Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan - Book 56 Chapter 7 – Strung Through and Filled with Evil

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Book 56 Chapter 7 – Strung Through and Filled with Evil

Duan Yucheng suddenly turned around and walked straight towards the door.

Xu Kaishan’s pair of eyes flashed with murderous intent, Xu Ziling calmly took a step forward, while secretly pinching the Motionless Fundamental Image, his essence, qi and spirit immediately locked Xu Kaishan tightly; if he made any move, pulled by the qi power, he had confidence that before Xu Kaishan hurt Duan Yucheng, he would be able to severely injure him using ten-thousand-jun-thunderbolt momentum.

Xu Kaishan generated reaction, hastily he applied his power to resist. Translated by foxs

Without any sideway glance, Duan Yucheng went straight to Xinnaya and stopped about two chi in front of her. Looking deeply into her pair of beautiful eyes, he slowly reached out to take off her hood, revealing her flowery face.

Xinnaya’s pretty face was so pale that it did not even have a trace of blood, her two plump fragrant lips were trembling lightly, she wanted to talk but then stopped.

Xu Ziling sighed secretly in his heart, in many ways, Xinnaya concealed the truth from Duan Yucheng, she deceived him and alienated him. However, just by looking at her current mood towards Duan Yucheng, her love for Duan Yucheng was beyond doubt. It was precisely because of fear that from love, Duan Yucheng would turn to hate her that her fragrant heart was in great chaos, she was out of her wits, losing her usual cool-headedness and her ruthlessness.

Liexia’s unrighteous conduct was naturally another factor that made her lose her normal state.

Duan Yucheng asked gently, “Don’t lie to me! Is what Xu Bangzhu said true?”

Hot tears burst out of Xinnaya’s pair of eyes, shaking her head blankly, she spoke in distress, “I don’t know!”

Duan Yucheng’s tiger-body severely shook, he turned around and cupped his fist toward Xu Ziling, after straightening up his body, he said, “Yucheng is wrong! I don’t have any face to see Shaoshuai and the other good brothers.”

Finished speaking, he simply turned around and walked past between Xu Kaishan and Xinnaya, and stepped out the door in steady stride, brimming with determination never to return.

When he was about to disappear from Xu Ziling’s line of sight, Xinnaya cried out in sorrow; as if Xu Kaishan did not exist, she turned around to run after Duan Yucheng.

Ke Dazhi and Yin Xianhe, like apparition, appeared in middle of the wind and the snow about two zhang behind Xu Kaishan, to cut off his escape path.

Xu Ziling and Xu Kaishan’s eyes met, he said coldly, “Today Xu Xiong fell into people-rebelling-and-friends-deserting plight, what is your thought?”

Xu Kaishan threw his head back and let out a long laughter, the cloth covering his head and face shattered into cun-size pieces, revealing his true face. Raising his thumb, he said, “All right! I admit that tonight is a complete failure, but if you want to keep me here, it is still beyond your power. One day I don’t die, there will be a day where I can do it all over again.”

When he was speaking of the last sentence, he rushed forward and sent an explosive punch toward Xu Ziling’s face, carrying within it a strong gust of wind, bringing the wind and the snow rolling into the building. Immediately the air turned biting cold, which increased his swift and fierce, overbearing mighty power. Translated by foxs

Xu Ziling felt that the power of his fist turned into a seemingly solid pillar of qi, storming straight toward him.

This punch was released in full power, in Xu Kaishan’s effort to escape, it was the amalgamation of his entire life’s power. It appeared to be simple and straightforward, but there were countless follow-up moves hidden within it, which fully demonstrated the marvelous power and unusual methods of the ‘Yu Jin Wan Fa Gen Yuan Zhi Jing’.

Even with Xu Ziling’s power, he did not dare to meet it head-on; with both hands held together like a tray, he sent out a burst of concentrated true qi in the shape of a ring, enveloping the acute point of the opponent’s fist, while moving half a step to the left. The ring of qi was like an invisible pliable-but-strong rope, tightening around the opponent’s fist and unload its force to the right.

Xu Kaishan’s original intention was to force Xu Ziling to meet hard with hard, or perhaps to evade to the side, so that he could break through the roof and escaped. Who would have thought that Xu Ziling’s move in dealing with it was completely beyond his expectations? Hurriedly he withdrew his qi power and recoiled to evade, but as he was about to soar up, Xu Ziling, without changing the original style, attacked him, turning his ring of qi into Treasured-Vase Qi, coming straight toward his chest. If he threw himself and rose up, it was guaranteed that Xu Ziling’s explosive attack would meet him head-on. Even if he could block it, he would only cast himself toward Ke Dazhi and Yin Xianhe, who were rushing towards the main entrance of the relay station building.

Xu Kaishan realized that Xu Ziling’s Shou Yin Zhen Yan Da Fa [great method of handprint incantation] had reached the level where he could receive and send freely and could change it at will; however, it was too late to regret. He was, after all, a grandmaster-level martial art master; not daring to evade, his pair of palms pushed swiftly, he directly countered Xu Ziling’s highly-concentrated Treasured-Vase Qi power.

Xu Ziling spat out an incantation.


Xu Kaishan’s imposing body trembled. ‘Bang!’ the qi power collided, qi energy flowed over, but the person was jolted, ‘Pow! Pow! Pow!’, he was forced to retreat three steps in a row.

Xu Ziling only took one step back, the power inside the building flowed sideways and dissipated.

Ke Dazhi and Yin Xianhe’s attack, one saber and one sword, arrived at the same time. The two men knew that his demonic power was overbearing, if they showed a slight gap, he would break the siege and escape, thereupon both of them made their move with all their strength, without showing any mercy.

Xu Ziling sent out a finger attack across the empty air, attacking the vital part on the pit of his stomach. Translated by foxs

Xu Kaishan roared wildly, the surrounding air immediately became like a wall, became like a rampart, moreover, it was a copper wall, iron bastion [idiom: impenetrable defense], to withstand the three big martial art masters’ swift and fierce move from three different angles.

However, even if it was a martial art master of Bi Xuan and Ning Daoqi’s caliber in his place, under this kind of situation, he would still suffer a big loss, much less Xu Kaishan, whose internal injury had not healed completely.

A string of sharp noise ensued.

Xu Kaishan’s wall of qi was shattered into cun-sized pieces, but he succeeded in neutralizing Xu Ziling’s finger attack, flicking off Ke Dazhi’s saber and Yin Xianhe’s sword.


Ke Dazhi, retreating to the left side of the door, returned the saber into its scabbard, the divine light in his pair of eyes flared greatly, tightly covering Xu Kaishan.

Yin Xianhe held his sword across, he stood on the right side of the door, the grief and indignation expression in his pair of eyes seemed to ease up, and then gradually diminished.

Xu Ziling, without blinking at all, stared at Xu Kaishan’s face.

Xu Kaishan’s countenance was still, he stood straight like a mountain, the wind and the snow continuously rolled in from the doors and windows, raging wildly, wreaking havoc, but the four men in the building were without movement at all, as if time stood still.

A low murmur rang out from Xu Kaishan’s mouth, breaking the silence in the building. They heard him reciting, “In the beginning, there was no heaven and earth, but there was difference between light and dark. Darkness already invaded the light, wantonly rushing to chase it off. Then light came into the dark, casting aside its developing nature. While admittedly the holy religion is true, who’d dare to hear its order and seek to shed its cause? After the enlightenment is completed, the true falseness returns to its roots, the light belongs to great brightness, the dark also return to the accumulation of darkness. The two schools are restored, both sides turned over and returned.”

Finished reciting, he laughed aloud, the back of his palm slapped on his forehead, producing the sound of the bones shattering upon meeting with the palm, he collapsed backward, and ‘Bang!’ he fell to the ground. And thus a demonic lord of this generation killed himself and died on the spot.

Xu Ziling, Ke Dazhi, and Yin Xianhe stood in front of Xu Kaishan’s grave in the snowy forest. The heavy snow was still falling, in a blink of an eye the grave was hidden under the clean white snow, without leaving the least bit of a trace.

Ke Dazhi said, “According to our custom, his corpse would have been be exposed to the wilderness, to let the hungry wolves fill their belly. When he was alive, he committed all kinds of bad things, after his death, he could at least be something a bit useful for the wild wolves.” Translated by foxs

Yin Xianhe spoke heavily, “Let’s go!”

The three men turned around and left, striding along the official road in the direction of Chang’an, walking slowly on the snow.

Ke Dazhi said, “Do you need my help to enter the city? Currently, Chang’an’s city gates are very tense.”

Xu Ziling shook his head and said, “Let us find our own way, it would be best not to let people know that we have any relationship with you, it will only be harmful without any benefit to you.”

Ke Dazhi was silent for a moment, he sighed and said, “If possible, I would like to ask Ziling to cancel your trip to Chang’an.”

Xu Ziling was shocked inwardly. Ke Dazhi must be the main force in dealing with Li Shimin, hence the reason he knew the entire plan to assassinate Li Shimin; therefore, he did not want Xu Ziling to stay in Chang’an. He never expected that he would have to face Ke Dazhi so soon; he could not help feeling sad, yet clearly there was no other choice.

Naturally Ke Dazhi did not suspect that while Kou Zhong and Li Shimin were still ‘the two cannot exist together’, Xu Ziling would still have the heart to help Li Shimin. However, he had no choice but to conceal his true intentions. Treating Ke Dazhi like this, he felt very uncomfortable. He was speechless.

On the other side, Yin Xianhe said, “Ziling is accompanying me to Chang’an to inquire about my lost sister.”

Feeling relieved, Ke Dazhi said, “Why didn’t you explain earlier? You made me overly suspicious.”

Xu Ziling felt even more uneasy, yet he had nothing to say.

Ke Dazhi smiled and said, “Ziling, please send my respect to Shaoshuai, tell him that until now, Ke Dazhi still regards him as my best friend. Dazhi has to go one step ahead, I hope I won’t need to meet with Ziling in Chang’an, because I don’t know whether at that time we are enemies or friends. Please!”

Finished speaking, without looking back, he sped up and flew forward, and disappeared in the wind and snow.

Under the soft residual light of the glow of the setting sun, Song Que and Kou Zhong arrived in front of the mountain gate ascending onto the Jing Nian Chan Yuan.

The heavy snow already stopped even before they abandoned the raft and came ashore. Silver frost covered the open country, looking exactly like it connected the heaven and the earth. The accumulation of snow pressing down on the branches, the treetops were layered with ice, and the snow on the ground was waist deep, if it were ordinary people, it would indeed be difficult to take even a cun step.

Kou Zhong swept his gaze around, the vast and obscure ocean of forest and snowy plains, the boundless layer of ice as far as the eye could see, sparkling and shining under the twilight sun, endless changes, so plain, clean, and pure and beautiful, making people hold their breath. Translated by foxs

Since after waking up from the meditation, Song Que has not said even half a word, his manner comfortable and graceful. But Kou Zhong secretly still suspected that he was still thinking about Fan Qinghui endlessly; he could not help being very worried about him.

With his hand behind his back, Song Que passed through the first layer of mountain gate, with ‘Jing Nian Chan Yuan’ engraved on it, and stepped onto the long and steep stone steps extending to the top of the mountain.

‘Dang! Dang! Dang!’

This moment, the melodious sound of the bell aptly came down the mountain, as if they knew that Song Que was honoring them with his presence.

Kou Zhong followed behind Song Que, looking up into the distance, he caught a glimpse of the pagoda and bell tower looming over the snowy forest on the top of the mountain. He remembered the scene in the past, where he came to steal the Jade Annulus of He Clan with Xu Ziling and Ba Fenghan, the scene was still vivid in his mind, as if it happened not long ago, while the fact was that God knows how many times human affairs have turned over. At that time, they fought until you live, I die, the world’s attention was focused on Wang Shichong and Li Mi, both of whom have already passed away.

The second layer of mountain gate appeared before their eyes.

Song Que stopped leisurely, he read the Buddhist couplet engraved on the gate post, “Evening drum, morning bell rousing the world’s famous and wealthy people, the sound of the sutras calling out one of the many names of Buddha coming back to the sea of bitterness and fascinating dream. Interesting, interesting! However, since being entrapped in the sea of bitterness, the people outside the room are not those in the inside, who can be lucky enough to escape? Hence all beings are suffering.”

Inwardly Kou Zhong was severely shaken. If Song Que was this emotional, that means he had not escaped from the ‘sea of bitterness’, he was saddened and depressed by Fan Qinghui, then without saying, the victory or defeat of this battle was evident.

For the first time, he felt antipathy toward Fan Qinghui, it was like Shi Feixuan asking Xu Ziling to fight a decisive battle, he could imagine the pain in Xu Ziling’s heart.

Song Que moved forward up the steps again, when Kou Zhong caught up to his side, while continued walking, he smiled and said, “I have spent quite a laborious effort thinking about the Buddhist and Taoist, two school of thoughts. In the former, the highest state is Nirvana, while in the latter, it is the ascent to heaven. The central core of Buddhism is to become a Buddha on the spot; the Taoists train the essence to transform the qi, train the qi to transform the spirit, train the spirit to return to the emptiness, train emptiness and harmonious way, and regard self as treasured raft passing through the sea of suffering, the Buddhists who don’t understand their righteousness ridicule them as shou shi gui [ghost who defend/keep watch over dead bodies], while the fact is that the Taoism’s ascending to heaven and Buddhism’s becoming a Buddha appear to be different but are actually one. The Taoist school’s cultivation of the Way pays equal attention to both mind and body. Although Ning Daoqi is a representative of Taoism, he truly expresses both the Taoist and Buddhist schools’ strength, hence his San Shou Ba Pu emphasizes Taoist’s idea and Zen’s circumstances, surpassing the ordinary martial study of the secular world.” Translated by foxs

Kou Zhong had fought against Ning Daoqi once, he nodded in agreement and said, “Fazhu’s each word hit the spot; I fought with him in the past, the entire course of events process was like being in a hazy dream, yet clearly I encountered the realm of Zen thought in all respects, it was extremely exquisite.”

Song Que came to the wide-open plaza of the Chanyuan [Buddhist Hall, lit. Zen courtyard]. The main hall, adorned with silvery-white wrap, towered in front of him. There was no sign of people, the snow-paved ground was clean, without a single footprint.

Halting his steps, he spoke slyly, “Ning Daoqi’s corporeal body is very important to him, it is the only thing that he relies on to become immortal, to become holy. If his corporeal body is broken, he will fall back into the cycle of reincarnation, everything starts from the beginning, that’s why in this battle he certainly will fight with all his strength, there won’t be any reservations. Does Xiao Zhong understand what I am saying?”

Smiling wryly, Kou Zhong replied, “I understand!”

Song Que spoke calmly, “Therefore, once we start the battle, only when one side die will the battle end, plus we must be completely focused to put the other side to death by all means. However, to kill the other side in this way, we must not be inferior in the martial way. There must be no life no death, no thought of victory or defeat, only then will the Way [Dao/Tao] and Zen realm, the Way of the Saber will be reached. This kind of situation is subtle and abnormal, even for me or Ning Daoqi, it is difficult to foresee the real situation.”

Kou Zhong said in astonishment, “Isn’t that very contradictory?”



Song Que threw his head back in laughter, he said, “What contradiction? Could it be that you forget that apart from the saber, there is nothing else? If there is life and death, victory or defeat, then there is something in your heart, I might as well go down the mountain immediately to avoid making an exhibition of myself.”

Severely shaken, Kou Zhong said, “I understand!”

It was this moment that he clearly and unmistakably sensed that Song Que had become a Buddha on the spot, throwing everything aside, and entered the apart from the saber, there is nothing else – realm.

Song Que cheerfully said, “Now that Shaoshuai has completely obtained the authentic teachings of my Heavenly Saber xinfa, I will tell you where you are still inferior to me, after obtaining the saber, you still have to forget the saber. That is the Song Que now.” Translated by foxs

Kou Zhong pressed further, “Forget the saber?”

Raising his voice, Song Que said, “Song Que is here, asking Daoqi Xiong to impart your wisdom!”

His voice spread far away, it rumbled above the mountain temple, shaking every nook and corner.

With the angry cold wind blowing, in the snowflakes dancing wildly in the air, only a vaguely discernible silhouette of the myriad-changes-weather City of Chang’an was visible. The snow, like ten million silver needles, without head, without brains, struck down, in random direction, blown by the wind, suddenly to the east, suddenly to the west, so that it was difficult to open one’s eyes.

Xu Ziling and Yin Xianhe stood on the top of a hill, looking at Chang’an from a distance, each one lost in his own thought.

Upon entering the city, the first thing they had do to was, of course, to look for Ji Qian and ask her clearly, and then Xu Ziling wanted to see Li Shimin via Li Jing; as for what would happen next, no one could predict.

With how things developed to this day and age, whether Li Shimin would still regard him, Xu Ziling as a friend, trust him, or listen to his advice – was really a big question.

Yin Xianhe’s voice rang in his ears, temporarily overriding the roaring angry cry of the whistling wind and snow, saying “This wind and snow is greatly beneficial for us to sneak into Chang’an; how are we going to enter the city?”

Xu Ziling said, “It doesn’t matter whether there is wind or snow, because we will enter the city from underground.”

Yin Xianhe was stunned. Although Xu Ziling mentioned to him that there was a secret way to enter the city, but he never revealed the details to him.

Xu Ziling explained, “Not only there is storehouse within storehouse inside the Duke Yang’s Treasure-House, but there is also the difference between the real and fake storehouses. The fake one was discovered by Li Yuan, but the real one is only known to us. The tunnel connecting the real one leads straight to the outside of the city, the exit is in the snowy forest right behind us.”

Obtaining sudden understanding, Yin Xianhe said, “No wonder you guys wanted to capture Hanzhong; turns out because you want to avoid Luoyang and attack directly to Chang’an.”

And then, emotionally moved, he said, “Ziling really regard me as a good friend, unexpectedly you didn’t hesitate to divulge the gargantuan secret in order for me to enter the city safely.”

Xu Ziling smiled and said, “We are all brothers, how could I not trust you? Besides, the role of the treasure house is already lost, Kou Zhong wants to obtain the world, he must first sweep the south level and take Luoyang before he has a chance to enter the Pass.” Translated by foxs

“What is Ziling waiting for?” Yin Xianhe asked.

Xu Ziling replied indifferently, “I’m waiting for the time Ji Qian going to the casino. At that time, as long as we pay a visit to Ming Tang Wo or the Six-Happiness Casino, I am sure that we will meet her.”

“Turns out she loves to gamble,” Yin Xianhe said.

Xu Ziling shook her head and said, “She likes to gamble because she wants to deal with Chi Shengchun. Until now, I still don’t know how she knows that Chi Shengchun is a member of the Xiang family, maybe I’ll ask her more later.”

Yin Xianhe asked, “What kind of face is Ziling going to appear in Chang’an?”

“How about in my true colors?” Xu Ziling said, “In Chang’an, my true identity is less known instead. However, to make Ji Qian trust us and to tell us the truth, it is rather not easy. Probably because of her terrible experience in her youth, she is extremely wary toward strangers.”

Yin Xianhe said, “To her, Ziling can’t be considered a stranger, right?”

Smiling wryly, Xu Ziling said, “It’s very hard to tell! It depends on her, Da Xiaojie’s mood.”

“What should we do then?” Yin Xianhe asked anxiously.

Xu Ziling replied, “First, we must try to sit down and talk with her, and then open the door and see the mountain [idiom: to get straight to the point] we tell her clearly the purpose of our visit. We look at her reaction and change according to the situation. Ay! Not concealing anything from Xianhe, this is the best way I can come up with.”

Yin Xianhe’s pair of eyes emitted a staunch determination, he agreed, “Let’s do it that way then!”

Showing care for him, Xu Ziling asked, “You are not scared anymore?”

Shaking his head vigorously, Yin Xianhe chopped the nail and sliced the iron [idiom: resolute and decisive], he spoke with resolution, “That’s right! I don’t have the slightest fear in my heart. No matter how dreadful the truth she is going to tell, I can only face it bravely, not to mention the gains and losses are still unknown.”

Xu Ziling said, “Perhaps the offer of a reward for missing people has taken effect, Xiaoji is waiting for you in Peng Liang to be reunited with you.”

His eyes did not show any emotion, Yin Xianhe said, “Now I only think about Ji Qian.”

Xu Ziling slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Then we will go to see Ji Qian immediately.”

The two turned around and disappeared into the snowy forest.

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