Coming of the Villain Boss! - Chapter 1128 - The Forbidden Rose Song 38

Chapter 1128: The Forbidden Rose Song (38)

It was too late for the man to stop her. The blood bell was broken into pieces.

It was a holy relic…

How could he know that her decision was to destroy the holy relics!

The man rushed at Ming Shu. Tong Ye pulled the trigger subconsciously. The man was first shot in his shoulder and staggered, but it didn’t seem to have caused any impact.

The man may have also thought that he was tricked by Ming Shu. The bullets in that gun could only cause minor damage to him.

Tong Ye widened his eyes slightly…

Tong Ye suddenly felt a pull behind his neck. His body tilted to one side and fell to the ground, then rolled away slowly.

Then he saw Ming Shu also flash out from inside.

The man was bounced straight off the shield as he rushed over, and the scope seemed smaller than before. The man landed on the opposite side and was bounced back again, then was bounced off again…

He was like a ping pong ball locked in a narrow space.

“Won’t… Won’t you fight?”

“Why would I fight against him? Rations are expensive, okay?”

Tong Ye looked at the hammer in Ming Shu’s hands. It was a hammer that could smash holy relics… So could it be a normal hammer?

Tong Ye looked at the gun in his own hand. “This gun has no power at all.”

“I was just bluffing, who knew that he would believe it.” Ming Shu began to talk nonsense seriously. “Probably he hasn’t had enough blood and downgraded his brain.”

“…” What’s the relationship between drinking blood and brains? I don’t understand this little ancestor’s way of thinking.

Tong Ye paused for a while on the ground then stood up. “Did you really destroy the Blood Bell?”

Ming Shu pointed at the man who was picking up the pieces on the floor inside. “Is there anything wrong with your eyes?”

“It’s a holy relic.” It was not a normal bell and she just destroyed it. If the vampires knew it, they would probably rank her name first on the blacklist.

Ming Shu blinked her eyes. “Oh. So I’m so powerful that I can destroy the holy relic.”


Why is it so irritating to talk to her?

Tong Ye remembered the most important question. “Who are they?”

Ming Shu gave him a disdainful look. “You don’t even know who kidnapped you?”

“Huo Gen?”

“No. The World Salvation Society.”

“…” I’d better choose to pass out.

When Chu Yue fought his way out, what he saw was the man lying on the ground on his stomach, laughing at one time and wearing a hideous expression at another. A perfect representative of psychopath.

The other vampires stood to one side with weird expressions, not daring to step forward nor daring to leave.

“What have you done to him?” Chu Yue looked at the two people who were sitting on the floor and enjoying rations happily.

“Nothing.” Ming Shu shrugged innocently.

“Nothing… What is he doing?” He doesn’t look like he experienced nothing!

“Picking up the pieces of the Blood Bell.”

“Picking up what?” Chu Yue thought he misheard.

“I think you should go see a doctor,” Ming Shu suggested sincerely. “Hearing is very important, you know. Don’t be afraid of consulting a doctor.”


Tong Ye gave a pitiful look at Chu Yue. Compared to his witnessing with his own eyes, Chu Yue would probably be more confused and speechless later.

Tong Ye now enjoyed psychological balance. Here came a person sharing the same feeling as him.

When you felt it was not your day, just look at those who were more miserable than you, then you would discover it was actually not a big deal.

Ming Shu asked, “Where are Su Mian and my little snack?”

Chu Yue pointed behind himself.

Su Mian and Liu Wanyue came out slowly. It could be seen that Su Mian disliked Liu Wanyue very much and they walked with a distance between them. But the colorful ball bathing in the wind on Su Mian’s shoulder was more eye-catching than any of them.

Little Beastie jumped straight off Su Mian’s shoulder and rolled over to Ming Shu’s feet. It scaled her clothes and climbed up into her palm.

Poop-picker, you promised me a complete Manchu-Han banquet! Complete Manchu-Han banquet! Complete Manchu-Han banquet!

Okay, I know, I know.

Ming Shu spoke perfunctorily while stuffing Little Beastie into her pocket. Then she stood up from the ground.

“Su Mian.”

It was not Ming Shu who called Su Mian.

It was the man who picked up the Blood Bell’s pieces on the floor.

Ming Shu walked to Su Mian’s side. “Do you know him?”

Su Mian shook his head and looked at the man with gloomy eyes. He hadn’t met this man before…

“Heh heh…” the man laughed weirdly. “Su Mian, do you know why you wanted to become a vampire deep down?”

Su Mian frowned. How would he know that.

The man sat on the ground and stared at Ming Shu with malicious and insidious eyes. He said slowly, word by word, sounding evil and crazy, “He will become your nightmare.”

“What do you mean?”

The man released two more weird laughs. His malicious and insidious eyes were very scary, but he didn’t say anything after that.

It was like he told this news to Ming Shu only to take revenge on her.

Ming Shu rushed inside and grabbed the man. “What did you mean by saying that?”

The man’s expression became crazy. “Have a guess. Aren’t you very powerful? Guess, hahaha…”

The man laughed until he was out of breath and didn’t react even when Ming Shu beat him up.

“It was you… You pushed him into that abyss with your own hands, hahaha, it was you. Fu Yu, you destroyed my plan that I’ve put so many years of effort in. This is what you deserve!”

The man stared at Ming Shu ferociously with his cold and evil eyes.

The holy relic was destroyed, and so was the matter that he had planned for so many years. All of it was ruined in one day.

He imagined all kinds of accidents, but never thought that the holy relic would be destroyed, because no one would do that…

He couldn’t convince himself to accept it.

“Fu Yu!” Chu Yue shouted aloud. “Don’t kill him.”

Ming Shu missed the man’s vulnerable point and punched him.


The man screamed still.

Ming Shu pressed on his chest. “Tell me, what happened to Su Mian?”

“Even if you kill me, I. Will. Not. Tell. You.”

The World Salvation Society’s vampires were ready to die at any time. The man kept his mouth shut even as the pain all over almost killed him.

The man held his breath. “Just wait… and see him… to be destroyed…”

Ming Shu punched the man right in his face.

“You will be destroyed first!”

The man was taken away by Chu Yue’s people, and Chu Yue also dealt with the aftermath.

Chu Yue was actually also a little lost. Is this it? There seemed to be something unexpected on Su Mian’s side, but the World Salvation Society should be all settled.

Ming Shu returned to the base. They finished the fight fast and there were still many things they had no time to dispose of. Raisa had also not been taken away.

“Fu Yu!”

Raisa called Ming Shu to a stop.

Ming Shu walked straight past and ignored her.

“Fu Yu, stop right there!”

Raisa rushed to the glass. But no matter how hard she shouted, the person walked further and further.

Her attitude made Raisa’s expression twist.

Why could she stand high before her.

[Raisa’s Hatred Points have reached full capacity.]

Ming Shu had come back to the messy hall when the Harmony System’s reminder sounded. But right now she had no energy to care about that.

“Put down all this stuff.”

The vampires who were packing up were stunned.

Chu Yue who came after Ming Shu signaled them to do what she asked.

There were many materials that the World Salvation Society hadn’t destroyed in time, including detailed information about five holy relics. But Ming Shu didn’t find anything relevant to Su Mian.

Now she understood the saying:

If you play hero now, you will be dead the next moment.