Cultivation Online - Chapter 1116 Nameless Stone Warrior

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A few minutes after his incident with the Blue Swallow Sword Sect, Yuan could see a massive statue of a masked figure standing in the distance.

This figure was clearly the Lord, and he was holding his sword straight in front of him like some kind of knight.

Once he got closer, he could see hundreds if not thousands of people sitting around the statue while staring at it intensively, as if they were trying to poke holes in the statue with their gaze alone.

He quickly found Tian Yanyu and Tian Suyin. They were both sitting towards the middle of the group, located directly behind the statue, which is considered to be the worst spot there, as they were unable to see the Lord or the sword clearly from such an angle. Unfortunately for them, the spots in front of the statue were taken by the high-ranking sect elders and top geniuses of their respective sects.

The Nameless Stone Warrior is a famous location within the Nameless Emperor's Tomb. It used to be a very popular site when it was discovered 1,000 years ago, but when nobody could receive full enlightenment from it even 1,000 years later, not as many people still come to this place.

With that being said, many people still spend a week or two in this place to comprehend what little they can from the statue before moving on. While nobody can fully comprehend the statue entirely, there have been plenty of people who were able to receive some kind of guidance and small enlightenment from the statue.

After all, comprehending even half of the statue would grant the individual a massive boost to their strength and understanding of the sword.

And unbeknownst to these people, the moment Yuan glanced at the statue, he was able to comprehend it entirely.

<You have learned Moon Splitting Sword Art>

<Rank: Divine>

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<Mastery Level: 1>

<Description: A devastating sword technique with enough prowess to split even the moon in half!>


Yuan was speechless. It would normally take him a few days if not weeks to learn a Divine-rank technique, yet he'd managed to do it at glance this time.

'Is this because I am the Lord's reincarnation, or is this due to my soul strength?' Yuan wondered inwardly.

Though, despite learning this sword technique, Yuan didn't really need it, as it was just a Divine-rank technique. Unless it was Ancient-rank or higher, it won't make Yuan budge an eyebrow.

After silently learning the technique, Yuan hovered above Tian Yanyu, who currently has her eyes closed and seemingly in a trance, and he patiently waited for her to finish.

About two hours later, Tian Yanyu opened her eyes, which flickered with a sense of frustration.

"How did it go? Did you comprehend anything?" Yuan asked her using divine sense, as he did not want to disturb the others by speaking out loud.

"Xiao Yang! When did you arrive?" She appeared pleasant to see him.

"I got here not long ago."

"I see… Well, I have been here since day 1, but I have only comprehended about 15 percent… probably. My understanding of the sword has increased substantially from it, but I really want to learn the technique it's hiding. Even though I can only comprehend the first four sword movements, it was more than enough to convince me of its prowess. I cannot imagine how powerful the full technique is. It's definitely a Heaven-rank or higher technique."

Tian Yanyu's voice was filled with awe and longing as she spoke of the technique.

However, she was also disappointed in herself. Her group had only planned to stay at the Nameless Stone Warrior for a week, so she had only a day or so left to comprehend as much as she could, but it was clearly not enough time to learn the technique.

Furthermore, even if she was given a hundred years to comprehend the technique, there was no guarantee that she could fully comprehend the technique.

After a moment of silence, Yuan suddenly asked her, "If you really want to learn this technique, shall I teach it to you? I managed to fully comprehend it, so I can just directly teach you the technique"

"YOU WHAT?!" Tian Yanyu's shocked and no doubt deafening voice suddenly boomed in the area that had been completely silent for the past six days, startling everyone there.

A few people there even puked out blood after their enlightenment had been interrupted by Tian Yanyu's sudden outburst.

"W-W-Who the fuck shouted just now?! How dare you! I was in the middle of enlightenment! Now it's all ruined! Fucking fuck!"

"I was also very close to enlightenment as well! Identify yourself, you bastard! Let me fucking kill you!"

Everybody there started cursing out loud. To nobody's surprise, Tian Yanyu's accidental outburst had caused a huge commotion.

'Shit…' Tian Yanyu began sweating profusely when everybody there learned that it was her who screamed and disturbed their peace, their gazes so sharp it could kill.

"You idiot…!" Tian Suyin was shaking her head while rubbing her eyes at Tian Yanyu, as she instantly understood the gravity of the situation.

Tian Yanyu's actions had led to everyone there losing their focus with some even losing their chance to receive enlightenment from the stone statue, costing them 7 years of time, which is akin to disturbing someone while they were on the verge of a breakthrough, considered as one of the biggest taboo within the cultivation world.

"Sect Leader Yu Jian! This is the second time your Jade Sword Manor has caused trouble for everyone here! We'll have to ask your sect to leave immediately!" The Blue Swallow Sword Sect and the Lightning Sword Academy began pressuring Yu Jian and his sect to leave.

However, some people there were not satisfied with just this punishment, especially those that had their enlightenment interrupted.

"That bitch who just shouted needs to be punished separately! She nearly crippled some of us just now, so it would only be fair if we did the same to her!"

"Yeah! Cripple her cultivation!"

Tian Yanyu turned to look at Yuan, her only hope, with despair on her face.

Yuan sighed, "It hasn't even been half a day since I entered the tomb and I've already encountered two incidents… The future's looking bleak…"

Sometime later, Yuan's voice boomed, "Everyone, please calm down!"

He mixed his spiritual energy in the voice, causing it to ring in everyone's head, making it impossible to ignore or miss.

The chaos halted for a moment as everyone there shifted their gaze from Tian Yanyu to Yuan.

"I would like to apologize on behalf of my friend, as I am somewhat responsible for her outburst. I also understand your anger and frustration, so I am willing to teach everyone here the complete technique of this stone statue as compensation. What do you say?"

Yuan's words kept the place dead silent for many moments, as nobody there dared to believe their ears just now.

In order to have the complete technique of the Nameless Stone Warrior, one must have fully comprehended it, something that hasn't been done since its discovery 1,000 years ago, so it was natural for the people there to doubt Yuan's words.

Knowing this, Yuan acted swiftly and retrieved his sword. Then, he began moving according to the movements he'd comprehended from the Nameless Stone Warrior in front of his audience, leaving everyone there speechless.

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