Demon's Diary - Chapter 876: Inner Door Life And Death Pavilion

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Chapter 876: Inner Door Life And Death Pavilion

After Liu Ming stroked the void attribute sword pouch to hide it, he looked up at the top of Broken Sword Mountain, which was still towering into the clouds, and then at the densely packed broken swords. He couldn’t help but feel emotional.

What would Elder Han feel if he found out that he had fought most of the low and middle tier swords in this place, and the spirituality accumulated by these swords was greatly depleted.

Now that he had forged the Sword Maru, he naturally didn’t want to stay here any longer. After taking some rest for a while, he took out the white teleportation talisman without hesitation and tore it apart.

The next moment, a white light flashed and disappeared from the Broken Sword Mountain.

When Liu Ming regained his vision, he found himself surrounded by mountains. It wasn’t the place where he teleported previously.

A few miles behind him was the main peak of the Tianjian Peak.

At the same time, one after another escape lights of different colors were flying in the direction of the Tianjian Peak.

When he saw this, he could guess the reason why these people came. It should be related to him. After all, he didn’t think that what he did in Broken Sword Mountain would really go unnoticed.

He still had a lot of things to do at the moment. He took several years to forge this Sword Maru, so he didn’t want to waste time with anybody.

So Liu Ming activated the totem mystic art to conceal his aura, then he quietly flew back to his own cave house.

Near the teleportation array stone house in front of the Broken Sword Mountain, colorful escape lights fell one after another. Long Yanfei and Sha Tongtian were among them.

The tall and skinny young man guarding this place was also stunned seeing so many people came here due to the phenomenon caused by Liu Ming.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Sun, do you know what is going on? Who caused this phenomenon?” A disciple of the Tianjian Peak with a yellow broadsword had already asked aloud in front of the stone house.

Since Broken Sword Mountain required sword cultivator disciples above the Real Pellet State to have access, the disciples below the Crystallization Period rarely knew about it.

After all, entering the mountain without sufficient cultivation would be extremely dangerous.

When the tall and skinny young man heard this, the muscles on his face twitched slightly. He couldn’t help but look hesitant.

In the past four years, there has been only one person in the secret realm, Fallen Serene Peak,Liu Ming, but such a shocking phenomenon that directly broke the space enchantment of the Broken Sword Mountain is really caused by this person?

Just when the tall and skinny young man was a little hesitant. A man wearing a brocade and a jade crown appeared in midair.

Seeing this, the Tianjian Peak disciples present hurriedly bowed to the man with the jade crown in shock and shouted in unison, “Greetings to peak master!”

The man with the jade crown was the peak master of the Tianjian Peak, Immortal Yu Heng. He was also a well-known existence among the many peaks in the inner door, but his whereabouts were erratic. Although he was the peak master of the Tianjian Peak, he seldom appeared in front of the Tianjian Peak disciples.

“Get up, I already know what’s going on here. You all don’t have to be so shocked.” Immortal Yu Heng waved his hand lightly.

The disciples stood up and looked at each other. The disciple with a yellow broadsword, who seemed to have a high status on Tianjian Peak, stepped forward and asked respectfully, “May I ask master, what is going on with the phenomenon just now?”

Immortal Yuheng replied faintly,

“I just checked through mystic art. Someone forged his true spirit flying sword into Sword Maru in the Broken Sword Mountain. That was why such a phenomenon was triggered.”

“What, it’s the phenomenon of Sword Maru… This… Which elder from our peak actually forged the Sword Maru?” The disciple with a yellow broadsword was surprised. He respectfully asked the man with a jade crown.

“This person is not the elder of our peak, but Liu Ming of the Fallen Serene Peak.” Immortal Yu Heng smiled slightly.

“Liu Ming! This man!?”

“It’s not actually not from our Tianjian Peak…”

Liu Ming’s fame in the Taiqing Sect was growing recently. Almost every disciple knew about his achievements. When they heard the words of the man with a jade crown, they burst into commotion immediately.

Sha Tongtian who was standing in the crowd looked pale when he heard the name “Liu Ming”.

Although he had cultivated the true spirit flying sword, he had not yet been able to reach the realm of becoming one with the sword; Liu Ming had actually gotten the Sword Maru that only the Real Pellet State sword cultivator could try forging…

The gap between them was getting bigger and bigger!

Sha Tongtian felt like he was bitten by a poisonous snake in his heart. He was almost out of breath. He clenched his hand into a fist. He didn’t even feel the blood oozing out of his fingernails.

Long Yanfei was also shocked. She almost thought she heard it wrong, but then she realized a problem. Forging Sword Maru required extremely huge spiritual power and mental power, so only Real Pellet State sword cultivators could start forging. Could it be that Liu Ming has advanced to the Real Pellet State?!

Without waiting for her to ask, Immortal Yu Heng continued to say lightly,

“Nephew Disciple Liu entered the inner door not long ago, not only he has reached the Pseudo Pellet State, but he even forged the Sword Maru. As his peers, you must put more effort. Don’t tarnish Tianjian Peak’s reputation within the sect.”

When the people present heard the news again, there was another commotion.

Many people know that when Liu Ming participated in the Tianmen Convention, he was only the Crystallization Period later stage. Now, in less than 30 years, he had advanced to the Pseudo Pellet State period and even forged the Sword Maru. Such an amazing speed, even in the history of the Taiqing Sect, it would only happen to some amazing and brilliant legendary characters.

Liu Ming of course didn’t know that rumors about him spread among the inner disciples at lightning speed.

At this moment, he was sitting cross-legged in the secret room of the cave house, contemplating the next cultivation plan.

Now that he had forged the Sword Maru, he had to really prepare to advance to the Real Pellet State. Now that he was determined to enter the Evil Ghost Way, it was imperative to accumulate contribution points.

1 million contribution points were required to enter Evil Ghost Way, but in order to be safe, he had to read more information in the Scriptures Pavilion before entering. He also had to go to the Precious Hall to exchange some emergency items. Except for the annual rewards that he hadn’t claimed, he still needed roughly 1.5 million contribution points. To gather them as quickly as possible, the pressure was not small.

After resting for 3 days, he came to a valley not far from the Scriptures Pavilion. The valley was surrounded by mountains on 3 sides

Deep in the valley, in an open space covered by a giant green stone, there was a black hall that was the size of an acre. The plaque above had the words “Life and Death Pavilion”.

Just as the Xuan Hall had an inner hall and an outer hall, the Life and Death Pavilion was actually divided into the outer door and the inner door too.

On the outer door Life and Death Pavilion list, there were only evil cultivators below the Crystallization Period while on the inner door life and death list were some evil cultivators of the Crystallization Period and even the Real Pellet State.

In contrast, the contribution points rewarded by the inner door life and death list were naturally more generous.

Liu Ming also inadvertently inquired about it in the sect market after returning from the southern wilderness. When he thought of quickly earning contribution points, he immediately thought of it.

The black hall was rather mysterious because it was always surrounded by a faint black mist all year.

After Liu Ming observed it for a while, he walked toward the gate.

In the empty main hall, only a few moonstones inlaid on the ceiling provided a faint light, which vaguely outlined the entire hall.

The hall was about 300 meters in size, and the decorations were very simple. Except for a few rows of crooked ebony shelves on both sides, there was a gray-black stone platform in the center.

Behind the stone platform, there was a middle-aged man in a gray robe with a beard supporting his head with 1 arm.

A rhythmic snoring sound came out of his mouth, and it resounded throughout the hall.

On the shoulder of the man in a gray robe, there was a ginger hairball that looked like a fat cat. It was also sleeping lazily.

Besides, there was not a single other disciples here.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help being a little speechless, but after thinking about it, he still walked forward.

The man in a gray robe seemed to hear Liu Ming’s footsteps. He rubbed his sleepy eyes, stretched his waist, looked up at Liu Ming and immediately said with a stern face,

“This is the Life and Death Pavilion of the inner door, not a place you can wander randomly! Are you here to accept the bounty?”

“Exactly, this is my first time here. May I know how to accept the bounty of the inner door’s life and death list? Is it the same as the outer door?” Liu Ming didn’t care about his indifferent attitude. He continued to walk toward the stone platform as he asked.

Oh, it seems that I have done the outer door life and death list task before. This place is basically the same as the outer door. Since it’s your first time here, you should read the life and death list first.” The man in a gray robe glanced at Liu Ming strangely, then he took out a pale yellow scroll and placed it on the stone platform.

Liu Ming stopped in front of the stone platform, got the scroll and immediately opened the scroll to read it carefully.

The names of the evil cultivators were recorded on the scroll, followed by the contribution points of the reward. However, there were not many people above, only more than 30 names.

Liu Ming’s eyes suddenly lit up. The contribution points on the reward were indeed quite high. The evil cultivator at the last also rewarded 50,000 contribution points. The top of the list was even rewarded with 3 million contribution points!


On the life and death list, a name he was very familiar with came into view.

TL: Who is it? Black Phoenix Fairy?

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