Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1501 - A Crow With A Plan?

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Chapter 1501 - A Crow With A Plan?


Davis thought with astonishment as he waved his hand. The big-bosomed woman did the same before they both retreated from the force generated between their thrusts.

"Oh? Not only are you strong, but you also dodged my attack that came from above."

"Maybe you should've refrained from warning me if you were planning on sneak attacking..."


The big-b.r.e.a.s.ted woman began to laugh cheekily.

Davis directed his gaze below and saw that a fifty-meter-deep crater had formed just from their clash. Furthermore, he was already two hundred meters high in the sky above the surface, so the power of their clash could be imagined. He felt the chills, feeling like he was drunk on power.

After all, he was one step closer to moving heaven and earth!

Nevertheless, he returned his gaze to the female magical beast and saw that she ended her laughter.

When she attacked, there was no killing intent. Otherwise, he would've noticed her before she could even attack.

Was she doing this for fun?

'No matter... It doesn't change the fact that she is highly perceptive, enough to find me in my concealed state. However, it was my mistake. It is clear that I shouldn't have been talking out loud while concealed.'

Davis realized where he had gone wrong in allowing this magical beast to find him.

He clasped his hands and spoke, "Well then, if we do not have anything to talk about, I'll take my leave."

"Uh? Wha- Wait!" The woman appeared taken aback, "Where do you think you're going? Aren't you the one who peeped on us?"

"What do you mean?" Davis sounded confused.

The black-robed woman looked stunned, her eyes appearing adorable as she blinked thrice.

"Still, do you think that you can just fly away? This is a battlefield for us. We fight until we kill each other, human."

Davis was elated that she didn't ask for him to emulate his soul as he would be caught, no longer able to play ignorant, but it looks like such a reason was unnecessary in this battlefield. He sighed as he folded his hands.

"It doesn't have to be that way, but if you insist, then I'll take you on."

The female magical beast appeared to be confused as she looked at him with her dark red eyes.

"Human, by any chance, are you from the righteous path?" Her brows frowned.

"I am, so what?"

Davis didn't seem to hide as he brazenly spoke.

"Oh, no wonder you speak in a refined manner. Excuse me, for I have been rude."

The woman clasped her hands and gave a cultivator's greeting.

"... Okay..."

Davis was utterly taken aback by her hundred and eighty-degree change in her attitude while his battle posture receded. Wasn't she a magical beast? Why was she performing a cultivator's greeting to him?

"Since you're a righteous path cultivator, I'll let you go since you are not taking part in the battle for supremacy over this Territory. However, know that not all will be as merciful as me though I muse that you can take care of yourself with that kind of strength, Martial Overlord."

The black-robed woman smiled as she spoke while Davis was still a bit dumbfounded.

This was another understanding magical beast? A magical beast that he could actually reason with? Normally, magical beasts mostly relied on reason when faced with a complex situation that they can't solve with strength, but this female magical beast in front of him seemed to be different, like Nadia.

Back when he guarded against her attack, he didn't use his full strength to defend. He even suppressed his power to her level since he didn't feel any hostile killing intent.

"Alright then..."

Davis dropped his hands, clasping his hands.

"You attacked me out of nowhere, but since it was a misunderstanding, I'll let bygones be bygones."

"Oh~ You're actually nice." The woman looked as if she had seen a new human species before her expression went doubtful, "You aren't the devious type of human who's I keep hearing about from my parents, right?"

Looking at her vivid expressions, Davis wryly smiled.

"I don't think so, but you're free to verify that yourself."

"Hehe~ I'm curious. Maybe I should talk with you for a while to know more about my opponents..."

Davis still kept his wry smile. However, his attitude also changed when he saw her reasonable and carefree attitude.

He wanted to learn more about magical beasts so he could treat Nadia better. However, he knew better not to go to the Dark Moon Empire to learn how because talking with this understanding and reasonable beauty would be just fine.

Although this woman was a crow, she was still considered a magical beast like Nadia. He felt that there shouldn't be much of a difference if they could suppress their instincts and act like humans.

"So human, where are you from?" The Dark Moon Crow asked.

Davis pondered for a moment before he answered.

"In a place where magical beasts like you rarely exist. There's literally no King Rank Species, much less Emperor Rank Species Magical Beasts."

"I see, so a desolate Small-Sized Territory." The woman nodded, "You're from a place where you haven't seen a cultured and civilized magical beast like me, and that explains your confusion about my actions, but if what you said is true, then you must've experienced immense hardsh.i.p.s to reach this point."

Davis heavily nodded as if he agreed with her while the woman still curiously looked at him. She then turned around and headed away, leaving Davis confused, but when he saw her land on a thick branch of a tall tree and wave towards him as she sat, he inwardly sighed, knowing her meaning.

'Of course, crows like to be on branches...'

Humans liked to be seated on chairs and pompous thrones, but magical beasts were quite different. It seemed that etiquette changed with races since he mused that this was her own way of showing him respect while hosting him. She was quite sophisticated, he must say.

His body flashed as he arrived on top of that branch and sat opposite to her while she also sat and smilingly looked at him.

"Don't you want to ask me something?"

Davis raised his brows, thinking that she had some manners too. When asking a question and having it answered while being strangers, it is manners to let the other person question you so that it doesn't become an interrogation.

He became more impressed and raised his head, pondered as he looked at her figure for a few moments before his lips moved.

"Are you a v.i.r.g.i.n?"

"Wha-" The woman who sat, half-stood up as she trembled, her expression becoming angered, "What are you asking, you human!?"

Davis raised his hand to stop her from doing something crazy like his question.

"Well, I was wondering if magical beasts at your level would keep their v.i.r.g.i.n.i.t.y before they marry and do their thing. Wait, do you all even marry? I heard that you... people have an empire in your Territory, so I wondered what it was like if you follow human customs and systems to rule your people... You don't have to answer if you don't feel like it."

The woman blinked thrice while glaring at him before she sat back and deeply smiled.

"Even though you were rude, I can understand your doubts since I know where you come from. Although it is hard to suppress our d.e.s.i.r.es, it is not a problem as we seclude ourselves alone at that time. We do marry and secure the marriage like you humans do but don't misunderstand. We are not imitating humans. Many mock us that we're merely trying to fake being humans, but I believe that the heavens have given us this form for a reason. Instead of acting on primal instincts like lower rank magical beasts, I believe that the reason we evolve is also to think and act."

Davis could understand her thoughts. When humans grew up in the wild, they generally relied on instinct and not their reasoning or thinking skills. However, he chuckled.

"Haha. I don't think you thought and acted when you attacked me from behind."

"Ah... that..." Her eyes became dodgy, "....Ugh, who cares? I mean, if you were a wicked path cultivator, I must kill you anyway because you're killing us and not letting us conquer the Twilight Shade Valley. I gave you the benefit of the doubt to see who you were and if you were that peeper, but it seems like you were not."


Davis had his doubts at the end of her sentence, but he didn't ponder on it.

Suddenly, the Dark Moon Crow's face turned solemn.

"So, are you here to kill magical beasts? I don't see any other reason for you to be here since there's no news of a treasure appearing or even a rumor of a sighting. You couldn't just be here for sightseeing, right?"

Davis paused for a moment. His mask didn't let her garner his expressions, so he felt that it was all the more stifling for her to be under his unidentifiable gaze.

"True, I'm here to hunt magical beasts."


Davis didn't hide, but the answer he received from this woman left him astonished.

Was she okay with him killing her kind? But then he recalled that magical beasts mostly only cared about their own species.

"There's someone I want you to kill."

Her melodious voice echoed, causing Davis to finally understand her reaction and also her actions before.

He wondered why she didn't go back because he knew that her people would be looking for her. Now, he knew the answer. Furthermore, it became a bit clear to him as to why she didn't ask him to undulate his soul sense.

She changed her plans when she saw that he was a strong righteous path cultivator, intending to use him. However, she didn't appear like she was forcing him either as she didn't look hostile, so he went with the flow.

"Why can't you kill that person?" He asked.

"Because there's an unspoken rule between our two powers, I can't touch them openly, but if you were willing to take them down for me, I would owe you one."

Davis pondered after hearing her answer. However, he still felt like he had to know why.

"What's your reason for wanting to kill that person?"

The black-robed woman took a deep breath before she let out a sorrowful sigh.

"They secretly took down one of my people and violated her. I only knew of it later, but I am still seething with the intent for revenge. However, not one person in my group needs to know about this as we'll go together to slaughter them and return. The opponent is a Low-Level Emperor Beast Stage like me, so if I had your help, I'm confident that I can take him down myself if you are not willing to kill."

"I see..." Davis nodded.

She sounded authentic and trustworthy to him, but still...

"I understand your rage, but what can you provide me with? I just came here to hunt King Beast Stage Magical Beasts, but if it is Emperor Beast Stage Magical Beasts, then you gotta put down something of significance for me to take action."

"A Mid-Level Emperor Grade Darkness Elemental of your choice..."

The woman's eyes narrowed while Davis's eyes widened.

"I'm in!"

She wryly smiled while looking at the human's greed.

"Still, there are only two or three Emperor Grade Darkness Elementals that I can procure for you to choose from, so don't become too excited..."

"That's more than enough unless it's the trashiest of the Emperor Grade Darkness Elementals..." Davis chuckled.

At this moment, he could vaguely realize the extent of richness the Dark Moon Crow Empire possessed. He didn't know what kind of status she possessed in the Dark Moon Crow Empire, but if she could procure him a Mid-Level Emperor Grade Darkness Elemental, then her position must not be small.

"You don't need to worry about that..."

They both smiled at each other that even the woman could feel his satisfaction and when the man reached out his hand towards her, she blinked before she reached out her hand and grabbed, feeling strange while wondering if this was a human greeting when she suddenly remembered!

"How crass...! I forgot to name myself while forgetting to ask yours~" She bellowed as if berating herself before she smiled widely.

"My name is Nyoran."

Davis took off his mask with his other hand and displayed his signature smile, causing Nyoran to raise her brows.

"Name's Davis... However, due to some constraints, I would prefer if you continue to call me human."

"Alright, human~"

Nyoran giggled as if she was amused, her bosoms shaking along with her trembling body. They both shook their hands with each other, establishing the deal while Davis felt like he had seen a new side of magical beasts.

Like Nyoran and Ancestor Cornelia, they were definitely capable of possessing high intelligence, making him believe that the more the rank of magical beasts increases, the more they become conscious and aware of their intellect and emotions.

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