Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant - Chapter 1473 - Young Friend, I Can See That You Have Great Potential

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Chapter 1473: Young Friend, I Can See That You Have Great Potential

“The first item, cutting skills!

“The second item, cold dish!

“The third item, soup!”

Harris kept the three bamboo sticks, and smilingly told Mag, “Alright. Then, we will set our three duel items as such today. Is that fine with you, my young friend?”

“No problem.” Mag nodded to show that he had no objection.

He believed his cutting skills were not bad, as they were focused on for every dish that he made in the test field for the God of Cookery. Just take slicing the duck as an example: his cutting skills for that had already exceeded many chefs with tens of years of experience in slicing duck.

As for the cold dish, the “sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce” that hadn’t debuted yet was naturally the best choice. Although he hadn’t actually made it after coming out of the test field, Mag was still very confident about this dish.

And for the soup, of course it was the highly acclaimed and highly sought-after “Buddha jumps over the wall”.

Mag was rather confident for all three items.

“Great. I like people who are straightforward like my young friend.” Harris snapped his fingers, and he tossed the sticks back into the container. He then rubbed his hands together excitedly, and said to Chapman at the side, “Manman, go and buy the ingredients. The usual.”

“Alright, Master.” Chapman nodded and walked to the bullock cart. He climbed onto it and slowly drove away.

“He’s only going to buy the ingredients now?” Everyone had a weird expression. This Master Harris really had a carefree character.

Mag, too, raised his brow a little. However, it was only 9.45 am now. The market was right in Aden Square, so it wouldn’t take long for him to get the ingredients. They should be able to start their duel officially at 10 am.

Harris’ other disciples began to get the kitchenware off the bullock cart and set it up. The amount of kitchenware was minimal. The heating stove was the most high-end item, followed by a big black wok that was much bigger than the ones carried by his disciples. A thick wooden chopping block, a long, narrow chef’s knife, and a few covered earthenware pots.

This level of kitchenware was no different from a street vendor’s.

Mag’s gaze focused on that narrow cleaver for quite some time. That chef’s knife was the only valuable item among the other party’s kitchenware. It was forged with excellent iron and hammered thousands of times. It was even more intricate than many knights’ weapons, so it should have been made by a famous blacksmith.

“How is my ‘Saury’, young friend?” Harris seemed to have sensed Mag’s gaze, so he picked up that chef’s knife, and waved it in front of Mag in a flaunting manner. “Rom has made this for me personally. He should have only made one chef’s knife after he got famous.”

“Hiss… A chef’s knife made by Master Rom personally!”

“Is he that legendary weaponsmith who forged Alex’s Tian Du sword?”

“It isn’t just Tian Du Sword alone. Half of the current top 10 weapons of the Norland Continent were forged by Master Rom! I didn’t expect Master Harris’s chef’s knife to be made by him too!”

A commotion erupted in the crowd, and they were all staring at the chef’s knife in Harris’ hand with glowing eyes. To own a weapon that was forged by Master Rom personally was many knights’ dreams, even if that was just a chef’s knife that had an odd name like ‘Saury’.

“Really? What a coincidence. My ‘Fat Head Fish’ was also forged by Master Rom.” Mag took out his ‘Fat Head Fish’, and swirled it around in his hand before he threw and embedded it in the chopping block next to Harris.

A cold gleam flashed across the blade, which sparkled and glared under the sunlight.

“Boss Mag’s cleaver was actually forged by Master Rom too!”

Everyone was staring at that weird-looking cleaver that was embedded in the chopping board vertically. It was rectangular without the beauty of streamline. If the handle was removed, it would really resemble a brick. However, its forging method, unique striation, and the chilling gleam made everyone believe that no one besides Master Rom could have made this extraordinary knife.

“Did Master Rom decide to switch to making kitchen knives now?” Abraham mumbled. He wondered how many years he still had to wait for the sword that he’d asked Master Rom to forge for him.

“Fat Head Fish?” Harris looked at Mag’s knife, and then the “Saury” in his hands with an awkward expression. He didn’t expect to be proven wrong as soon as he spoke. He couldn’t help murmuring, “This fellow Rom is dishonest. He said he would never forge another kitchen knife again, and yet he forged another knife for this young friend!

“The name is rather matching.” Harris tried to skip over this topic with humor awkwardly. He said to Mag, “If there is anything my young friend needs to prepare, please do so now. We agreed to start the duel at 10am, and we will begin on the dot.”

Instead of starting his preparations, Mag smilingly asked, “Before we commence the duel, should we decide on the prize of this duel first?”

“Prize?” Harris was stunned, but his eyes soon brightened. “You mean raising the bet?”

“You can put it this way.” Mag nodded.

“This suggestion is rather interesting.” Harris rubbed his hands together, but he soon said with distress, “But I don’t have money. Well, why don’t you choose any of the pots as the prize?”

“I don’t want your pots.” Mag shook his head. How many copper coins could a lousy black wok cost? He smiled at Harris. “How about this? Whoever loses this duel will call the other party their master.”

“Call the other party their master?” Harris murmured, and began to contemplate that seriously.

“Whoever called the other party their master would be considered to be one generation after him. If Boss Mag loses, does he have to follow Master Harris and go travel around the continent?”

“I’ve heard that the three gambling dens in the city have already begun to accept bets. I didn’t expect Boss Mag and Master Harris would be betting too.”

“To be frank with you guys, I’ve already bet 100 copper coins that Boss Mag will win.”

“Haha. I think you’d better bet another 1,000 copper coins on Master Harris.”

“We cannot be losing our money, right.”

The audience were chatting quietly with excitement in the midst of tension.

A duel with their honor on the stake had to be very riveting.

“Master, please think twice before acting.” Harris’ disciples tried to talk him out of it. They weren’t really worried about Harris calling someone his master. They were more worried about suddenly gaining a grandmaster out of the blue.

“Alright, young friend. Let’s agree on that. Whoever loses this duel will address the other party as his master.” Harris smilingly nodded at Mag. “Young friend, I can see that you have great potential, and are a rare talent meant for cooking. If you can follow me on my travels and brush up on your culinary skills, your future will be very bright. I have a book—”

“Don’t, Mister. We haven’t started yet, so don’t rush to take me in as your disciple,” Mag said with resignation.

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