Cultivation Online - Chapter 1000 - Mother and Daughter

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Chapter 1000 – Mother and Daughter

“I’m listening.” Meifeng said as she stood in front of Meixiu.

Meixiu took a deep breath before speaking, “The truth is… I am currently in a romantic relationship with Yuan.”

Meixiu stared at her mother’s face to see her reaction.

However, to her surprise, Meifeng’s facial expression remained unchanged, seemingly unfazed.

“I see. Congratulations.” Meifeng said to her in a calm voice a moment later.

“Y-You’re not surprised?” Meixiu swallowed nervously.

“Why would I be? I knew that it was going to happen eventually.”

“Is that so…” Meixiu was a little disappointed by her mother’s lack of reaction. She thought she would be able to surprise Meifeng, but alas, that did not happen.

“That’s all I have to say.” Meixiu turned around and began walking towards the door.

However, Meifeng stopped her, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“You may have nothing left to say, but I haven’t said anything yet.”

Meixiu halted her movements and walked back to her original spot.

“Let’s sit down first.”

The two of them went onto the balcony and sat down before each other.

Once they were seated, Meifeng spoke, “I want to hear about your relationship with the Young Master. Start from the beginning.”

“The beginning?” Meixiu raised her eyebrows in a questioning manner, as it was too vague.

“Start from the day you left the Yu Family with him.” Meifeng clarified.

“Okay.” She nodded.

Meixiu proceeded to recall her experience with Yuan from the day they left the Yu Family all the way until the present day.

After telling Meifeng everything, Meixiu did not stop and continued, “There’s something else you should know about… Yuan has another partner…”

“Chu Liuxiang, right?” Meifeng said.

“Huh? You knew about it? How?”

“I learned about it this morning. In fact, I already knew about your relationship with Yuan since yesterday when I found the birth control pills hidden under your bed. What kind of sloppy hiding spot is that?” Meifeng revealed the truth to her.

“You searched my room?!” Meixiu was speechless.

“No, I inspected it. I wanted to make sure that you weren’t slacking.”

“Unbelievable…” Meixiu became silent.

A moment later, Meifeng spoke, “Let’s get to the main topic.”

“Main topic?”

“Yes. I want to know your plans. When are you going to bear his children?”

“B-Bear his children?! I am still too young for that kind of thing!” Meixiu exclaimed.

“Too young? You’re already an adult. A lot of ladies from influential families start their own family at your age. In fact, I got pregnant with you at that age, too.”

“Seriously…?” Meixiu couldn’t believe her ears.

“Meixiu, listen to me. If you want to remain relevant in the family, you must bear his child. The Young Master will definitely accept more women into his life in the future, and when that happens, he will have less time for you.”

“I am well aware of that, and I will eventually bear his child, but that time is not now. It’s too soon, not to mention the situation with Cultivation Online.”

“Well, it’s not like I am forcing you to bear his child. I am merely giving you advice as your mother. In fact, you’ll probably become pregnant by accident, anyway.”

“W-What? Why do you sound so confident about that?”

“Because birth control pills are not perfect. Although the chances are slim, it’s not impossible for you to become pregnant even if you take the pills, especially since you’re not wearing rubber when doing it with him.”

Meixiu swallowed nervously after hearing her mother’s words. Will she really get pregnant by accident?

Meifeng then continued, “I don’t know much about Chu Liuxiang, but she seems like a bold girl. She’ll probably get pregnant before you at this rate— if she’s not already pregnant.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore… I’m leaving.” Meixiu stood up and quickly left the room.

‘She may have matured, but she’s still a child at heart.’ Meifeng shook her head inwardly.

Meanwhile, Yuan entered Cultivation Online.

“Welcome back, Young Master.”

“Good morning, Brother Yuan.”

“Hey, I am finally back. Sorry to keep you all waiting, we’ll start climbing the Stairway to Heaven soon. I have one last thing to do before then.”

Yuan flew around Spirit Heaven and started hiding treasures in random places.

“W-What are you doing, Young Master?” Feng Yuxiang asked him in a puzzled voice.

“I’m hosting an event where I hide treasures for people to find,” he calmly explained.

Feng Yuxiang was speechless. She had tons of questions, but she didn’t dare to ask them.

While Yuan hid treasures around the world, the internet was going wild about the event.

[Player Yuan is hosting a massive event!]

[A chance to acquire Heaven-grade treasures for free!]

[Player Yuan’s real identity has finally been revealed!]

[Yu Family’s scandal!]

Pretty much the entire world was talking about Yuan’s interview yesterday as well as the Yu Family’s scandal.

At Eternal Lotuses, their front gate was swarmed with people trying to interview Yu Rou.

“Senior Bai, I would like to do an interview of my own.” Yu Rou approached White Lotus with this request.

“Huh? Why?” White Lotus asked.

“I just think it’s the right thing to do. I can’t stay silent forever. I will also let the world know my side of the story,” she said.

After pondering for some time, White Lotus agreed to Yu Rou’s request, and the interview was scheduled to start in four hours.

News of Yu Rou’s interview started spreading like wildfire after White Lotus revealed it to the reporters outside their faction.

Four hours later, Yu Rou started her interview, and she told the world about her experience with the Yu Family, confirming everything that Yuan had said during his interview.

Yuan watched the interview later that evening with Meixiu and Meifeng.

“That little girl… She’s growing up so fast…” Yuan said with a sweet smile on his face.

“She handled it well. I haven’t seen her in a while, but she’s definitely matured a lot.” Meifeng said in a praising voice.

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