Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1635 - Sharing Sight

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Chapter 1635 - Sharing Sight

Davis returned to the palace tower he usurped and met with Evelynn. Her eyes were closed, but her third eye remained open. When it got sight of him, it closed as she opened her two mesmerizing eyes, looking breathtaking to Davis.

"How was it?" He asked, causing Evelynn to smile behind her veil.

"I could see clearly, even while you were concealed with Nadia's death energy."

"How about now?"

Davis suddenly disappeared while Evelynn merely smiled, "I could still sense you, though."

"I mean, can you see me through your third eye?"

Evelynn closed her eyes, and once again, her third eye opened. This time, she could see nothing, causing her to be deeply shocked.

"The deathly prowess of the two of you aren't at the same level..."

Evelynn uttered as she opened her eyes, appearing to be proud of Davis.

Davis reappeared in front of her again and shook his head with a wry smile.

'My Death Laws still have a long way to go to be comparable to Nadia's death energy. However, Fallen Heaven had become stronger while I was wounded and asleep. This sucks, to be honest...'

Nevertheless, this all began when he went out to heal the Stargaze Soul Radiance Tree; Evelynn said that she wanted to see him wherever he went to protect him and showed him this technique that allowed each other to share vision with each other only if both parties consented.

This was also another uniqueness of her third eye that granted her vision when connected to someone else. Apparently, she learned about this ability when she accidentally activated her third eye, which made her vision go blank. However, an instinctive feeling emerged in her, making her feel that she had to connect this vision to someone else, and she chose Davis when he was leaving.

Davis agreed to be her test subject and was more than glad to do so as he always encouraged her to test her poisonous abilities. Their visions connected, and he could see her vision as long as he concentrated enough while she allowed it and vice versa.


"Now, try to forcefully see through my eyes."

Davis uttered with confidence while Evelynn thought for a moment before she shook her head.

"Evelynn, this is a soul ability, and my soul is still stronger than yours." He advised.

Evelynn bit her lips before she nodded. She tried to forcefully see through his gaze, only to feel a sudden pain encroaching her third eye as it went bloodshot. It almost began to bleed when a commanding sound echoed.

"Alright enough." Davis spoke, "It seems that you cannot break through my defense, but that would mean that I can break through your defense and see through your vision, no?"

He felt her prying to see through his eyes, but with his own soul prowess, he was able to stop her from doing so. It made sense, considering that Evelynn's soul was only at Peak-Level Eighth Stage, and unlike her Essence Gathering Cultivation and Body Tempering Cultivation that seemingly acted as one, receiving a great boost of able to cross two levels, her Soul Forging Cultivation was just able to reach Low-Level Ninth Stage and not Mid-Level.

However, once she got hold of his vision, then it was difficult to block it as there was a set path of connection flowing between them that even Nadia's concealment wasn't able to block her view.

Evelynn rubbed her third eye as she shook her head and resplendently smiled at his question.

"It's perfect, as it should be."

Davis's lips twitched as he felt his heart skip a beat.

This woman, was she trying to make him fall for her all over again when he was already deeply in love with her?

He smirked and walked towards the Illuminating Lotus Cushion to continue his cultivation, looking forward to the day where he would embrace this voluptuous and sensual beauty again.

Nevertheless, with this soul ability, Evelynn saw everything that happened in the Soul Palace's garden yards through his eyes, learning about the Stargaze Soul Radiance Tree and its fruits. Moreover, she only had a visual connection to his main body and not to his avatar.

"That woman, Yotan. Are you going to take her tonight?"


Davis's footsteps faltered before he stared at Evelynn look at him with an inquisitive gaze.

"Evelynn, you know I don't have time to do something like that. If I had time for that, I would rath-"

"Then make time..."

"Make time...?" Davis became confused, "Make time for yo-"

Then, his expression suddenly changed as he dumbfoundedly looked at Evelynn.

"Evelynn, you couldn't be suggesting that I sleep with Yotan, right?"

"I am..."

Evelynn's purple pupils trembled, causing Davis to blink before he gently smiled.

"What happened? This is isn't like you to take revenge in this way."

Evelynn bit her lips.

"I don't know. I've just... changed. There's this itch within my heart that wants to seek revenge so badly. Perhaps, it's because of the darkness in my soul, but I don't want to hide behind it. Davis, would you feel like this, wanting to get revenge if I died?"

"Absolutely, and probably even worse, but don't die on me." Davis forcefully spoke.

"Similarly, I feel this Soul Palace deserves much worse treatment from us. They almost took you away from me, so I can't find it in my heart to forgive them. I want to see them suffer even if they don't deserve their rightful deaths."

"So that's why you want me to..."

Evelynn nodded before she became stiff and shook. But she then relaxed, placing her palm on her face.

"What am I even thinking? I shouldn't be forcing my ide-"

"No, you are not wrong."

Davis strongly shook his head.

"Isabella would probably agree with you on this, but Evelynn, I consider dual cultivation sacred because it is an act that I purely perform with the women I love. I don't want to do it with women I feel no loving bond with, no matter how I'm tempted to do so, because I know that it would make me corrupted with insufferable lust. One unfamiliar woman is all it takes to lust after the taste of many strange women, so that's where I draw the line."

As he spoke, a smirk appeared on his lips.

"Besides, you recommending me a woman isn't anything new. I still remember that you once said that it is okay for me to bang a seductive waitress in an inn but not love her. Haha!"

"Forget I said something like that...!"

Evelynn's expression became crimson as she recalled that it was the time when she faced off with the Heinous Scourge of the Sunset Tear Mountain. As embarrassing as her words had been, it brought her nostalgic memories of where she had Davis all to herself.

On the other hand, Davis laughed. He more or less knew that the way his women treated him depended upon how their fathers had their women.

For example, since Mark Ruth and Louis Ashton possessed a bevy of beauties with them, Isabella and Shirley became okay with him having a harem despite their initial aspirations, and in the same way, he wondered if Evelynn's father, Evan Cauldon, had been doing maids and random women on the side while keeping Evelynn's dead mother as the wife for a long time until he married Daisy, signifying his love for Evelynn's mother.

Perhaps, that's why Evelynn had initially been somewhat okay with him doing random women but not okay with loving them.

Natalya and Fiora were special cases where they listened to their sharp-witted mother, who knew how to please a man while still being loyal. As for the others, he wasn't sure.


"You want me to kill Yotan? I'll do it. But to sleep, I decline."

Davis simply spoke with conviction, causing Evelynn to perform a deep nod.

"I'm sorry for uttering something stupid like that." Evelynn shook her head, "However, I don't think she deserves death either."

"That is quite troubling..." Davis couldn't help smile, "Then what do you expect me to do?"

"Just do what you do." Evelynn shrugged, "I'll try to keep my head off of revenge and only think about your safety."

Davis pursed his lips before he nodded.

"I'll help you harvest a Stargaze Soul Radiance Tree Fruit soon. Perhaps, you'll be able to reach the Ninth Stage in Soul Forging Cultivation with it."

"No worries."

Evelynn giggled, "I'll be able to do that in a few months as per my calculations."

"Then use it to reach the Mid-Level Ninth Stage. As a fey, I'm sure that you would be able to digest the fruit better than humans, or you could wait for me to learn Alchemy and consume a Stargaze-Risen Emperor Pill that probably increases your chances of breakthrough better."

Davis shrugged and continued to walk to the cultivation cushion. Evelynn didn't say anything more and kept smiling at him. His very presence gave her the feeling of being air-headed, very much in love, and when he left, it felt very lonely. Fortunately, she got to share eyesight with him and vice versa through her third eye, making her feel like she had him all to herself again.

An hour didn't even pass, and Davis broke into the High-Level King Soul Stage like it was nothing, still able to sense that there was a significant amount left in the Peak-Level Emperor Soul Stage Soul Essence. Nevertheless, since he was already at the peak of Mid-Level, he didn't mind much but sensing his High-Level King Soul Stage Cultivation rise rapidly, Davis was given the fright of his life.

'Wait...! Why is the increase in my Soul Forging Cultivation so fast when the soul essence consumed is not much!?'

Davis contemplated for a while before he arrived at a possible answer.

'Could it be that I'm merely catching up to Fallen Heaven?'

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