Cultivation Online - Chapter 1007 - Shocking the Spirit Heaven

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Chapter 1007 – Shocking the Spirit Heaven

After Meixiu and the others entered the Stairway to Heaven, they appeared in the spectators’ room.

“Where are we? This is the Stairway to Heaven?” Li Jinxi looked around with a curious gaze.

“This is just the spectators’ room. We’ll be watching Yuan participate in the trials from here. This way we can’t disturb him.” Chu Liuxiang explained.

“I see…”

The three of them proceeded to wait in silence.

Ten minutes passed, but it felt more like an hour to the three ladies that were anxiously waiting for Yuan to enter the Stairway to Heaven.

“How long has it been since we entered the Stairway to Heaven? It’s taking too long! Did something happen to him out there?” Chu Liuxiang was the first to talk about it.

“With Feng Feng and the others with him, it will be fine.” Meixiu calmly said.

“Are they really that powerful? I have never seen them fight before though.” Chu Liuxiang said.

“I haven’t either, but the feeling I get from them is more powerful than anyone I have met in Cultivation Online.”

Meanwhile, Yuan and the others finally finished looting all of the corpses after much effort.

“How much do you think we’ll get out of this?” Yuan asked after putting away the treasures.

“Honestly, you would’ve gotten more money from the life-saving treasures, but they were all destroyed.” Feng Yuxiang said.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about that now.” Yuan shrugged.

“Let’s enter the Stairway to Heaven now. I don’t want the others to worry since it’s been a while.”

He went to knock on the door shortly after.

Once the Stairway to Heaven opened, Yuan walked into the void.

Feng Yuxiang and the other two were teleported to the spectators’ room after they entered.

“Welcome back, Master.” A small figure approached Yuan shortly after he appeared inside the Stairway to Heaven.

“Thank you for opening the doors, Tian’er. To be honest, I wasn’t confident that you would do it, but I had to try.” Yuan said.

“You are the true Master of the Stairway to Heaven. The others are just fakes.” She said.

“Anyways, do you mind if I take some time to recover my energy before we start? I’m a little exhausted right now.”

Tian’er nodded, “Take as long as you need, Master. The trials will not officially start until you walk those stairs.”

“Thank you.”

Yuan took a seat right on the spot and began cultivating.

Tian’er sat before him and actually helped him recover his energy by guiding the spiritual energy within the Stairway to Heaven, making it much easier for him to absorb.

‘Evil God… Why did you feel so much rage when you saw that golden medallion? What did it mean to you?’ Yuan wondered to himself as he cultivated.

Meanwhile, outside the Stairway to Heaven, news of the battle that had taken place there began spreading throughout the entire Spirit Heaven like a massive wildfire.

The sheer destruction and damage the place had to endure shocked everyone in that realm. However, almost nobody in Spirit Heaven knew what had occurred there.

The only people that knew of the situation were those in the Seven Legacy Families and the Ji Family that stayed behind and did not participate in the battle, so not even the Seven— now Six Spiritual Academies knew the full situation.

When news of the battle reached the ears of those within the Seven Legacy Families and the Ji Family, they were all shocked and became filled with despair, which was only ordinary, as their leaders and most senior members had all perished in a single day!

Such devastation was unprecedented for all of these families!

Besides a few elders and the younger generation, pretty much the rest of their families were gone. Their numbers had diminished so much that they would no longer be considered a Legacy Family.

“Contact our families in the upper heavens! We cannot let that criminal escape! Since he’s ascending through the Stairway to Heaven, they can set up an ambush outside!”

The Seven Legacy Families wasted no time contacting their families in the upper heavens, letting them know of the situation.

“What?! A single person had defeated our Seven Legacy Families and the Ji Family?! How is that even possible?!” The families in the upper heavens doubted this information because it sounded utterly ridiculous and impossible.

“We’re not sure if he was working alone or had help, but it’s true that everyone who had gone to kill him is dead!”

“That’s preposterous! What in heavens’ name happened down there?!” The upper families demanded an explanation.

“The Ji Family had ordered our Seven Legacy Families to bring out all of our forces after someone had been judged ‘black’ by Heaven’s Judgment!”

“You fool! Why did you agree to help him?! The Seven Legacy Families may have some connections to the Ji Family, but we’re not their soldiers!”

“The leaders thought it was going to be easy since they were only going to kill a single Spirit Lord, and they didn’t want to lose face. However, it seems like everyone has underestimated this Spirit Lord, who has unfathomable prowess!”

“What about Lord Ji and the Ji Family?”

“Lord Ji was also killed in action! However, we don’t know how their family is reacting to the news.”

“I think I can imagine how they’re reacting…”

The leaders of the Seven Legacy Families from the upper heavens sighed.

“Where is this person that dared to slaughter people from our family? Tell me everything about him!”

The families from Spirit Heaven proceeded to tell them everything they knew about Yuan and that he had entered the Stairway to Heaven to ascend.

“I understand. Even if he manages to ascend, we will all be waiting for him outside the Stairway to Heaven. The Third Heaven will be his last stop!”

Meanwhile, at the Ji Family, a small group of individuals gathered in the meeting room, all of them showing signs of grief, as they’d just received news about the result of the battle.

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