Demon's Diary - Chapter 794: Spiritual Herb Valley

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Chapter 794: Spiritual Herb Valley

At the foot of the snow-capped mountain, in the Murong Family’s resident building, a black-robed old man was lying on a rocking chair, waving a black feather fan with a relaxed look.

“Reporting to elder, mister is now ranked 2nd, and the young lady’s ranking is also as high as 8th.” A young disciple wearing a black robe walked in quickly, kneeling on 1 knee and cupping his fist.

“Okay! I got it. You go down first.” The black-robed old man waved the feather fan in his hand and said blankly.

“Yes!” The disciple in a black robe quickly exited the secret room.

“I didn’t expect Long’er and Feng’er to grow so fast in just a few decades. From this point of view, it is not a problem to get into the top 4 in this Tianmen Convention. If they join hands to deal with the female disciple of the Big Dipper Pavilion…”

After muttering a few words to himself, the black-robed old man showed a cold smile on his face. He immediately stood up, took out a black talisman from his sleeve, and launched a symbol on it.

After a burst of black light shined on the talisman, it burned in the air. After just a few seconds, it turned into a palm-sized spiritual flame.

Then the old man gently waved the black feather fan, and a black wind swept out, sending the spiritual flame out of the window.

The black-robed old man looked out the window, nodded in satisfaction, and then sat back on the rocking chair.

In a secret room where Nature Work Sect was located, 3 middle-aged men in yellow blouses are sitting opposite each other, discussing in a low voice.

“This time we have paid a huge cost for letting those disciples use a few secret puppets, but we still let the Big Dipper Pavilion and the Murong Family gain the upper hand.” A man with a body like a thin bamboo pole frowned and said slowly.

“This Murong Family even injured my disciple at the exchange meeting a month ago. They are simply arrogant. Now Wu Chao has also fallen, I wonder if it is related to the Murong brother and sister.” Another shirtless brawny man said angrily.

“It’s a pity that I handed the mechanical battle armor to Peng Yue. If it was given to Wu Chao, he might be able to survive.” The thin man showed a trace of regret.

Now on the stone tablet, the ranking of Nature Work Sect disciples was a bit worse than that of Taiqing Sect. No one was in the top 10. Peng Yue was behind rank 20th, and the young man with a silver car, which they had high hopes for, was currently only ranked 11th.

“You guys don’t have to worry too much. The trial is only halfway through, the result is still unclear. The disciples of our 4 ancient sects are ranked behind this time, and many of our disciples have fallen. This is very rare in the previous trials.” The middle-aged man who looked like a scholar said faintly.

After the shirtless brawny man and the thin man looked at each other, they both showed a thoughtful look.

The same scenario was staged from time to time in the various factions under the snow-capped mountain. The ranking on the snow peak stone tablet was not only related to the opportunities of these rising stars in the sect, but it also related to the rise and fall of the sect in the next thousand years, so all the elders paid full attention to it.

However, no matter how the parties outside the secret realm reacted, the Tianmen Convention was still going on.

In the secret realm, in a huge and mysterious cylindrical space.

An ancient palace was suspended here, built entirely of bluestone. There were also several white stone pillars around it, supporting a white light curtain that protected the entire palace.

The enchantment outside the palace was extremely domineering. The spirit that exuded bursts of overwhelming aura. It was another place of the land of inheritance.

The front gate of the palace was open, and its interior was extremely empty. Except for a rather magnificent altar, there were no other things.

The altar was more than 100 meters wide and 100 meters tall. There were hundreds of layers of stone steps that directly reached the altar top.

There were more than a dozen human form puppets of the Crystallization Period lying on the stone steps. Each of these puppet’s chests was hollowed out, and their essence cores had long since disappeared.

At the top of the altar was a square platform of a dozen meters in size. The platform was engraved with strangely curved bloody array patterns. A green stone pillar stood in the 4 directions of east, west, south, and north.

A silver-haired woman was sitting quietly on a stone pillar to the east, holding an old book in her hand and reading with gusto. There were a dozen similar books piling up beside her.

This woman was Yin Se, the disciple of the Big Dipper Pavilion who ranked 1st on the stone tablet.

Under the other pillars lay 5 corpses with different costumes, Most of these people bleed from seven orifices, and their deaths were very tragic.

The inheritance here had obviously been obtained, but the only living person left here was this woman.

The silver-haired woman didn’t seem to care about the bloody scenes around her, she just read the book in her hand wholeheartedly, showing a hint of thought on her face from time to time.

“It seems that it is impossible to learn about these secret books in the short term. It is better to bring them back and study them carefully.”

After a while, the silver-haired woman raised her head, muttered to herself with a soft smile, and closed the book in her hand.

Immediately, she stood up elegantly, stroked her sleeve to collect all the books, jumped down from the stone pillar and landed on the stone platform like a silent fallen leaf.

A soft “pa!

The silver-haired woman raised her slender arm lightly and patted somewhere on the stone pillar beside her, and the array on the ground suddenly lit up.

At the next moment, a cylindrical array rose slowly, and countless runes danced in the array.

Seeing this, the silver-haired woman stepped into the array in a flash. After a dazzling silver light flashed, the figure of the woman disappeared in the hall.

In a greenstone valley surrounded by lush and green ancient trees, a clear stream with a width of 10 meters lay across it, and the gurgling stream flowed slowly.

On both sides of the stream, there were countless various spirit grasses everywhere, exuding bursts of extremely rich spirit. It was a natural medicinal herb garden like a paradise.

In the depths of the valley, 2 black figures were flashing like lightning.

Behind the 2, rolling dust was rolling along with shocking rumblings. It was a 100 meters tall giant beastkin with an upper deer body and lower horse body.

This beastkin was strange in appearance. The red and black spirit patterns on its body were intertwined in a disorderly manner. The black-green eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Suddenly, the beastkin uttered a strange scream and jumped forward, abruptly accelerating in the void. It spouted a thick red-black light beam at the 2 fast-moving figures.

The light beam caused a spatial fluctuation as it traveled.

As a result, just when the light beam was about to hit them, the 2 figures dodged to the left and right.

In the rumbling sound, the red-black light beam whistled past them and hit on the cliff in front.

Wherever it was the greenstone or spiritual herbs, they were all turned into ashes in an instant without exception.

“If we let it continue to go rampant, all the spiritual herbs in the valley will probably be destroyed a lot.” In the black figure shadow on the left, a slender woman’s voice came.

“Don’t try to fight with it here, let’s lead it out of the valley first.” Another black figure said in a deep voice.

The purpose of the 2 was obviously to pick spiritual herbs, so they couldn’t fight in the valley. Otherwise, even if they slew this beastkin, almost half of the herbs in the valley would be destroyed. That wouldn’t be worth it.

The slender female responded softly, then she made a gesture. A 10 meters long wing stretched out from the black gas wrapping her. With a light flap, her speed was accelerated several times.

The valley was only a few acres in size. Under the bait of the 2 black figures, the half deer haf horse beastkin was led out of the valley.

“Brother, don’t take any action, let me take care of this beastkin.” The woman said faintly, then she turned around and stopped abruptly. Black flames surged out from her, and they condensed into a giant fire pattern of 50 meters tall.

“Okay, then I’ll leave it to you.”

The other black figure chuckled, then he stood on top of a giant gray stone with a flash of black light.

These 2 figures were Black Phoenix Fairy and her elder brother.

The 2 accidentally found this valley full of spiritual herbs when pursuing the disciples of the other factions.

The 2 stopped chasing those disciples and went into the depth of the valley immediately.

As a result, they were delighted to discover that the valley was full of spiritual herbs that had the maturity of hundreds of years and some even thousands of years!

However, there was a guardian beastkin in this place.

This half deer and half horse beastkin hidden in the center of the valley was at the Pseudo Pellet State. It not only had an amazing defensive ability, but it also had formidable power that could turn everything into coke by spraying the black-red light beam. In anger, it simply ignored the spiritual herbs all around the valley.

During this short encounter, 1/10 of the entire valley had become scorched, and the loss of spiritual herbs in it was already an astronomical figure in the outside world.

This made Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother very distressed.

Seeing Black Phoenix Fairy stopped, the beastkin made a low hissing cry to the sky, stomped the ground and charged at her.

Seeing this, Black Phoenix Fairy sneered. Her black flames flourished and merged with the black fire bird phantasm behind her.

There was a clear chirp spread to the sky!

The black fire bird hovered in the air, and it flapped its wings and turned into a black figure ball that dived at the beastkin.

TL: There is more than 1 inheritance land? No wonder the Big Dipper Pavillion’s woman can get top 1…

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