Demon's Diary - Chapter 795: Formidable Enemy

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Chapter 795: Formidable Enemy

A long black flame flashed across the air; a wound seemed to be torn apart in the air.

Seeing this, the strange beastkin looked excited. While charging, it was spraying waves of red-black light beams.

The black fire bird made a clear chirp. When the light beam hit the fire bird, it burst apart into little black flames.

In the next moment, behind the strange beastkin, black flames emerged and condensed into the black fire bird once again.

As soon as the fire bird appeared, the pair of sharp claws shining with black light clawed toward the backbone of the beastkin.

As if sensing something, the beastkin turned around and spouted a dozen red-black light balls at the fire bird.

Obviously, the light balls were also formed by the beastkin’s flames inside its body. As soon as they were launched, a scorching heat spread. The power should not be underestimated.

The black fire birds didn’t want to defend the blow, so it kicked the air while flapping its wings, disappearing with a blur.


The fire bird appeared ghostly in front of the beastkin and clawed at its chest after making a sharp chirp.

When the beastkin turned around and spouted flames at it, but the black fire bird disappeared with a flap of its wings again.

The fire birds didn’t want to fight head on with the beastkin, so it was just trying to disrupt the beastkin!

After doing so for 8 times in a row, this beastkin gradually got a little dizzy. Finally, it didn’t dodge successfully for 1 time, and the black fire bird’s sharp claws pierced into its back and pulled out quickly.

A large amount of black blood spurted out from the back of the beastkin immediately.

The strange beastkin let out a stern roar, then it turned around frantically again and spouted a huge red-black light beam at the black fire bird far away.

The black fire bird didn’t dodge this attack instead. It made a clear chirp, then a pitch black aura surged out from it. It turned into a black cloud of 100 meters in size that greeted the oncoming red-black light beam.

Bang“, the 2 powers collided together. Amidst a burst of sizzling sound and popping sound, the red-black light beam was dissipated.

The black cloud continued to surge toward the beastkin.

The frightened beastkin immediately turned around and escaped.

But at this moment, the black cloud intertwined in mid-air, instantly condensing a dozen black tentacles. It extended for 100 meters and wrapped the strange beastkin tightly.

The weird beastkin roared while struggling continuously, but it was futile.

The next moment, a black shadow flashed and appeared before the beastkin; the black fire bird phantasm spouted a golden flame at it.

Puff“, the raging golden flame burned the beastkin together with the tentacles, making a “squeak” explosion.

Although the beastkin screamed continuously and struggled frantically in the air, its scorched skin was still falling off piece by piece in the air.

At this time, Black Phoenix Fairy retrieved the billowing black cloud and returned to her human figure. There was a pair of flashy short blades in her hands.

She crossed her hands in front of her chest, and golden flames suddenly appeared on the short blades, then she stepped on the ground.


A 80 meters long golden rainbow rolled out, and it instantly penetrated through the huge body of the beastkin, leaving a bloody hole on its abdomen.

This beastkin yelled, and its body was wrapped in a burst of golden flames. After a few more stumbles, it turned into a huge fireball and fell heavily to the ground. It was completely dead.

At the same time, a thicker gray mist rolled out from the golden flames and got into the luck lock of Black Phoenix Fairy.

Haha, not bad! Your power seems to have increased a lot.” The man in black clothes clapped his hands and appeared in a flash, complimenting with a slight smile.

“Brother has overpraised. It’s just that this beastkin is weak against my technique. Let’s collect these spiritual herbs quickly, lest there are more troubles as we delay.” Black Phoenix Fairy kept away the blades and chuckled lightly.

“You’re right, let’s do it.” The man in black clothes nodded solemnly.

Then, they turned back into the valley. They were in a hurry just now, so they could only roughly observe the terrain here. They didn’t have the time to check those spiritual herbs.

It didn’t take long for the 2 to observe all the spiritual herbs in the valley. They were full of joy and surprise.

“This is the flame weave fruit; it has turned into a bright red color. It has at least 2000 years of maturity. If we hand it over to Master Zhu in our family, he can refine an earth grade flame weave pill!” Black Phoenix Fairy appeared in front of a short tree with a strange blood-red berry and said with excitement.

“According to the richness of the spirit in this garden, the ordinary spiritual herb that has grown here for a hundred years can be comparable to 200 hundred years in the outside world. This secret realm is vast and only open once in 800 years, so it’s no surprise that there is such a natural spiritual herb garden.” The man in black clothes looked much calmer; he could still suppress the excitement of the reply.

“A thousand years old of lin wind grass!”

“A 1500 years old red snake flower!”

Every time Black Phoenix Fairy walked to a piece of spiritual herb, she could immediately name these rare spiritual grass with just a rough glance.

The spirituality of these herbs was more than a thousand years old, making this woman’s eyes brighter and brighter.

Just when the 2 were about to carefully start picking, Black Phoenix Fairy’s face suddenly changed as she looked out of the valley.

“Brother, I feel someone is coming. Judging from the aura, there are as many as 7 people.”

En, I just noticed it, but as long as it’s not those special guys, other people are just delivering luck to us.” The man in black clothes smiled slightly and said indifferently.

As soon as he spoke, there was a whistling sound in the distance; several colorful escape lights came into the valley. After a few more flickers, they appeared before Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother. After the light faded, 7 young people in purple robes revealed their figures.

A tower-like man who seemed to be the leader stepped forward. After glancing around the spiritual herbs, he revealed a surprise expression.

“It’s a natural spiritual herbs garden. Haha, it seems we are lucky this time.”

The tower-like man couldn’t help laughing, and the faces of the others were full of excitement and greed.

The value of a natural spiritual herb garden was self-evident if the person wasn’t an idiot.

These people immediately discussed on the spot. They recognized some herbs, and they were ecstatic. They completely ignored Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother who were there first.

Black Phoenix Fairy’s brother wasn’t in a rush. He just looked at the 7 people with a half-smile. Black Phoenix Fairy looked grim, but seeing her brother not speaking, she temporarily suppressed her temper.

After a dozen minutes, the tower-like man glanced at Black Phoenix Fairy and her brother.

Oh! Isn’t this Brother Xueyue? This must be your sister, Black Phoenix Fairy. Sorry for the poor hospitality, but the spiritual herbs here are mine. If you 2 have nothing else, please leave on your own. We won’t see you off!” The tower-like man actually seemed to recognize Murong Xueyue, the brother of Black Phoenix Fairy. He laughed a few times as if he didn’t put the Murong Family, 1 of the 8 largest families, in his eyes at all

“Brother, you want to do it or me?” Black Phoenix Fairy heard the words, and her face became extremely cold. She asked the man in a black robe expressionlessly.

“Although I don’t recognize the origins of these people, since they dare to speak like this to me, I think they should have some background. You should go and rest first. It happens to be a chance to try the treasure I brought out from our clan.”

Murong Xueyue shook his head and smiled mysteriously. He raised his hand, and a black light was launched from his sleeve. It swirled and danced around him.

“Good, you want to do it the hard way! Then don’t blame us for not giving face to the Murong Family, go!” Seeing this, the tower-like man’s eyes suddenly became a little gloomy. As he waved his hand, the few purple-robed young men jumped forward with spiritual weapons in their hands. All the spiritual weapons were the same flying fork with purple halos.

The purple light echoed each other in the positions where several people were standing. They seemed to walk randomly just now, but they had faintly formed a formation, which was obviously a combination attack technique that these people were good at.

The tower-like man also took out a purple flying fork as he chanted.

The others moved quickly with the tower-like man as the center.

Murong Xueyue sneered. He made a gesture, and a black light condensed into a feather fan in the air.

The gold thread-like spirit patterns on the feather fan were clearly visible. There were as many as 36 in total, and they outlined an exquisite golden peacock pattern.

“Wuque Fan, they actually let you use this.” Black Phoenix Fairy asked with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

The man in black clothes didn’t mean to answer. He waved 1 hand, and the black feather fan returned to his hand. Then, he gently rubbed both hands.

After a flash of black light, the feather fan instantly changed to the size of 6 feet. The golden peacock pattern on it became alive as it blurred and distorted on its own.

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