Cultivation Online - Chapter 1082 Confronting the Lin Family(2)

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Chapter 1082 Confronting the Lin Family(2)

"What? The Lin Family hired those notorious assassins, the Silent Rippers?!"

The pedestrians outside the Lin Family were shocked when they heard this claim by Yuan.

"This must be due to what happened recently! Then that rumor must have been true— that the Lin Family hired those bandits to harass the Tian Family!"

"They must have hired the Silent Rippers to silence them. How vicious and cruel."

"I never knew the Lin Family were like this. What an eye opener."

The experts from the Lin Family frowned when they heard the pedestrian's words.

'Not good! At this rate, the Lin Family's reputation will hit rock bottom!' They all cried inwardly.

"There must have been a misunderstanding. The Lin Family did not hire the Silent Rippers." One of the experts said to Yuan.

"A misunderstanding? There are dozens of corpses in the Tian Family because of the Silent Rippers, and many of them claimed to have been hired by the Lin Family. If you don't give an appropriate answer, I will have to stop being polite." Yuan calmly said.

"Stop being polite? You beat up our guards and spew nonsense in front of our building, yet you're still being polite? I cannot imagine what not being polite looks like!" The experts cursed.

"What are you all waiting for?! Hurry up and capture him!" One of the experts suddenly said.

The experts quickly surrounded Yuan when they heard this person, and just as they prepared to apprehend Yuan, he flipped his palms and showed these experts the symbols that suddenly appeared on it.

"Celestial Overlord Captain?" The experts raised their eyebrows in a puzzled manner when they saw these words hovering above Yuan's palm.

None of them recognized it.

However, somewhere within the Lin Family's building, an old man that had been watching the commotion through his divine sense suddenly snapped his eyelids open, his eyes filled with shock.

"That symbol! That's not possible! What is someone like him doing down here in the Third Heaven?!" This old man exclaimed, and without any hesitation, he rushed out of his room.


"What the hell are you trying to attempt?" One of the experts there asked Yuan after seeing the symbol but not recognizing it.

"You don't recognize it? I guess I gave you guys too much credit." Yuan shook his head when nobody there recognized the Celestial Overlord's faction symbol.

'This is why I didn't want to rely on this symbol. Nobody down here recognizes it.' He sighed inwardly.

"If you think those worthless words will save you, think again!" The experts made their movements.


However, before they could do anything, a loud voice echoed loudly, causing all of these experts to flinch and halt their movements.

When the experts turned around and saw the old man approaching them, their eyes widened with shock.

"S-Senior Lin!"

The experts there lowered their heads and bowed to him.

'Looks like someone actually recognizes the symbol.' Yuan smiled inwardly after seeing the situation.

Indeed, this old man recognized the Celestial Overlord's symbol. Even though he has never been in the upper heavens or seen their symbol before, he has at least heard about it.

In order to keep their descendants up to date about the situation in the upper heavens, these families in the upper heavens such as the Seven Legacy Families would send down the most information about the upper heavens down to their branch families in the lower heavens.

And as one of the top factions in the entire Nine Heavens, it would only make sense for these families in the upper heavens to include the Celestial Overlords.

Although the chances were slim to none, it was not impossible for someone from the Celestial Overlords to show up in the lower heavens, and these families were afraid of that minor chance happening, hence the precaution.

"All of you! Get on your knees and apologize to this Young Master!" The old man roared at the experts.

"What?!" The experts and all of the spectators there were shocked speechless after hearing the old man's words.

"Did you not hear me?! It's either that or your heads will roll on the floor!" The old man shouted again.

The experts trembled in fear, and they quickly kowtowed to Yuan the following moment while feeling completely baffled and puzzled by the situation.

"W-We apologize!"

The old man then turned to look at the guards and shouted, "You bastards as well! Kowtow and apologize to the Young Master!"

If the experts had the kowtow to Yuan, these guards naturally had to follow, and unless they were unconscious, these guards got on their knees and kowtowed to Yuan, "We apologize!"

The spectators there wondered what Yuan's real identity was for these people from the Lin Family to kowtow to him.

"Young Master, please forgive these fools for not recognizing your identity. They have never seen the real Mount Tai before, so they don't know any better." The old man said to him with a humble look on his face.

Yuan calmly looked at him and asked, "Who are you?"

"This humble one is named Lin Chunhua. I was the previous Patriarch of the Lin Family. In other words, I am the current Patriach's father. I understand that something unfortunate has happened to the Tian Family recently. Why don't we go talk somewhere more appropriate?"

"Sure." Yuan nodded.

He turned to look at Tian Yanyu and beckoned for her.

Tian Yanyu swallowed nervously before approaching him.

'The ancestor of the Lin Family is acting so respectful to him… Just what is his true identity? Did his ancestors really owe the Tian Family? Why is he helping our Tian Family?'

So many questions appeared in Tian Yanyu's head as she followed Yuan and the old man into the Lin Family's household.

Meanwhile, the pedestrians there scattered to spread the news, sending shockwaves throughout the city.

An unknown individual had kicked down the Lin Family's door, and not only did he not get tortured to death, but he was even politely escorted into the Lin Family's household by their retired Patriarch.

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