Cultivation Online - Chapter 1085 Familiar Sword Technique

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Chapter 1085 Familiar Sword Technique

"Isn't that dire?! Are you seriously saving that?! We are currently being hunted by the Silent Rippers! Not even my sect can protect us from them! And what about the Lin Family?! They will surely try to do something as well!" Tian Suyin exclaimed with a heated expression on her face.

"Just take a moment to calm down while I explain." Tian Yanyu sighed, and she continued, "First of all, the Silent Rippers are no longer a threat to us. They've already been dealt with, and their leader was even captured."

"W-What?" Tian Suyin's eyes widened with shock upon hearing this information.

The notorious Silent Rippers have been dealt with? Their leader was captured? By whom? Who could possibly be strong enough to do such a thing?

And before Tian Suyin could ask these questions, Tian Yanyu pointed at the handsome young man standing behind her and spoke, "Meet Xiao Yang. He's the one who helped us deal with the Silent Rippers."

Tian Suyin turned to look at Yuan. Although she had noticed his presence, she didn't even bother looking at him as she had more important things to care about.

However, when she saw Yuan's handsome face, she became quite startled, mostly because Yuan looked almost like her daughter.

Although neither Tian Yanyu nor Tian Xianzu noticed the similarities, Tian Suyin noticed it at glance.

"W-Who are you?" Tian Suyin asked him after snapping out of her daze.

"My name is Xian Yang, and I came here to repay a debt my ancestors owed to your ancestors." Yuan said with a friendly smile on his face.

Tian Suyin immediately frowned, as she didn't buy his excuse, and he simply looked too suspicious, especially his appearance.

"Are you the reason my Tian Family got entangled with the Lin Family and the Silent Rippers?" Tian Suyin had a feeling this was the situation and asked him for confirmation.

"The Tian Family and the Lin Family had already been tangled with each other even before my arrival. I am simply trying to untangle it."

"Really?" Tian Suyin spoke with a doubtful look on her face, "How do I know that you weren't sent here by the Lin Family? We've been handling our situation with the Lin Family just fine before your help, but look at how things turned out when you showed up!"

"How things turned out?" Yuan raised an eyebrow.

And he continued, "If you're talking about the Silent Rippers, I have already taken care of them, and the leader is being interrogated by the Lin Family. As for the Lin Family themselves, they have agreed to find the person responsible for hiring the Silent Rippers."

"You dare to tell me that you, a mere Spirit King, managed to deal with the Silent Rippers that are known to have multiple Spirit Kings? Your farts are getting louder and louder, brat." The frown on Tian Suyin's face burrowed even deeper.

"He's telling the truth." Tian Xianzu suddenly spoke.

"I watched him do it, after all."

"That's right! Xiao Yang is extremely powerful and talented! He can handle multiple Spirit Kings by himself!" Tian Yanyu jumped in to defend Yuan.


Tian Suyin turned silent for a good moment after hearing her husband and daughter's words.

"If you're truly as powerful as they claim, I want to see it for myself."

"You want to spar with me?" Yuan raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. I have to confirm for myself your strength, after all."

"I don't suggest doing that, mother… Xiao Yang… He's really powerful…" Tian Yanyu said with a worried look on her face.

"Shut up. I don't care if he's the strongest cultivator in the Nine Heavens. Unless I see it for myself, I won't believe it."

"If that's what it will take for you to calm down." Yuan nodded with a confident look on his face.

They entered the courtyard shortly after.

"I don't want to damage my own home, so let's put up a defensive array first." Tian Suyin said.

"You're an Array Master?" Yuan asked.

"No, I am." Tian Xianzu suddenly said.

"I'm a Level 4 Array Master," he continued.

"Really? I'm actually a Level 2 Array Master myself." Yuan smiled.

"Seriously? You're also an Array Master? Is there anything you can't do?" Tian Yanyu asked with a baffled look on her face.

Sometime later, Tian Xianzu covered the courtyard in a defensive array.

However, since he created it in a hurry, the defensive array wasn't anything impressive and actually quite fragile.

When Yuan saw this, he said, "Are you sure this is enough? It won't last even a single attack."

"It'll be fine. It's not like we're trying to kill each other." Tian Suyin nodded.

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"Then whenever you're ready. I won't be using any spiritual techniques to make this fair." Yuan said with a calm smile.

Tian Suyin's eyebrows twitched slightly upon hearing his words that sounded like he was underestimating her.

And without warning, she rushed at him with her fists ready to strike.

Seeing this, Yuan began dodging her strikes, making it seem as though they were dancing around the courtyard.

Eventually, Tian Suyin retrieved her sword and started attacking Yuan with even more intensity.

Tian Suyin did not want to use any techniques at first since she didn't want to damage her home, but she was feeling irritated about the fact that she couldn't even land a single strike on a junior like Yuan, so she started unleashing sword techniques at him.

'These sword techniques…'

For some reason, Yuan could feel a sense of familiarity from Tian Suyin's sword techniques even though this is his first time seeing it, and the more he looked at it the stronger this feeling got.

It quickly got to the point where he was no longer focused on the fight but the sword techniques instead.

'Why am I feeling this sense of familiarity from her sword techniques? Is it related to one of my past lives?' He couldn't help but ponder about this possibility.

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