, the stronger you are. The Anatta Grand Exalt of the Saints’ World has only comprehended three ways to the limit, and she ranks within the top three of the seven Grand Exalts.”

“Yet that giant hand was woven from all three thousand ways.”

For a moment, Jian Chen felt his throat become rather parched. A giant rock seemed to weigh on his chest. It was extremely heavy.

The artifact spirit had already begun to recover gradually. “Master, I would guess that the reason why the current imperial clan is unable to break through to Grand Prime should be connected to the crisis that they faced back then.”

Jian Chen was rather lost. After a moment of silence, he murmured softly, “I know. It’s probably set down laws that inhibit the Martial Soul lineage. The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths drew the same conclusion in the past too.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen gathered his emotions and continued to converse with the artifact spirit, but he did not learn much.

“Master, the Tower of Radiance had nine protector swords. Each protector sword was transformed from a follower of the past. If you’re willing, you’re able to wield Godslayer’s sword at any time, master!” the artifact spirit then said. He pointed upwards, and a streak of light rapidly descended, arriving before Jian Chen immediately.

It was a white sword, enveloped in sacred light and giving off a holy sensation.

It was the protector sword that ranked first, Godslayer’s sword.

Jian Chen had already learnt about the protector swords’ origins from the artifact spirit. His gaze immediately became mixed, staring at Godslayer’s sword subconsciously. He immediately sensed the tremendous, terrifying power it was hiding.

The power was extremely vast. Even with Jian Chen’s current strength, he felt as insignificant as a tiny boat in the open ocean before this power.

He was not unfamiliar with Godslayer’s sword. After all, Gongsun Zhi had once arrived on the Cloud Plane wielding Godslayer’s sword, triggering a great battle in outer space.

Gazing at Godslayer’s sword, Jian Chen’s gaze became mixed. He probably never imagined that such a powerful sword would be offered up to him one day like this.

He raised his hand slowly and reached towards the sword’s hilt. However, right when he was about to touch it, his hand suddenly stopped mid-air. At that instant, he actually felt a sense of repulsion in the depths of his heart.

It was as if he could not bring himself to touch the sword, like he felt contempt.

The protector sword was powerful, but it had been transformed into by a follower of the past. Since the Martial Soul lineage was the imperial clan, they obviously possessed their own sense of pride and dignity.

How could the pride of the imperial clan allow him to rely on the power of a follower for existence?

In this world, some people could do anything for the sake of great power. They could commit all kinds of sins, even casting aside their dignity without any hesitation.

However, there were also certain people who valued their dignity tremendously, even using their lives to protect it!

That was why Jian Chen experienced a strong sense of repulsion when he was about to touch Godslayer’s sword.

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In the end, his hand remained mid-air for a good while before drawing back slowly. He gave up on Godslayer’s sword.

“Keep the sword here for now. I’ll make the choice once I find someone suitable in the future,” said Jian Chen. Godslayer’s sword was different from other god artifacts at the end of the day. Other god artifacts could only be treated as items.

However, protector swords were not completely items.From a certain perspective, they could be regarded as living creatures.

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