Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant - Chapter 1472 - Time To Debut The “Sliced Beef And Ox Tongue In Chili Sauce”

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Chapter 1472: Time To Debut The “Sliced Beef And Ox Tongue In Chili Sauce”

“Erm…” Robert blushed, and then swiftly waved his hands. “I’m the president of the Food Association now, so I’m afraid I cannot follow you around any time soon.”

“It’s fine. I’ll keep the wok for you. You can look for me anytime once you sort the things out.” Harris waved his hands nonchalantly, and reached out to pat the black wok on Chapman’s back with a smile. “After you carry this black wok, we will be the ‘Black Wok Gang’… Ptui, a part of the ‘Wandering Chefs’.”

“This is the last time,” Jeffree said to Harris flatly. Although he was still pulling a long face, he already looked much warmer than usual.

“How could you say that? I think you can still live for a few more years,” Harris seriously commented after studying Jeffree intently.

Jeffree raised his brow slightly, but there was mirth in his eyes as he pointed at Harris. “I want to eat dry grilled fish today, or else I will smash your wok.”

“Your request is a little overboard, man. I’ll try my best to satisfy you,” Harris timidly said.

“Harris, where are the books you said you’ve brought for the children?” Novan asked Harris smilingly.

“They’re all in the carriage. I bought them all on my travels. There’re so many books that I almost have to sleep with my back touching the ceiling. Quick, remove all of them,” Harris said annoyedly.

“Sure. I’ll get all of them later.” Novan smiled.

Harris got close to Novan, and whispered, “Don’t take those wrapped books under my pillow by mistake.”

“You.” Novan gave him a disdainful look, but he still nodded discreetly.

Mag turned around, and instructed Miya, “Let’s get the seats for the judges.”

The restaurant’s door opened, and five sets of tables and chairs were quickly set up in front of the restaurant.

Harris turned around, and smilingly asked Mag, “Young friend, I took the initiative to invite these people. What do you think about them?”

Scheer was looking at Mag with amusement and interest in her gaze.

“I have no objections. It’s my honor that these judges could come for our duel. Please take your seats.” Mag was smiling, but in fact, he was secretly swearing in his heart.

You have already f*cking invited the most impressive big bosses in Chaos City, so what objections can I have?

Where am I going to find big bosses of that level?

“That’s good. I was still worried that you might think that they’re not grand enough.” Harris heaved a sigh of relief.

“…” Mag.

The Invincible God of Cookery’s connections are indeed impressive. One thought popped in everyone’s mind at the same time. After all, no ordinary person in Chaos City could be so chummy with those judges.

All the judges went to take their seats, and the ambiance was already fired up by the big-shot judges.

It was very rare to see the five of them together.

“Boss Mag, I look forward to your performance today.” Scheer smiled as she walked past Mag.

“Thank you.” Mag nodded slightly.

“Boss Mag, you will be Chaos City’s hero if you defeat him,” Michael reminded him with anticipation when he walked by.

“Go for it, Boss Mag.” Robert raised his fist as he offered words of encouragement.

Jeffree looked at Mag thoughtfully, but he simply walked over without saying anything.

“Mr. Mag, you have to make Chaos City proud.” Novan smiled.

Mag already felt a little pressured. Although he wasn’t sure how Harris’ culinary skills were, deducing from Michael and the other judges’ behavior, his reputation wasn’t gained by boasting.

Of course, his pressure didn’t come from others’ expectations, but instead it came from the fact that perhaps he would have to carry that ugly black wok, follow them as a vagabond, and call that mister his master.

Tsk. That was terrible.

The judges took their seats, and Harris also went to the center. He suddenly got a bamboo container with dozens of bamboo sticks out from nowhere and waved at Mag. “Young friend, should we decide on the duel’s format by drawing lots?”

Harris began to look increasingly like a psychic to Mag. What kind of chef would bring a container of divination sticks with him everywhere? He even decided the duel’s format by drawing lots?

“Seems like the rumor is true. Master Harris really brings a container of divination sticks along with him everywhere he goes.” Vanessa looked at the container of divination sticks in Harris’ hands with amazement. “Apparently, he could even read others’ fortune with it.”

“I wonder if he is accurate in his reading?” Abraham asked.

“I heard he’s rather accurate. You simply have to listen to his words in reverse. Apparently, he had tried to predict a young lady’s love life, and he said that she wouldn’t have any lovers ever. In the end, she met the man she loved the very next day, and even married him.”

“Now I think I know why all his disciples carry a black wok with them.” Abraham gained a new understanding.

“How should we draw the lots?” Mag walked down the stairs and approached Harris. He looked at the different types of bamboo lots that were carved with numbers and words: cutting skills, soups, grilling… They weren’t restricted to types of dishes, and covered almost all the skills that a chef should possess.

“There are all kinds of culinary skills in my bamboo container. To be fair, if you have anything that you’re not good in, I can remove them first before we each draw a lot for our duel item. Then the judges will draw a lot for us as a duel item too.

“There will be three rounds of duels, and whoever can win two of them will be the victor of this culinary duel,” Harris smilingly said.

Mag was thoughtful. This method of choosing the duel item was indeed very creative. He reached out to take the bamboo container from Harris and remove dozens of bizarre items like balancing a big wok on the head, shattering a cutting board on the chest, etc. Then, he nodded. “Let’s draw from it now.”

“You’re only taking those few out?” Harris looked at the dozens of bamboo sticks that Mag was holding with astonishment. Some of the chefs that he had met before even left only three sticks in the container, so he was rather amazed that Mag had only removed 10-odd of them.

“The rest are all the basic skills of a chef and the usual dishes, so why should I remove them?” Mag asked instead.

“Young friend, you’re indeed very interesting. Then, I will start first.” Harris held the container with both hands, and began to shake it piously.

The audience’s gazes were also focused on the bamboo container in his hands. This was the first time that they had seen such an innovative way to decide the duel methods.


A bamboo stick fell out of the container, and landed on the ground.

“Here it goes.” Harris bent over to pick it up. After taking a look at it, he lifted it over his head, and said, “The first item is cutting skills!”

“Cutting skills.” Mag was thoughtful. After training in the test field for the God of Cookery for so long, he was rather confident about his cutting skills. He took the bamboo container, and gave it a casual shake. A stick fell out, and he caught it in midair. He turned it over to have a look, and then he, too, raised it above his head, and declared, “Cold dish.”

Ha, it seemed like it was time to debut the “sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce”.

“Then, the second item will be a cold dish.” Harris took the bamboo container back, and walked to the judging panel. He placed the bamboo container in front of Scheer, and smilingly said, “You will decide on the third item then.”

“Alright.” Scheer picked up the bamboo container, and gave it a few hard shakes. A bamboo stick flew out and landed on the table.

Scheer picked the stick up, glanced at it, and loudly declared, “Soup!”

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