Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 701

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Chapter 701

“Heaven Water!” Heaven Fiend shouted, but it was already too late! The rest of the bandits immediately surrounded Yi Tianyun with the chain on their hand. These chains weren’t any regular chains. It was a high-grade sacred tool made specially to restrict other’s movement. It would require an immense power to break from its grasp.

They immediately hurled the chains towards Yi Tianyun, and at the same time, a dazzling light shone, creating many light nets that were ready to capture Yi Tianyun. These Light Nets were Spiritual Energy that was weaved together, forming a sturdy net to capture anything.

“Get away from that net!” Jiao Linghe shouted as she knew that the light net was difficult to break. However, she didn’t have to remind Yi Tianyun of the power of the net as Yi Tianyun already realized it himself. Yi Tianyun immediately pulled out the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword and swung it towards the incoming net.

A yellow wave of light immediately cut through the light nets, destroying them in the process. The yellow wave of light even cut the bandits in two with ease! The two of them being Heaven Imperial and Heaven Splendour. They couldn’t block the yellow wave as they didn’t have enough strength to do so.

Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword plus the power from Desolate Ancient Set simply had immense destructive power! Unless Yi Tianyun’s opponent was using a Divine Tool, it was impossible to block his attack! The additional effect of Desolate Ancient Set also corroded the two’s bodies, making it impossible for them to regenerate or stick themselves up together again.

“Boss, save us!” Heaven Splendour asked Heaven Blood for help as the fear of dying was clearly seen in his eyes. However, it was already too late as his body was starting to corrode and turn into sands because of Desolate Ancient Set’s effect.

Heaven Splendour and Heaven Imperial completely turned into sand, falling all over the ground, but now, the ground didn’t absorb them as there was no blood left behind.

The rest of the bandits wanted to save Heaven Splendour and Heaven Imperial, but they couldn’t as they were driven away by Yi Tianyun’s attack themselves. Furthermore, they didn’t know how to stop Heaven Splendour and Heaven Imperial’s body from corroding into sands.

Furthermore, their body also showed the effect of corroding as they tried to block Yi Tianyun’s Yellow Wave earlier. It was clearly a bad move as they were now at the risk of becoming sand themselves! They released all of their aurae to resist the corroding effect as their body slowly turned yellow from the corroding effect.

“It seems that you can still resist my power somehow.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He didn’t need to try excessively to defeat these bandits as they were far weaker than what he was capable of. He didn’t even need to use any technique as Desolate Ancient Set’s passive effect was enough to overpower these bandits.

No matter what they did, they would never be able to win against Yi Tianyun!

“This boy’s power is too terrifying!” Heaven Blood said as he trembled on the spot as he was at his limit from just resisting the corrosion effect. He now realised how naïve his thought was. He didn’t have any chance to kill Yi Tianyun from the beginning!

“Boss, we have to run away!” Heavenly Fiend shouted while pulling out a Jade Pendant. Heavenly Blood nodded and did the same thing as he destroyed the Jade Pendant. Suddenly, a ray of light illuminated their body, and they immediately flew away with an enhanced speed. It was Escaping Heavenly God Talisman, and it had the capability to enhance the user’s speed by several times to escape the battle.

But sadly, it wasn’t enough to get away from Yi Tianyun! He flashed in front of the two of them and immediately kicked them to the ground!

Blood spurted from their mouth as they hit the ground hard, but that was not the end of it! Yi Tianyun quickly descended and let himself fall on top of Heaven Blood’s chest, dealing tremendous damage to his battered body.

“What is this power! Who are you?” Heavenly Fiend asked with a terrified expression. He never expected a teenager would be able to defeat them all like this, but that wasn’t all! The teenager completely overpowered them without any effort!

“What good would that be to a dying person like you?” Yi Tianyun said as he flee towards Jiao Linghe and freed her from the chain.

“Elder Sister, are you okay?” Shi Xueyun said as she flew towards Jiao Linghe worriedly.

“I am fine, but are you really Xueyun?” Jiao Linghe said unsurely. She hadn’t seen Shi Xueyun for a very long time, so she wasn’t quite sure as Shi Xueyun has grown.

“Yeah, I am Shi Xueyun!” Shi Xueyun said excitedly as she could meet her Elder Sister once again. She has always respected her, and that feeling hasn’t changed although she has already left for a long time.

“Is he …” Jiao Linghe said doubtfully as she looked over to Yi Tianyun.

“Yes, he is your son! Yi Tianyun!” Shi Xueyun said with a smile on his face.

“Really? He is really Yi Tianyun?” Jiao Linghe said as the look of amazement could be seen on her face.

Seeing his mother’s face was full of wonder and amazement, Yi Tianyun sighed. He didn’t feel the emotion that a normal person would feel once they saw their mother after a long time, and that was also the reason he didn’t understand why people would fall into tears in this kind of situation.

However, he had a new problem that he needed to figure out. He didn’t know how to react to his own parent, considering he never had one to begin with!

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