Divine Beast Adventures - Chapter 529 - Terrifying Metal Storm [Two in One]

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Chapter 529: Terrifying Metal Storm [Two in One]

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Zhao Wu and the others thought Zhang Che had a card up his sleeve. Unbeknownst to them, he was still calculating at this moment

Although the Metal Tyrant was weak to fire-attributed attacks, especially innate fire, it was a seven-star high-tier exotic beast, after all. Comparatively, the Scarlet Flame Drake was only six-stars, mid-tier. There was a large realm difference between them in level, and the effectiveness of the Scarlet Flame Drake’s attacks against it would be heavily discounted. Whether it could be a match for that terrifying exotic beast was still unknown.

As for the elemental queen, Zhang Che had no way to know her level. However, she shouldn’t be much stronger than the Scarlet Flame Drake, or he wouldn’t have tamed her so easily back then.

What worried Zhang Che the most was that the Metal Tyrant’s physical defense was truly too tough, especially since it still had a skill that had obviously not been used yet.

A metal storm formed from pure metal elements; just thinking about it numbed the scalp. It wasn’t something easily defended against.

If they were careless and the Scarlet Flame Drake and the elemental queen lost their lives here, Zhang Che might directly die from heartache.

To fight, or not to fight? This was a very serious problem!

At this moment, given the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s speed Zhang Che could definitely shake off every exotic beast here if he committed to running away.

After all, since the start of their fight on Mt Fallen Star, he hadn’t discovered any exotic beasts with the ability to fly. The exotic beasts were all metal-attributed, after all, and naturally lacking in mobility. If they couldn’t fly, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to catch up to the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon.

If Zhang Che returned just like that without completing his mission, however, he would feel extremely unresigned.

This Metal Tyrant’s attributes were truly too amazing. Zhang Che wasn’t willing to give up just like that. Moreover, he had boasted in front of his father-in-law and promised to help get him an epic-quality beast card. Now that he had finally encountered the epic-quality exotic beast in question, if he returned without achieving anything, it would be too shameful.

“I’ll make a gamble here. First I have to think of a way to bait the Metal Tyrant into using its skill. As long as the Scarlet Flame Drake and elemental queen survive that, I’ll surely be able to kill it with all my babies ganging up on it.” Zhang Che grit his teeth, deciding to take a gamble.

If he was careful about it, his chance of making it was still very high.

Done thinking, Zhang Che gave an order to the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, ordering him to rush at the Metal Tyrant first. That fellow had an undying body of abyssal cold. It was impossible for the Metal Tyrant to kill the dragon with its skill.

Even if the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon suffered a heavy injury from the attack, Zhang Che could heal him with the help of the Unicorn. He wouldn’t have to worry about losing a powerful pet.

It was the first time the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was facing such a strong foe. His will to battle surged. After receiving Zhang Che’s order, he immediately roared excitedly, and shot forth like a blue bolt like lightning towards the Metal Tyrant.

The elemental queen at Zhang Che’s side was feeling restless as well. She asked, “Master, why didn’t you let this servant go as well? That lump of metal is restrained by my flames; this servant will surely kill it!”

It wasn’t only the elemental queen acting that way. The Scarlet Flame Drake, as well as the other epic-quality subdued beasts, were also requesting that Zhang Che let them fight through their spiritual link.

Zhang Che shook his head, explaining, “You guys are looking down on the Metal Tyrant too much. That fellow’s skill attack is very scary. I think it’s impossible to defend against it unless you have divine-quality physical defense. It’s better to let the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon bait out its skill first, then you guys can rush at it and beat it up.”

“Si…” the elemental queen sucked in a breath of cold air after hearing Zhang Che’s explanation.

-That lump of metal actually has such a terrifying method? A skill that non-divine-quality can’t defend against. It’s indeed terrifying!-

Although the elemental queen could turn incorporeal, she didn’t dare guarantee she’d be immune to such a physical attack.

After thinking for a bit, she felt that she still had yet to experience many exciting things in life, and didn’t dare take such a huge risk. It was better to let her master’s Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon take this fight. That fellow had an undying body of abyssal cold, anyway. He wouldn’t die as long as he wasn’t hit by a divine-quality elemental attack.

While thinking that, the elemental queen saw Zhang Che had ordered the Purple Crystal Tortoise to transform into Purple Crystal Armor and envelope him.

It was a physical attack comparable to divine-quality. To be on the safer side of things, he decided to put on the Purple Crystal Armor. At the same time, to be even safer, he also retreated a hundred meters.

After all, he didn’t know if the Metal Tyrant’s skill was really at the level of a divine-quality attack. If that was true, even the Purple Crystal Armor might not keep him safe. It would be dangerous if he was careless and got struck by it!


Far away, Zhao Wu’s group were becoming more and more confused. From the looks of it, Zhang-shao seemed very wary.

Could it be that that epic-quality exotic beast was so strong that even Zhang-shao, who had multiple epic-quality subdued beasts, had to act so cautiously?

-Since that is the case, we’d better hide further away, to prevent any accidents. It’d be troublesome if Zhang-shao can’t look after us.-

Of course, they didn’t think of running away first. Under such circumstances, it was very unlikely for the four of them to break through the endless wave of exotic beasts and escape safely without Zhang Che’s help. They didn’t even want to think about that.

Their best course of action was to stay here obediently and wait for Zhang Che to settle that epic-quality exotic beast. Naturally it would become safer afterwards.


On the other side, just as Zhang Che put on the Purple Crystal Armor, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon broke through the exotic beast army’s encirclement and came face to face with the near-twenty-meter-tall Metal Tyrant covered all over in metal barbs.

Facing the same level, same quality of exotic beast, naturally the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon wasn’t afraid. He immediately breathed out a stream of darkfiend cold air, shrouding the huge Metal Tyrant.

The Metal Tyrant was extremely furious at the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s attack. Although it wasn’t afraid of the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, given its intelligence, it naturally knew that even if it killed this beast, its main enemy was that tiny little bug standing about two hundred meters away.

As long as it killed Zhang Che, all these powerful pets and subdued beasts would fall. But the problem was that the Metal Tyrant had no time to spare to go kill Zhang Che!

It was also very wary of the elemental queen and the Scarlet Flame Drake. Those two had fire-attributed attacks. Not only that, they were innate fire elemental attacks! As one of the strongest exotic beasts on Mt Fallen Star, naturally it would treasure its own life and not dare take risks casually.

As for those exotic beasts under its command, naturally it didn’t expect much from them. Expecting them to kill Zhang Che was too tall of a task. It was basically impossible.

The Metal Tyrant’s mind worked quickly. Facing the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s frozen breath attack, some of the metal barbs on its body suddenly flew out, forming a metal shield in front of it and warding off the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s breath. Not even a tiny bit was allowed to pass!

Crack! The darkfiend cold air immediately dyed the metal shield dark blue after they came into contact. Afterwards, a wave of cracking noises was heard. Fissures suddenly appeared on the metal shield that was supposed to be incredibly tough, then it shattered into countless pieces in mid air and fell to the ground.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s breath attack was extremely cold. Although the Metal Tyrant’s metal shield had blocked the stream of cold air, it wasn’t able to endure the terrifyingly low temperature and was frozen brittle.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon roared excitedly, seemingly warning the Metal Tyrant his attack couldn’t be blocked so easily, and taunting it to use whatever big attacks it could!

After roaring, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon opened his mouth and shot out a dark blue ray, directly bringing out his strongest single-target attack.

His single-target skill, the Extreme Yin Ray, had a cooldown time of only a minute. The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon didn’t have to hide it at all, and could afford to use it frequently as a common attack.

Once the Extreme Yin Ray shot out, the Metal Tyrant immediately grew wary. Its huge body directly turned to the side, shifting its chest and head away.

It knew it didn’t have the time to form a metal shield to defend against such a fast attack. Naturally it could only use its body to take the attack head on.

In any case, it was confident that it wouldn’t be a problem as long as it wasn’t struck in a vital spot, even if its body was punctured.

It was the truth. The Extremely Yin Ray shot out and struck the Metal Tyrant, who couldn’t dodge in time, on one of its right limbs. A sink-sized area was directly dyed deep blue.

Cracking noises rang out. That part of the Metal Tyrant’s body shattered. A large wound appeared on its right limb, with metal particles falling off of it.

Even so, the Metal Tyrant, who also had an undying body, didn’t seem to care about this injury at all. The metal elements in its body flowed about, quickly repairing the wound on its limb back to new.

-Hanming, you can’t kill it. Bait it into using its skill!- Zhang Che hurriedly ordered through their spiritual link after watching for a while from the back. The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon wouldn’t be able do a thing to the Metal Tyrant. It was better to quickly lure it into wasting its skill and let the elemental queen and Scarlet Flame Drake finish the job.

After receiving Zhang Che’s order, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon immediately roared, no longer wasting time with the Metal Tyrant. Through his probing attack, he knew he was unable to kill this exotic beast.

As such, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon shifted things to top gear, breathing out stream after stream of darkfiend cold air, shrouding the Metal Tyrant, as well as the surrounding dozens of meters around it.

The temperature in that area fell rapidly. Some of the exotic beasts nearby couldn’t dodge in time and froze on the spot, as if struck by a spell. Afterwards, their vitality rapidly slipped away. Their bodies turned into metal fragments, shattering noisily and falling to the ground.

With just this wave of attack, dozens of exotic beasts died on the spot.

As for the Metal Tyrant, its huge body was greatly affected, too. Although its body didn’t freeze and crack from the cold, its mobility was greatly reduced. It couldn’t dodge at all, and could only receive hits passively.

The Metal Tyrant let out a piercing cry that sounded like metal fragments were violently rubbing against one another. It was thoroughly enraged. It understood that it was almost impossible to kill that insignificant bug if it didn’t get rid of this damnable ice-attributed dragon first!

After its roar, all the metal elements within a hundred meters around the Metal Tyrant suddenly began to move abnormally.

Zhang Che’s expression was serious, but he was overjoyed inside. -Nice! The Metal Tyrant is actually so quick-tempered and is going to use its skill already?-

At that thought, Zhang Che moved silently, hiding himself behind a metallic rock. Although he was currently two hundred meters away from the Metal Tyrant, who could guarantee the remnants of the upcoming attack wouldn’t reach him?

In the next moment, the metal elements around the Metal Tyrant stirred restlessly everywhere. Suddenly, the metal elements flowed out visibly from the ground and formed countless sharp metal fragments in the air.

A powerful force field enveloped those metal fragments, like it was acting as a strong propulsion device. All the metal fragments instantly broke the speed of sound from a state of rest, shooting towards the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and Zhang Che!

It was like a heavy rain of metal was pouring from the sky. No, using rain to describe it wasn’t enough to express the speed of those metal fragments!

Countless metal fragments shot towards them. It looked like the space itself was being torn apart.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon felt a chill in his heart. Just as he wanted to dodge, it was already too late to do so even with his speed.

In the next moment, countless metal fragments streaked past the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon. His body was directly turned into bits by the whistling noise. Afterwards, he blew apart into a dense deep blue current on the spot.

Zhang Che cursed inside and flung himself down on the ground.

Boom! Countless metal fragments flew at him, hitting the large metal rock in front of Zhang Che like a formless hammer, instantly powdering the rock, which was dozens of cubic meters in size. Without losing any of their momentum, the metal fragments continued sweeping along with the rock powder.

Zhang Che was laying inside a cavity. He felt like the space above him was being cut apart. In that instant, even the air was completely pushed away, nearly turning the area around him into a vacuum.

He couldn’t help but rejoice. Luckily he had noticed the danger early and laid down in time. Otherwise, even the Purple Crystal Armor might not have been able to defend an attack of this level!

The Metal Storm was indeed not just a name. It truly was like a terrifying storm, devastating everything within the affected area.

As for the elemental queen and the other epic-quality subdued beasts and pets, they sensed the grave danger right before the Metal Tyrant launched its attack and directly went to hide themselves without needing Zhang Che to instruct them.

As a result, with the exception of the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, who couldn’t dodge in time and was blown apart into a mass of darkfiend cold air, the rest of Zhang Che’s army didn’t suffer any casualties from the Metal Tyrant’s devastating attack.

Zhao Wu’s group, who was even further away, had already retreated to what they thought was a safe distance. They didn’t expect the Metal Tyrant to have such a terrifying skill, and was caught with their guards down. They were struck by the violent wind and powdered rocks. Every one of them fell to the ground and flew a dozen meters back, their bodies in pain from the collisions.

Their group was already at a safe distance away, and they were all strong individuals, defending themselves at the crucial moment. Otherwise, the four high-tier beastmasters might have lost their lives right there!

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