Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1399 - Burning Phoenix Ancestor

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Chapter 1399 - Burning Phoenix Ancestor

The flames receded as if Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss and Sect Master Lea Weiss lost control of their burning phoenix flames when in truth, they both took it back, not daring to look like children playing around in the slightest. The overwhelming magical beast aura directed at them left them feeling cold instead of hot from the searing crimson flames of the Burning Phoenix that ignited upon its wings and crown.

Its thirty-meter tall yet hunched body and ninety-meter wide wingspan became revealed.


Shirley's ruby-like pupils trembled as she s.u.c.k.e.d in a cold amount of breath that was rather burning, making her cough as the blazing energy in the atmosphere almost made her choke. While the others held their breath, she did something stupid that attracted all of their attention, making them gasp as they began to breathe again, taking small breaths so as to not choke like her.

Esvele had just panickingly moved to help Shirley when an aged voice of a woman echoed again.

"So surprised that you got your throat burned?"


The sound of the Burning Phoenix's wings flapping echoed, invoking a huge breeze of fiery wind before its entire being lit up into a glowing crimson light, abruptly shrinking into a five feet eight inches tall silhouette of an old lady clad in majestic crimson robes that had the patterns of her own true magical beast form.

She flew towards them and arrived between them as she landed on the surface, her back straight while the wrinkles on her face made her look like a wise woman. However, she still looked lovely as well as possessed a gentle expression on her face.

"Ancestor Cornelia..."

Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss went on both knees as he bowed, clasping his hand in respect before he kowtowed. Sect Master Lea Weiss also quickly followed suit while Freya, who was absolutely overwhelmed by her Ancestor's immense aura, was the first to kowtow even before the two powerful characters.

Esvele became overwhelmed at this moment as she followed panickingly kowtowed, but Shirley remained standing, looking at the old woman, no, the Burning Phoenix in front of her in sheer incredulity because of the extraordinary undulations coming out from her made her aware that she was a Peak-Level Emperor Beast Stage Magical Beast!

"Little Reinhardt... It's been a long time since we met. Was that around fifteen thousand years ago? Sigh, I don't remember the time accurately, but I recall that your temperament wasn't this worse."

"Disciple Reinhardt admits his mistake..."

Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss didn't rebuke nor say opposing words to Ancestor Cornelia. Instead, he directly admitted his mistake while still kowtowing even though he believed that was he wasn't in the wrong.


Sect Master Lea Weiss's pupils trembled as she heard her Ancestor call himself disciple in front of Ancestor Cornelia. She knew why exactly. It wasn't because they were master and disciple, but it was simply a matter of respect and even reverence. However, she didn't know if Ancestor Cornelia was still alive or not because she had already exceeded her lifespan, just like Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss himself.

What they're living on are mere pills and heavenly resources that help them extend their lifespan, making them live as long as they could live as it dug out the depths of their vitality potential.

Nevertheless, the Burning Phoenix in front of them had already crossed the age of two hundred thousand years old, so it was absolutely a shock to her to see Ancestor Cornelia be still alive!

The lifespan of an Emperor Beast Stage Magical Beast was publically known to be around two hundred thousand years old, but Ancestor Cornelia was said to have already lived past that. It wouldn't be surprising if she dropped dead anytime, but here she was, smiling with a gentle demeanor!

However, her smile abruptly became cold.

"Little Reinhardt, since you apologized, I'll let this matter slide."

"But Ancestor-!" Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss raised his head as he pointed at Shirley, "This little girl is responsible for the death of an Ancestor of our Burning Phoenix Ridge just by bringing in that calamity, and yet, she won't provide an explanation."

"Explanation...?" Shirley's lips trembled, "I already told Ancestor that I'm-"

"Little Reinhardt," Ancestor Cornelia abruptly interrupted, "I am aware that Little Magnus had died, shrinking our overall prowess once again. However, I've seen many of you die in these two hundred and three thousand years that I became desensitized towards it. Powerhouses like you come and go, but none of you have managed to reach the Peak-Level like me, not to mention that you're already on your death bed as you've already expended your lifespan, simply living on stubbornly like me."

"On the other hand..." Ancestor Cornelia turned to look towards Shirley, "Before I die, I want to make sure that the Burning Phoenix Ridge at least has a Peak-Level Ninth Stage Powerhouse like me. I am also aware that this little girl possesses the potential to reach the Peak-Level Law Rune Stage, so why do you deign to even harm her, Little Reinhardt?"

"Is the Death Laws of that mysterious elder that worth it? Are you looking down on your Burning Phoenix Flames?"

Ancestor Cornelia's voice echoed with questions, seething with a sheer coldness that made the arrogant Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss trembled like anything.

Silence pervaded the hall as Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss shook his head like a child while Ancestor Cornelia smiled in response.

"You don't need to lie or be frightened. The legendary Death Laws are indeed stronger than the Burning Phoenix Flames. However, you're simply unworthy and inept at learning the intricacies of Death Laws that you won't be even needing that elder's secrets."

Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss trembled, knowing that his true intent behind the interrogation was easily seen through by this terrifying person.

Ancestor Cornelia raised her frail hand, extending her fingers.

"Do you know that the number of people who learned Death Laws in the two hundred and three thousand years I lived could be counted on a single hand? Right now, all of them are dead without a doubt, but without the same doubt, they all left their names marked in history as evil tyrants who destroyed countless sects and powers alike in the Fifty-Two Territories. Their ability to snuff out the souls as soon as they got past the defenses struck fear into the hearts of many but..."

"Are you trying to bring the Burning Phoenix Ridge to an end by wanting to offend that mysterious elder further? We don't even know if that person is truly alive or dead with his otherworldly secret arts. If that mysterious elder simply wants to protect Shirley, is it really hard for you to work together when our intent should be the same?"

"I'm disappointed, Little Reinhardt. I dislike humans who scheme all day long~"

Ancestor Cornelia's voice became colder by the second. It induced a bone-chilling fear in Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss that he lowered his head again, not daring to raise it up while he felt immensely humiliated in front of the two disciples. However, the terror was more that he didn't seem to bother about the humiliation because he knew what kind of character Ancestor Cornelia was.

She was the sole guardian who kept their Burning Phoenix Ridge alive and well until this point from the moment she had become a Peak-Level Emperor Beast Stage Magical Beast. It was unknown how many calamities she had saved the sect from when they, the Ancestors, were unable to battle the stronger invading enemies from the wicked path.

She was equally ruthless as she was gentle, and he had even heard tales about how she had killed two Ancestors who were at High-Level Law Rune Stage like him.

One of the two was killed more than a hundred thousand years ago when that Ancestor used so many female Elders and even a few Grand Elders as his cauldron to improve his cultivation, while the other was around seventy thousand years ago when that Ancestor tried to defect to the wicked path after getting caught robbing half of the treasury, including a Legacy Artifact of their Burning Phoenix Ridge.

It was such a disgrace, but even if they were two Ancestors who could get away with anything, they were dealt a death blow by Ancestor Cornelia. She was the revered guardian of their Burning Phoenix Ridge, garnering immense respect from the world, but most thought she was already dead because the last time she appeared in public was around thirty thousand years ago when she fended off the invasion from two wicked path powers, the Infernal Lightning Palace and the Blood Reaper Underworld.

Their Ancestors were at the same level as Ancestor Cornelia, but yet, as a magical beast, she had the prowess to fend off the both of them! Battling against two Peak-Level Ninth Stage Powerhouses and yet still living to tell the tale! She was just too powerful that he didn't dare be disrespectful to her!

Sect Master Lea Weiss was the same. She had never seen Ancestor Cornelia before in her lifetime. It was her first time meeting in the flesh. However, she had already heard stories and possessed immense respect for this person, and looking at her suppress Ancestor Reinhardt Weiss like it was nothing, the reverence increase manifold in her heart.

She slightly raised her head, wanting to etch the face of Ancestor Cornelia in her heart, but the other party shot a look at her, her cold expression becoming gentle as if wanting to soothe her.


Sect Master Lea Weiss's felt deeply honored.

Normally, people and even magical beasts who knew that they were going to die soon would be insane, but looking at her Ancestor Cornelia's genial smile, she knew that this Burning Phoenix had accepted her fate which is extremely commendable and honorable!

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