Cultivation Online - Chapter 1084 Confronting the Lin Family(4)

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Chapter 1084 Confronting the Lin Family(4)

"Rest assured, Young Master. I will find the culprit who hired the Silent Rippers to bother you no matter how long it will take! And if it truly turns out to be someone from my Lin Family, I will immediately have him executed no matter his identity!" Patriarch Lin said with a serious expression on his face after learning of Yuan's identity and the immense background behind him.

Yuan nodded with a satisfied look on his face, "How long do you think it will take?"

"Two— No, I will have it done within a week!" Patriarch Lin assured him in a confident voice.

"Then I will return to this place in a week. I hope you will have sorted everything out by then."

Yuan stood up and turned to look at Tian Yanyu and said, "Let's go. You can leave that man behind for the Lin Family to interrogate."

"Y-Yes!" She snapped out of her daze and handed the leader of the Silent Rippers over to Patriarch Lin.

"He'll try to kill himself, so make sure you don't let that happen." Yuan warned them before making his way to the exit.

Neither Lin Chunhua or Patriarch Lin dared to stop him. In fact, they wanted him to leave as soon as possible, as his presence was simply too heavy for them.

Once Yuan's presence could no longer be felt, Lin Chunhua turned to look at his son and spoke in a grim voice, "Do not mess this up! The Celestial Overlords are a top faction within the Supreme Heaven! A single mistake and we could be wiped out, and not even our family in the upper heaven would be able to do a thing!"

"Moreover, the Celestial Overlords are known to be a righteous faction, so if it's true that someone from our family hired assassins such as the notorious Silent Rippers to kill him, they have every right to destroy us!"

"I am well aware of our situation." Patriarch Lin spoke with a deep frown on his face.

"Are you sure you know?! If you had kept an eye on the family properly, none of this would've happened! I went into closed cultivation for a hundred years and you messed everything up! How will I ever be able to enter closed cultivation with a peace of mind now, you useless son?!"

"I'm really sorry, father… I have let you down—"

'No! You let the Lin Family down!" Lin Chunhua shouted.

"I'm going to do my own investigations because I cannot trust you to handle this by yourself!"

Over the next several hours, the Lin Family would become incredibly busy with people scrambling around like ants.

Meanwhile, news of what happened outside the Lin Family spread throughout the city like wildfire, shocking everyone.

"What?! The Lin Family hired the Silent Rippers to assassinate the Tian Family?! So the rumors were true! They must have tried to silence the Tian Family!"

"Heavens! How low the Lin Family has fallen!"

The situation with the Lin Family had gotten so bad that the other legacy families had sent people to speak with Patriarch Lin. However, they were all turned away without any explanations.

"What the hell is the Lin Family doing? We're in the middle of something important and they're messing around with assassins?!"

"Unbelievable. This will surely affect our reputation as well."

The other legacy families were not happy about the situation, especially since they will definitely be dragged into such a scandal.

Moreover, they were in the middle of hunting a wanted criminal, and this would only make things more difficult for everyone.

However, there was nothing they could do about it except wait for the Lin Family to fix it.

Meanwhile, after leaving the Lin Family, Yuan and Tian Yanyu made their way back to the Tian Family.

But shortly before they arrived, another person would arrive at the Tian Family.

"Mistress! What are you doing here?!" Old Zou was shocked to see her.

"Is it true?! That my daughter started something with the Lin Family?!" Tian Suyin asked in a nervous manner.

"Starting something? We're far past that point." Tian Xianzu's voice suddenly resounded.

"You! What do you mean by those words?! What happened?! Where's Yanyu right now?!" Tian Suyin glared at her husband with an enraged look on her face.

"What happened, you ask? The Lin Family had hired the Silent Rippers to silence us. As for Yanyu, she's currently at the Lin Family with—"


Tian Xianzu suddenly felt something slap him across his face.

"What in heaven's name are you doing?! I left Yanyu in your care because I trusted that you would protect her! And why the hell are you so calm about this?!"


Tian Xianzu didn't utter a single word and accepted the slap, as he felt that he'd deserved it for not being able to stop Tian Yanyu from going to war with the Lin Family.

And right as he prepared to explain the whole situation to his wife, another voice resounded, "Mother? What are you doing here?"

It was Tian Yanyu, and she'd just returned with Yuan.

"Y-Yanyu! Are you okay?! Did the Lin Family do anything to you?!" Tian Suyin rushed over to her daughter.

'That's her mother, huh?' Yuan looked at the beautiful woman standing before Tian Yanyu.

Not only did Tian Yanyu resemble her mother, but they looked almost like sisters with the mother being several years older.

"I'm fine, mother. What about you? Did something happen at the sect? Why did you suddenly return?"

"I returned because of you! I have warned you many times to not mess with the Lin Family and what do you do when I leave you alone for a bit? You mess with the Lin Family! Now they're sending the most notorious assassins in the Third Heaven— the Silent Rippers— to our residence! We need to get you out of here before they kill you!"

Tian Yanyu took a step back and quickly said, "C-Calm down, mother. The situation isn't as dire as you think, really."

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