Death… And Me - Chapter 1099 - Arrivals

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Chapter 1099 – Arrivals

Huring Sacred Land, sometimes also known as Huring Country. It was one of the biggest lands in the Huring Continent that belonged to a single power. The Kamos Kingdom Group just so happened to be teleported to the continent's biggest city, Huring City.

The city alone had over ten billion residents. Unless one was able to fly and head to the skies, one could forget about seeing the entire city from the ground. It was just too big.

One of the teleport formations in the Formation Guild's Teleportation Services began to shine with a silver light. Not long after, it brightened for a moment before a group with around 350 people appeared. The Kamos Kingdom had 250 slots for the recruitment, but that didn't mean one had to send one elder for each participant. With that said, only 100 or so people in the group came to watch.

As one could imagine, the princes and princesses of the Kamos Kingdom were obviously there. However, the king remained in the country. His time doing such travels had long passed, and he left all of it for his children to take care of. Other than them were the elders of sects, guilds, and other organizations that came with their own disciples and protegees.

There was one weird thing, though. Everyone was standing on the teleport formation, except for a single person. The moment the teleport ended, that person fell to the ground.

Haera narrowed her eyes as she had noticed that shadow enter their teleportation at the last moment. "Who are you?"

However, Fabio quickly arrived in front of the person while showing a surprised expression. "Samanta! Why are you here?"

Samata rubbed her head in embarrassment before replying, "Ahem…wasn't it you who left a message for me to come?"

Fabio nodded before asking in response, "Sure, but why would you leave it for the very last second?"

"It can't be helped," Samanta answered. "I only found out about the message a few hours before the day for departure. I ran as fast as I could and just barely made it in time."

Fabio didn't know how to react, so he could only explain to the others. "As you know, I have six slots, and one of those slots is hers. For some reason, though, she didn't come to the gathering last time. Don't worry, everyone. She's definitely capable."

Haera and everyone else looked at Samanta and could tell that she was in the Late Stage of the Saint Realm. With her, Kamos Kingdom now had ten people at that cultivation level participating.

Some wanted to ask a few more things. However, they were interrupted by someone who came to receive them. "Are you all here for the Sacred Land Recruitment?"

Haera, as the oldest child of the king of Kamos Kingdom, was also appointed as the leader of the party. She then came forward and immediately noticed the person's uniform. Of course, not only her but everyone else as well.

'A Sacred Land disciple!'

Haera then warmed up as she confirmed, "Yes, we did. We came from the Kamos Kingdom, bringing our 250 participants."

The man nodded, not seeming to care too much about it. "Very well, you can stay in your country's designated area over there. Make sure your participants have their tokens as you won't be able to enter the Sacred Land without it."

Haera then decided to leave Samanta's issue aside, having the Kamos Kingdom group follow the disciple's orders.

Meanwhile, many other countries began to arrive almost at the same time. It's not that they agreed with it, but that the teleport formations of this building weren't open before the right time. There were also a few countries that got here a little earlier.

There were exactly 349 Teleport Formations in that building. Sure enough, each teleport formation received teleports from each of the 349 regions of the Huring Continent.

"Look, it's Holang Country from the Calamal Region."

"They got twelve of their participants into the Sacred Land last time."

"It's all thanks to the Samira Sect that rules that country."

There were countries that often performed better, and Holang was one of them. The difference could also be seen in the number of slots allocated to Holang, 550! The small countries that came along couldn't help but feel jealous of that.

Later, another country called the others' attention. All the participants had wicked auras, and the smell of blood permeated around them.

"The Klacks Country…"

"In the cultivation path, the weak prey on the strong. However, those guys brought it to another level."

"I heard that they even sacrifice newborns in their rituals."

"Shhhh! Stay quiet. They're also one of the strongest forces on the continent. You don't want those freaks to target you."

The countries continued to arrive one by one. Kamos Kingdon soon saw the countries of its own region arriving as well before joining them in the same place.

The strong ones, obviously, caught more attention. There was one in specific that caught the eyes of most young men there.

"The Tenke Kingdom has arrived."

"Holy shit! They got 700 slots this time around, didn't they?"

"Almost all of them are women, and they're beauties on top of that. That's a country that mainly focuses on Yin Energy."

"It seems like they even have a girl with a Pure Yin Body participating."

"I heard that as well. It's a girl called Liana."

Roan heard that and finally paid some attention. 'Pure Yin Body?' As the epitome of Yin Energy, he obviously had some interest in that country. 'I better keep an eye on those girls.'

"Hey, the Volava Country is here as well."

"They ranked even better than the Holang Country last time."

"Indeed. They got 17 of their candidates to enter the Sacred Land."

"Very similar to the Tenke Kingdom, then."

"Of course, the Tenke Kingdom and Volava Country had always been competing to see who's doing better during the recruitments."

"While the Tenke Country has Yin Energy experts, the Volava is the exact opposite. They focus mainly on Yang Energy."

"That also explains why most of their members are all men."

With 349 regions and several countries inside each, one could only imagine how big this gathering was. Many more countries kept arriving one after another.

However, it was then that the main guest took the scene.

"The Huring Country disciples have arrived!"

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