Cultivation Online - Chapter 972 - A Big Mistake

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Chapter 972 – A Big Mistake

After returning to the hotel, Yuan went to look for the others, who had been waiting anxiously for his return.

“Yuan! You’re back!” Chu Liuxiang said.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” Meixiu asked him.

“No, I am perfectly fine.” He shook his head.

“Welcome back.” White Lotus said to him.

“By the way, your deeds are already on the news.” She pointed at the television that was already talking about the chaos he’d caused outside the city.

[The unknown weapon of mass destruction has been used again! Furthermore, the authorities have found the cultripts behind the shooting this afternoon at…]

“You know, many people have already left the city because of this commotion, and there will be even more leaving tomorrow when they wake up to see the news. I’ve even received many calls from those at the faction today, all of them are asking to relocate the faction temporarily. They’re all scared of that technique of yours— scared that you might release this ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in the city.”

“Sorry, I wanted to resolve this without using the technique, but that wasn’t possible. I even had to use it twice.” Yuan sighed.

“Let’s just hope that there will be an audience for the concert tomorrow. However, with all of the chaos today, I’m afraid that will be quite hard.”

“It’s fine. The only audience I need is my sister, Yu Rou.” Yuan smiled.

“So what’s going to happen now?” Chu Liuxiang asked a moment later.

“Are we just going to pretend like nothing happened? There’s a lot of people looking for you, right?”

“It’ll be fine. They will eventually give up when they cannot find anything. If they find me, we will deal with it at that time.” Yuan said.

“Don’t worry, the Bai Family will help you keep your secret. Even if your secret is revealed, we have our methods to protect you.” White Lotus said.

“Thank you.”

Sometime later, Yuan said to them, “Let’s go to sleep. I need some rest after what happened today.”

“Good night.”

After returning to his room, Yuan closed the lights and laid on the bed, but he did not go to sleep immediately.

‘I have killed a lot of people today. Even though it’s not my first time killing someone since Cultivation Online is also a real world, it feels unnatural to stain my hands with blood in this world.’

‘Yu Rou… What will she think when she learns that her brother has turned into a killer?’

Yuan slowly fell asleep as he thought about the day that felt longer than usual.

While he slept, dreams that felt incredibly surreal started appearing.

Inside his dream, he was surrounded by a sea of flames and rivers of blood.

The sky was dark and red, and the whole world appeared to be dyed in black and red.

‘This is… the Evil God’s memories?’ Yuan looked around the gruesome scenery with a slight frown on his face.

All of the buildings were on fire, and there were corpses littered on every street.

“Did the Evil God— I really do all of this?” Yuan mumbled in a low voice.

“You monster! You’re responsible for this!”

A desperate cry suddenly resounded behind him.

He turned around to see a middle-aged man holding onto a child, but the child was missing half of his body.

Tears made out of blood flowed from this man’s eyes as he roared, “If only you didn’t exist, none of this would’ve happened! You killed all of them! I hope you die!”

However, Yuan couldn’t feel any emotions when looking at this middle-aged man who was filled with despair and anger.

His heart was as still and as cold as a block of ice.

Suddenly, Yuan turned to look at the sky, where hundreds of people wearing silver armor could be seen approaching him with killing intent.

When Yuan saw these soldiers, his empty heart started burning with unimaginable rage and bloodlust, and without waiting any longer, he leaped into the air, flying towards these soldiers.

“Surrender yourself already, Evil God! You won’t win this war!” One of the soldiers shouted.

“Hahaha! Whether I win this war or not is not something for you to decide!” Yuan laughed like a madman as he used some kind of technique to kill many of the soldiers in one go.

“Are you seriously going to defy the Celestial Emperor— the Heavens?! You’re making a big mistake!”

“A mistake? If we’re going to talk about mistakes, then let’s start with the biggest one in the room— offending me! Hahaha!”

In just mere moments, the Evil God killed all of the soldiers there.

After killing the soldiers, the Evil God lifted his head and released a powerful roar that shook the world.

The roar was so powerful that it startled Yuan awake from his sleep.

“Damn… The Evil God is even more dangerous than I initially thought… Just what caused him to go on such a rampage? Did the Celestial Emperor kill his love or something?” Yuan mumbled in a low voice.

“I am still nowhere close to absorbing all of the Divine Paragon’s memories, yet the Evil God’s memories are already leaking. I might really go insane if I have to handle the memories of two Immortals at once.”

After waking up, Yuan found it hard to go back to sleep, and his body was soaked in sweat.

He decided to take a shower a few moments later to clean his body and clear his mind.

After the shower, Yuan went to look at himself in the mirror, and to his surprise, his red eyes had disappeared. However, he was still able to see using his eyes.

‘Just what on earth is going on with my body? There are too many questions and not enough answers…’

Yuan decided to spend the rest of the night cultivating since he couldn’t go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, inside her room, Meixiu was deciding whether to answer her cell phone that has been ringing for a while now.

After pondering for a few minutes, Meixiu sighed and picked up the cell phone before dialing Yu Rou.

“Hello? Sorry, I was preparing breakfast just now, so I couldn’t pick up the phone.”

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