Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant - Chapter 1470 - Aiyayaya…

Chapter 1470: Aiyayaya…

Although Mag had no idea what “Talented Teacher Point” and “Midas Touch” were, he was completely helpless against the system who remained completely silent after giving him his mission.

He didn’t want to call that Harris, whom he had never met before, master and follow him on his travels on the continent.

Since that was the case, he had no choice but to defeat the other party, and make him call him master.

Stupid system. Mag cursed in his heart.

It was already 9am when the breakfast was over.

Many customers already left the restaurant, but they didn’t go away. Instead, they found themselves a good position at the door, preparing to watch the coming good show.

For example, that reporter from the Chaos Morning Post who was firing questions at Mag earlier had already climbed up onto the bar stool that he brought along, and set up a photostone, preparing to record this exciting duel down.

The Chaos City’s news had been dominated by the Gentlemen’s League who appeared at night. He was determined to come up with a piece of completely different news.

The Invincible God of Cookery vs The Number One Chef In Chaos City. Who would be the victor?

He had even come up with the title: Shocking! The Invincible God of Cookery, Harris, who has won over 100-odd duels has finally lost in Chaos City! Is it because of humanity’s…

Or it could be: Painful! The genius chef who has once taken the honor of being the Empire’s best chef has lost to the Invincible God of Cookery! Is this the…

As an experienced reporter, he had already come up with prearranged plans, and even finished writing the manuscripts in his heart. He was very sure that the Chaos Morning Post would be the first to report about this incident.

More and more audience came after hearing about the duel. Some even brought their own little stools.

“Come on. The front row is selling melon seeds, sweets, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled sweet corns.” The vendors who sensed an opportunity began to sell snacks that were great for watching a show with.

The weather was so cold, and so many people were waiting out there. It was indeed rather boring, so many chose to buy a hot grilled sweet potato to keep their hands warm in their pockets.

“Bro, I’ve heard both the chefs today are very impressive. Have you eaten at Mamy Restaurant before? It’s bloody expensive, right?” a middle-aged man asked the young man next to him softly. He was making hissing sounds because the hot sweet potatoes in his pockets were scalding him.

That young man bit into the grilled corn in his hands, and meaningfully said, “Poverty brought us together.”

The middle-aged man was a little stunned, and his hands grabbed the grilled sweet potatoes for more than two seconds. He quickly released them, and the sweet potatoes bounced on his hands for a few seconds. He finally grabbed them before the sweet potatoes touched the ground. He heaved a breath of relief, and then embarrassedly smiled. “You’re quite humorous.”

“You are too.” That young man grabbed his corn tightly, and then took a bite.

The people were all waiting expectantly, and more and more people arrived. There were almost 1000 people there, forming rows of crowd.

The restaurant’s door was closed, and the regulars were used to it. Boss Mag was always punctual. When the appointment started at 10am, he would definitely appear. There was no way they could make him appear early.

“Please excuse me!” Right then, an energetic voice called out, and the crowd parted to let a slightly rickety bullock cart drive in slowly. The driver was a strapping young man, and dozens of simply dressed people were following behind him. There were both young men and middle-aged men, and they were all dressed in well-worn cotton jackets. Apart from carrying luggage on their backs, each of them also carried an eye-catching black wok on his back.

“They really have to carry a black wok[1] as Master Harris’ apprentices.” Vanessa, who was standing in an excellent position in the front row, couldn’t help laughing softly when she saw the black woks on their backs. However, she wasn’t laughing at them, as mirth and surprise filled her bright eyes.

“No wonder it’s called a slow coach. There’s no way to rush with this old bullock cart.” Abraham chuckled as his attention was attracted to the old brown bull pulling the cart and Chapman who was driving it[2].

The crowd fell into a silence gradually as they looked at the bullock cart, trying to catch a glimpse of the Invincible God of Cookery.

Chapman stopped the bullock cart slowly in front of Mamy Restaurant. After seeing the crowd who came to watch the duel, a hint of shock flashed through his eyes. Did all these people come to watch the duel?

They had been to many places, and the master had dueled with many famous chefs before, but this was their first time seeing such a boisterous crowd.

Chapman lifted up the coach’s curtain, and spoke inside, “Master, we’ve arrived.”

“Arrived?” a befuddled voice spoke up in the carriage, and a big hand reached out after a while. He lifted the curtain aside and walked out shakily. He stretched himself lazily on the bullock cart’s shaft and yawned before sweeping his gaze across the surroundings with his sleepy eyes. He was instantly taken aback, and his almost shut eyes widened immediately. “Oh my gosh! Why are there so many people here?!”

All the audience were also rather shocked when they saw that rotund greasy middle-aged man wearing a well-worn cotton jacket that was full of patches with only a small patch of short hair on top of his head.

He wasn’t what they imagined the Invincible God of Cookery to look like.

“Haha… This mister looks so adorable. Although he’s trying his best to widen his eyes, we still can’t see them,” Vanessa smilingly said to Harris.

“All experts have their own unique ingenuity. This master has obviously perfectly interpreted this.” Abraham nodded his head with conviction, even when he was a little shocked by Harris’ appearance. However, he had seen many extraordinary people and things before, so he didn’t look down on him because of his appearance.

“Oh my. I didn’t expect to see so many people. Let me redo this.” Harris went back into the carriage. A short while later, he swept the curtain aside, emerged with his head up, and stood on the shaft in high and vigorous spirits. He even remembered to backcomb the small patch of hair on his head with his hand.

“Master, I saw a hair fall off from your head,” Chapman reminded him softly.

“Aiyayaya…” Harris couldn’t hold onto his expression any longer. He caressed his hair with an aching heart. “I only have about 100 strands left, and another one has dropped off. Life is too hard on me.”

“Master, we’re here to challenge Mr. Mag. It’s almost time now, so we should greet him first and decide the method and venue of the duel,” Chapman reminded him softly again.

“You’re right.” Harris kept away his sad expression, and waved at the crowd. He then got off the bullock cart, and walked toward Mamy Restaurant.

“This restaurant is so beautiful.” Harris looked up at Mamy Restaurant, and his eyes immediately lit up. They had come across countless restaurants during their travels, but none of them was comparable to this one.

Chapman quickly caught up, and pulled the bell hanging on the door gently.

[1] “Carrying a black wok” in Chinese means to take the rap for someone.

[2] “Slow coach” in Chinese sounds exactly the same as “Chapman”.