Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1411 - Absorbing A Fire-Attributed Fruit

Chapter 1411 - Absorbing A Fire-Attributed Fruit

Davis adjusted himself to a lotus position while he was facing Natalya's and Fiora's direction. The chill emanating in the room was also the reason why they all liked to cuddle because it felt abnormally warm and soothing, comforting their hearts.

He looked at them one last time, assuring that he would be fine while cultivating with his entrancing sapphire eyes before he pushed away some casual thoughts and brought out a fist-sized crimson fruit that had two small s-shaped curved wings suddenly spiked the temperature in the room, making it instantly hot that it began to suppress the icy tiles and pieces of furniture in the room.

This fruit was none other than the Searing Winged-Flame Fruit, a Peak-Level King Grade that Shirley gave to him.

A fiery crimson glow covered the room, causing both Natalya and Fiora to widen their eyes, while the former felt a bit uncomfortable because of the incompatibility she had with this crimson fruit. It was definitely not something she wanted beside her for a long time as it served to suppress her cultivation and comprehension of laws.

Still, that feeling quickly disappeared as she witnessed Davis open his mouth and began taking large chunks of bites out of it, swallowing as his larynx's prominence moved. She was a bit worried to see him swallow such a thing that radiated undulations of Peak-Level Seventh Stage just like that, but knowing that his body was in High-Level Martial Master Stage, she relaxed as she knew that he could suppress its lethality with his domineering prowess.

Indeed, Davis had suppressed the fiery energy that quickly sprouted from within as his strong body was able to endure. However, the sensation of the crimson fruit made him feel as if he was burning inside a cauldron, actually, even worse as the heat emanating from within.

Normal Peak-Level Law Dominion Stage Cultivators wouldn't dare to consume it just like that without taking an equal or more level ice or water attributed pill that would help their body endure the brazen and overbearing heat that would allow them to temper, but he just took it without a care in the world, daring as ever.

He routed the overflowing fiery medicinal essence from the digested parts of the crimson fruit and began to temper the meridians where he was required to in order to utilize the Blazing Thunderlight Kirin's Firestorm World Ode in its full glory, but this was just the first step, enabling him to use Fire Laws more exponentially.

If he wanted to use Blazing Thunderlight Kirin's Firestorm World Ode in its full glory, then he would have to mutate his revolving core, which was a bit further in his plans because to use the Infernal Core Flame Leaf, a heavenly resource which the Blazing Thunderlight Kirin Immortal recommended, he would have to be in the Martial Sage Stage. Or, he could have an equal-level resource to mitigate the overbearing fire medicinal essence, perhaps only to finally fail and risk fatal injuries that could make his body explode.

Of course, he always had the confidence to heal himself, but why should he experience becoming a cripple after becoming powerful? He didn't want unnecessary complications in his smooth-sailing cultivation. It was rather unfortunate that he couldn't just level up like in those system-based stories he read in the past.

Cultivation wasn't like that.

It had to be showered with water, treated with care, and provided with nutrients, just like raising crops in agriculture. One wrong move, and he could really end up killing himself, only letting his soul survive as it was strong enough, but he wasn't eager for that... to obtain a new body and re-cultivate from the beginning.

As Natalya also picked up his phrase, not rushing was the best thing he could do for his future because there was more he could learn. If he had rushed his Soul Forging Cultivation, thinking that Fallen Heaven could anchor anything despite the lack of comprehension in the soul, then he would have never even bothered to raise his prowess through refining many souls that could've allowed him to fight past levels!

The tempering continued while Davis's thoughts were purely extracting the fiery medicinal essence and using it on his meridians. Time passed while his wives were simply watching him temper his meridians. However, they had also cleaned themselves up and changed the stained bedsheets, ready for the next session of dual cultivation that was surely going to be intense in their minds.

However, Davis's brows furrowed at this moment.

The fiery medicinal essence of the Searing Winged-Flame Fruit provided him with immense energy that helped him temper his lightning-attributed meridians. He did not temper all of them but just tempered the ones required for the fire-attributed energy to flow from and to his dantian, forming a circulation that helped him practice the Firestorm World Ode Manual.

This way, he could maintain a balance between the two attributes, making them strong enough to be equally matched!

Fiery essence kept flowing from his stomach to his limbs, to every part of his body that needed to have his meridian tempered. It was as if though he was painting those meridian veins from a dull black to a dull red. The process of tempering made him flinch some time as the pain flashed in his mind in an instant as if he had been bitten by a bullet ant, except inside, feeling more excruciatingly torturous.

It took him some time, more like two hours, to temper the meridian points and veins to finally reach the initial success in molding his meridians to fire-attribute!


Davis couldn't help but rejoice at this moment. He could feel his affinity with flames increase as he could now easily move the fiery medicinal essence inside. They were not leftovers, but a sizeable chunk of it was still left for him to use. After all, he only used to temper only the required meridians rather than all meridians. Although it took him more to change his meridian's attribute from lightning to fire attribute, it was just the initial boundary.

He knew that he would have to temper them more, bringing them to the level of lightning-attributed meridians in his body. Therefore, he used the remaining medicinal essence to temper his fire-attributed meridians more, and before long, he had spent the entire medicinal essence, making his dull red meridian points, and veins glow a bit brighter than ever, enough to match the dull black lightning meridians in his body.



It was as if a low rumble resounded in his body.

The two drops of Earth Dragon Immortal's Blood Essence hidden in his body began to assimilate at this moment, making his bones crack, resounding with popping sounds as he reached the extreme limit in his Body Tempering Cultivation Base, allowing him to advance to the next level!

'Freaking thought so...! Even if I suppressed my advancement, the little bit of yang in this Searing Winged-Flame Fruit was still going to make the two drops of blood essences activate to fully assimilate!'


Peak-Level Martial Master Stage undulations exploded in the room at this moment, breaking a few pieces of furniture. However, Natalya didn't look gloomy but possessed an excited expression on her face. Her husband had become stronger once again, making her feel overly proud as never in her life she imagined that she would be with a person who was this talented, making quick breakthroughs, and caring enough to make her heart melt every time she was with him.

She couldn't help but once again think that she had won heaven's luck in life!

It was more or less the same for Fiora as she watched in rabid excitement. However, there was something more that she wished for, to know more about him and to marry him. If it weren't for these two wishes inhibiting her complete satisfaction, she would be over cloud nine at this moment!

Davis trembled while the breakthrough ended, making him feel anew. The exhaustion he had from soul injury had momentarily disappeared, replaced with something else, something more vigorous, an intent to dominate and feel p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e as his towering rod became erect, its hardness completely on a different level.

When he opened his eyes, there was a glint of overbearing l.u.s.t that instantly made Natalya and Fiora feel a chill in their spines. They couldn't help but move back for a moment before they tried to control themselves from fearing him.

Davis stood up and took a step forward in a domineering manner. It made them flinch to his intensity, the strange heat emanating from them. He then floated before he flew towards them, right towards Natalya as he pounced on her.


Natalya couldn't help suck in a deep breath as she was pinned down by Davis over her wrists. His l.u.s.tful eyes that blazed towards her made her insides twitch in anticipation and fear. However, she could feel his hold loosen and could even see his eyes tremble as if he were trying to control himself.

Watching him suffer, she could only imagine how difficult it was to control himself in the overbearing aphrodisiac state induced by the earth dragon immortals' blood essence. At this moment, she only wanted to make him feel release and p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e as her heart stopped fearing his tyrannical visage.

"I'm... I'm entering..."

A desperate yet masculine groan escaped from Davis's mouth as he moved his h.i.p.s. His rock-hard erect member that was lined up to her sacred cave pierced her, entering her insides slowly as her fleshly walls tried to suck him in while he rubbed inside her sweet spots all the way inside.

Davis's enduring expression turned into one of p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e as he could feel her insides twitch as it p.l.e.a.s.u.r.ed him, especially at this aphrodisiac'ed state where the p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e was multiplied by many times. He wanted to ram her into a mess at the moment but held back for fear of breaking her.

He still had his consciousness left at this start, unlike back then, where he regained after he had already made Evelynn a mess and no longer cared about making her continue with it, but looking at Natalya's bewildered face that looked extremely charming, his clouded eyes still craved her soft and supple body to an overwhelming degree, almost making him lose his sanity.

"It's fine, husband..." Natalya reached out her delicate hand and smiled, "Please don't endure..."

The whites of Davis's eyes turned red as he could no longer endure after hearing her melodious voice give him her approval. He raised his h.i.p.s back and rammed inside her with force.



Natalya's mouth went agape as she released a resounding m.o.a.n, her expression turning l.u.s.tful in feeling the heat herself! The weight of his lower body sank on her cave, causing her insides to tremble like anything as she delusionally felt like he had entered her deep as if he had never before, making her feel rapturous!