Divine Beast Adventures - Chapter 556 - A Thousand Waves Raised From a Single Rock [Two in One]

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Chapter 556: A Thousand Waves Raised From a Single Rock [Two in One]

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In Xinjing City, the military division headquarters…

Huang Juyun was feeling somewhat fretful these few days. Although Zhang Che had gotten in touch with him yesterday, saying that he’d crossed the straits with the Xinjing branch cult members and would be infiltrating their headquarters, it had already been a full day, and there hadn’t been any updates from him.

Huang Juyun knew that a cult like the Freemasons had to have very tight internal security, seeing how the location of their headquarters hadn’t been exposed after so long, nor would they be lacking in experts.

So, could Zhang Che really ensure his safety after infiltrating it? Although Zhang Che was a first rate expert whose strength was only below divine-tier beastmasters, there were no lack of surprises in this world.

Huang Juyun was worried something might happen to Zhang Che on this mission, and the consequences would be unpredictable!

If that really happened, he’d rather they not find the Freemasons’ headquarters than something happen to Zhang Che. The value of the location of a cult’s headquarters simply couldn’t measure up to his safety!

“That brat, I should have stopped him from taking action from the start. Hopefully everything works out for him, if not…” Huang Juyun sighed, his expression dark.

Suddenly, his personal terminal rang.

Huang Juyun jolted up when he heard his personal terminal ringing. He immediately opened it up and saw Zhang Che had sent him a message. The worry of his face vanished without a trace, feeling like a huge rock had been lifted from his chest.

“Lucky, lucky. I knew this kid wouldn’t disappoint!”

After letting out a long sigh of relief, Huang Juyun opened the message and read it carefully. His expression immediately changed. When he finished reading the near-thousand-word message, his face was frozen, his brow tightly knitted, his body trembling slightly.

He knew that if what Zhang Che said in his message was true, then this matter would truly be too huge. It was even more terrifying than a hole opening in the sky!

However, if Zhang Che wasn’t confident in this, why would he send back a possibly false message?

“This won’t do. I have to make a trip back to Bei Du as soon as possible. This matter is too big; I have to let the higher-ups and the military know about this quickly!” Huang Juyun stood up with a grave expression, walking out quickly.

Shortly after, Dijiang-hao, which had been left in Xinjing City’s military camp, rose to the skies, and sped off in Bei Du’s direction.


In Bei Du, the military suddenly sent out an emergency summons, calling for all commanding officers of military affairs in all cities to return to the capital as soon as possible. The top figures in Bei Du also quickly made their way from wherever they were at to the military headquarters.

At the same time, the government had also sent out a similar order on their side, summoning all staff who were qualified to attend a meeting with the top brass urgently.

This time, the government and the military would conduct an important joint meeting.

The content of the joint conference was the urgent encrypted intelligence regarding the demons Huang Juyun had brought back. He didn’t explain the situation in detail, but he mentioned in his message that the evil cults spread through the lands might be related to the demons.

Just this point alone was enough to make both the government and military come together and prepare themselves.

Although the demonic army had withdrawn, and it seemed like the human world wouldn’t be in any danger for now, they had found out there might be some mysterious individuals among the demons that had infiltrated human society and built up many evil cults.

This significance behind all this was incredible.

Putting all else aside, if those evil cults decided to act up and cause destruction, they could throw human society into chaos, and badly affect the upcoming fifth beast swarm!

At that time, if the society wasn’t stable, how were they supposed to withstand the attack of the fifth beast swarm? Moreover, the heavens knew if these evil cults supported by the demons were brewing any other conspiracies?

What if their end goal was to get rid of the restrictions on Mercury and allow the powerful demons to descend into their world?

The matter was serious. The top brass had to be anxious about it!


Zhang Che had no idea the message he sent back was like a meteorite crashing into the ocean, raising thousands of huge waves and shaking the top brass of Hua Xia, draining the life from their faces.

At present, he was lounging in his quarters, bored stiff. Although he wanted to go out to scout the area, he didn’t dare leave without Yang Sen’s permission. Things would be affected if they noticed anything strange with him, not to mention he was in the Freemasons’ headquarters. Their security measures were definitely extremely strict!

If he showed any irregularities in his actions, the Freemasons’ higher-ups would surely escape right away, even if he managed to escape safely. At that time, capturing them would become even more difficult!

-When all is said and done, I need to endure the loneliness.- Zhang Che sighed inside. He sat cross-legged on his bed and used his spiritual force to carefully temper his body using the cultivation method for high-tier beastmasters.

No one would think they were too strong and didn’t need to improve further, not even someone like Zhang Che. The fifth beast swarm would arrive in three years. Of course he had to do everything he could to raise his strength!

The strength of a high-tier beastmaster wasn’t decided just by having powerful subdued beasts. Their individual strength had to be able to keep up as well! Otherwise, when he was facing the endless wave of exotic beasts, no one could guarantee his subdued beasts could keep him safe. He couldn’t afford to be sloppy in the slightest when he wielded his sword and stepped onto the battlefield. He might face grave danger if he was even slightly careless!

Zhang Che was thinking the military and government top brass would want to verify the authenticity of the information he sent back first, then gather their forces and plan their operation. It’d take at least a few days before they actually launched an attack on the Freemason headquarters.

So, during this period of time, he’d just cultivate in peace. In any case, Yang Sen’s arrangements were still pending. He and the other members from the Xinjing branch wouldn’t have anything to do in the headquarters for now. He had to stay here for some time.


Soon, it was evening.

Dijiang-hao streaked across the sky, finally appearing in the skies above Bei Du.

This time, the military headquarters knew Huang Juyun was flying back to the capital on Dijiang-hao. They sent out a few fighter squadrons to patrol around Bei Du City, ensuring there wouldn’t be any danger, just in case any accidents happened to him.

This kind of treatment was something Huang Juyun had never experienced before, despite having been promoted to a lieutenant general and becoming the commanding officer of a large city’s military division.

However, he didn’t have the mind to care about all this. After Dijiang-hao landed on the aircraft parking ground in the military headquarters under the guidance of the fighter jets, Huang Juyun immediately walked to the military headquarters building under the escort of a company of soldiers.

When he arrived outside the building, Huang Juyun could see many of the new model defensive vehicles belonging to both military and government officials parked at the small plaza to the side.

It went without saying that the information he brought with him was too important, alarming both the military and government. Perhaps all the top brass were already waiting for him in the conference room inside the building.

As he had expected, when Huang Juyun entered the building and arrived at the large conference room, he saw a sea of heads in front of him; the room was filled with people.

On the government’s side, their people were all in suits, with serious expressions on their faces, while the military side was full of people in military uniforms, adorned with countless stars, shining brightly as they reflected the lights of the conference room.

All of Hua Xia would have been paralyzed if some kind of super weapon destroyed this building right now!

Huang Juyun was feeling anxious inside. Although this wasn’t the first time he was involved in such a grand event, his heart was racing uncontrollably.

The squadron of elite soldiers led Huang Juyun directly to the podium in the conference room and arranged for him to sit at the side of both the top figures of the military and the government.

Of course, Huang Juyun would not be qualified to sit there during normal times. However, the information he brought back this time was too important. He was required to explain the situation in detail to everyone in the room afterwards, and thus he was given the chance to sit there.

The matter was very serious; no one made any noise about the arrangements.

After Huang Juyun was seated, both the top figure of the government and military looked at him and nodded, signalling for him to explain everything in detail.

At that moment, the huge conference room was so quiet that the drop of a needle could be heard.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Huang Juyun, placing huge pressure on him.

Huang Juyun collected himself and thought his words through, then carefully explained the intelligence Zhang Che had sent him.


After a long time, when Huang Juyun was done speaking, the whole conference room erupted into discussions.

To put it in perspective, many of those present in the conference room were only aware that there would be an important announcement in this meeting. None of them expected the matter would be this serious.

There were people who were shocked, scared, and some even doubted the legitimacy of this information, thinking it was only Huang Juyun’s wild guess and blamed him for exaggerating things, wanting to fight for more power.

Of course, the majority of them were viewing this matter with utmost importance after hearing his side of things.

After all, as a general of the military, it was impossible for Huang Juyun to joke about this kind of thing. No one could afford to bear the consequences for lying about this.

After some debate and research, the top brass finally came to a consensus, determining Huang Juyun’s intelligence to be the truth, and quickly made relevant decisions.

For a period of time, all kinds of orders were sent out.

The top priority was, of course, the Xinfan City base Zhang Che was at. As the location of the Freemasons’ headquarters, as well as the first headquarters of the many evil cults they had discovered, naturally they needed to strike at them swiftly and decisively. They were aiming to get the upper echelons of the Freemasons in one fell swoop, especially He Luotu, who was possessed by the mysterious demon. They wanted to capture him alive if possible, and to kill him off at the very least, then destroy this huge cult thoroughly!

At the same time, the military and the government in all cities were to intensify their efforts to crack down on cults, and to deploy capable personnel to try and find out where the other cults’ headquarters were.

Regardless of what secrets those evil cults were hiding, and what objectives they had, they couldn’t be allowed to get their way. Let alone causing social unrest, the battle against the fifth beast swarm in three years’ time could not be affected in the slightest.

Since Huang Juyun had completed the mission and was the person to bring back the intelligence, in addition to his prospective son-in-law Zhang Che still hiding in the Freemasons’ headquarters, the commanding role in the operation to take down the Freemasons fell onto him.

Afterwards, when the meeting adjourned, he would lead an elite team picked from the military and directly set off from Bei Du and head to Xinfan City, then launch a destructive offense at the Freemasons’ headquarters in a lightning-fast manner.

Naturally Huang Juyun had no objections regarding this. He was worried if others were given the commanding role, they’d be obsessed with wanting to destroy the Freemasons and neglect Zhang Che’s safety.

From a personal standpoint, he’d rather this operation not be very successful than let any danger come to Zhang Che!


The meeting went late into the night. It was only adjourned after the top brass sent out all kinds of orders.

After the top brass adjourned the meeting, it was decided that they had to pass down this information to both the military and government in other regions after some discussions.

After all, this matter didn’t concern only Hua Xia. If societal order was disrupted by the evil cults, Hua Xia wouldn’t have it easy with the chain reaction it would cause.

As such, the information Zhang Che sent back was quickly spread to all other regions in Mercury after a half-day halt. The military and government top brass from the other regions received the intelligence Hua Xia relayed at the same time.

At that moment, the top brass in all regions in Mercury erupted after this shocking news. The ripples were endless…

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