Coming of the Villain Boss! - Chapter 1379 - The Supreme Killer (23)

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Chapter 1379: The Supreme Killer (23)

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“Xuan Ge, our deal is that you protect Young Miss well, but what were you doing to her just now?”

Anger showed all over Yi Qiao’s face.

Xuan Ge answered with a casual tone as he leaned against the table casually. “As you saw.”

Yi Qiao’s rage increased rapidly. “Young Miss is still young. You can find women outside if you want one, how could you seduce Young Miss!”

“I’m not looking for women,” Xuan Ge responded lightly.

“Oh? What were you doing to Young Miss then!”

The room was suddenly silent.

Xuan Ge slowly raised his head. His still eyes seemed to be infused with life, gradually beginning to come alive.

His thin lips parted and firm words came out one by one.

“I want her.”

“It’s that simple.”

I want her. It’s that simple.

Yi Qiao seemed to be stunned.

The expression on his face changed from anger to shock, then became blank.

The corner of Xuan Ge’s mouth rose slightly. “I like her, so I want her.”

Yi Qiao tried hard to find his own voice. “Don’t you know who you are…”

He was a killer!

He had hands stained with blood.

Even though it wasn’t his choice.

But Young Miss couldn’t be allowed to… be with such a man.

Xuan Ge’s eyelashes drooped as he rested his cold eyes on the pattern on the ground.

He recalled what the young girl said.

“You are my private tutor.”

Moments later, his low voice rang. “She doesn’t care who I am.”

She didn’t care from the very first.

“Young Miss and you are not from the same world.” Yi Qiao finally came to his senses. “You will kill her.”


“You…” Yi Qiao was angered almost to the point of getting a cerebral hemorrhage attack.

After a long silence, Yi Qiao squeezed out the question, “Was… was Young Miss willing?”

Xuan Ge asked with an interesting tone, “You think she’s the kind of person you can force?”

It was she who came to him first.

When Xuan Ge returned to the room, Ming Shu sat cross-legged on the bed beside a box that Yi Qiao had brought in.

It was full of gadgets and several frames with pictures of the Host and her parents.

They should be the Host’s belongings.

After Shu Xue occupied the room, these things may have been picked up by the servants in the utility room.

Ming Shu looked up as she heard the noise.

“What did Uncle Yi say to you?”

“He told me not to be a bad influence.” Xuan Ge squatted down in front of her. “Do you think I’m like that?”

“I think I’m bad enough.” Ming Shu chuckled.

Xuan Ge took hold of her fingers, kissed their tips, and then placed them on his chest. “You’re not bad. You’re very good.”

You’re the best.

“Xuan Ge, go back to your own room before ten.” Yi Qiao appeared at the door like a ghost, then turned to Ming Shu and changed his expression instantly. “Miss, these are all your old things, see if there’s anything you want to keep.”

Yi Qiao didn’t stay any longer. He said what he had to say and left, shutting the door.

Xuan Ge came closer and rubbed his head in Ming Shu’s arms. “I will protect you. Even if I die, my soul will protect you.”

“You’ll never, ever leave me.”


Xuan Ge’s voice became hoarse as he looked up, and light and shadow shone in his affectionate eyes.

“You belong with me.”


Ming Shu shrank back a little.

She always knew that the little goblin wasn’t as “good” as he looked. Normally, if someone annoyed him, he would be angry at best, but that’s because they hadn’t touched his bottom line.

His possessiveness and paranoia were like kitten’s claws, hidden out of sight.

Once they were exposed, they might scare you away very quickly.

But she didn’t dislike such a little demon.

“Are you afraid of me?”

Xuan Ge stretched out his hand to secure Ming Shu’s waist so that she couldn’t retreat.

Ming Shu was as calm as always. “I’m still young. We can do this later.”

Xuan Ge: ???

Do what?

What did she think he wanted to do…

The atmosphere he worked hard to render was destroyed completely.

“…What are you thinking of everyday?”

I’m thinking about how to suppress your wild soul that wants to overturn the roof every day!

“I’m not thinking about you.” Ming Shu said no but meant yes, which was just her daily routine to him.

Even though he didn’t know that, he seemed to want to go to heaven; if he did, she was afraid he might go poke a hole in the sky.

Xuan Ge: “…”

Xuan Ge got up and covered Ming Shu with his slender body, casting a shadow over her. Ming Shu thought he wanted to do something, and she was ready not to fight.

Who knew that Xuan Ge would just press her down and bury his face in her neck. “I want to move down here too.”

“Uncle Yi will kill you.”

Xuan Ge suppressed a laugh.

He leaned closer and said into Ming Shu’s ears, “I mean I want to move next door so I can protect you.”

“Are you sure I need protection?” Straight Man Ming Shu wasn’t convinced.

“I want to protect you.” Xuan Ge touched her earlobe with his lips and gently held it in his mouth. “Would that be okay?”


Don’t do this!

It’s against the rules!

You should feel enraged!

You’ll get a luncheon box if you don’t follow the character profile! The luncheon box is mine! You are mine, too!

Hm… it seems something is not right…

“Would that be okay?”

“Whatever you say.” There were so many rooms, he could live anywhere.

Xuan Ge rolled over with her in his arms and let her lie on top of him, raising his eyebrows slightly. “Kiss me.”

“You need to go.”

Ming Shu turned away.

Xuan Ge pulled her up again. “I won’t see you until tomorrow. I’ll miss you. Kiss me.”

He made the request so justly that he didn’t blush or gasp.

No wonder he was the little demon.

His impudence was beyond compare.

Ming Shu failed to beat him in the end as he wouldn’t let her go if she didn’t kiss him. So she pressed closer and began to kiss him.

Don’t you want me to kiss you?

Okay! You got it!

I’ll kiss you until you cry!

I’ll kiss you to hell!

Of course, Xuan Ge didn’t cry or go to hell.

Yi Qiao knocked on the door at ten on the dot to drive Xuan Ge back to his own room, bringing Ming Shu some more fruits in the meantime.

What a good butler of the world.

Night fell.

The next day, when Ming Shu got up and accidentally hit the box, she remembered to sort it out.

There were a lot of gadgets in the box; perhaps it was all worth a lot of money.

After breakfast, Ming Shu put the things on the shelf and arranged the picture frames one by one.


Ming Shu was cuddled from behind.

She couldn’t hold what was in her hand tightly enough because she was startled, so she dropped it right away. “You walk without any sound. Were you floating?”


That’s quite difficult, I can’t do that.

Xuan Ge kissed her on the cheek, leaned against the shelf, and put his hand on her waist. “You’re a little too relaxed. I’ll teach you when I’m free.”

“Because it’s you…”

“Hm?” Xuan Ge came closer, so close that Ming Shu could count his eyelashes. He moved his lips slightly and continued, “What were you saying?”

Was she cursing me again?

Speak out if you dare!

Ming Shu pushed him away, pulling at the corners of her mouth, and mocked him, “Who needs your teaching?”

Xuan Ge said lightly, “I’m your private tutor. It’s my job.”


“I’ll teach you for the rest of my life.”


What’s he doing so early in the morning?

Ming Shu crouched down to pick up what she had just dropped.

Xuan Ge’s eyes fell on her hand. “What’s this?”

“It’s a musical box, can’t you recognize it?”

It had a time engraved on the bottom, and it was a gift from the Host’s parents for her tenth birthday.


It looked to have been broken.

Xuan Ge took it from her. Yet, as soon as he held it in his hand, the whole musical box broke.

It broke…


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