Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1643 - Don't

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Chapter 1643 - Don't

Davis sat cross-legged mid-air in the Soul Palace's Library. Despite being accompanied by a beauty who low-key yearned for his attention, his thoughts were all on the books on the side, on the bookshelves, and the contents he is currently digesting from it.

Threelotus, who was behind him, was also learning from the library. Usually, disciples wouldn't be allowed here for more than an hour per month, and even then, there was still the limitation of what they could read and what they could not as there were various differences and grades imposed on the access levels.

Even Soul Kings were no exceptions, although they had more time and status to view more books. But at this moment, with this exceptional saint by her side, it could be said that she gained access to all books, making her flip inside and become joyful. However, she still tried to make some sort of acquaintance with him, like bending down to take a book, lightly displaying her curves.

Nevertheless, she was truly dissatisfied to see none of them work and gave up instantly, jumping to reading the books with her soul sense.

At this moment, Davis's eyes shot open as he turned to look at his finger that wore a Peak-Level Emperor Grade Spatial Ring. He put up a sound barrier and took out a stone from his spatial ring.

It turned out to be a messaging talisman.

"Davis, are you there?"

Isabella's calm and tender voice could be heard from the messaging talisman.

"Yes, what's up? Did you miss me already?"

A smile lit on Davis's face as he couldn't help but tease.

"Well, kind of..." Isabella's voice trailed in a sulky manner before she echoed again, "Regardless, I messaged you to inform you that the Vast Sky Emperor Palace's Leader, Vast Sky Emperor, came to visit us."


Davis raised his brows, "What's happening?"

"It's not happening as it already happened. The Vast Sky Emperor appeared to ask for the key to the Forsaken Phoenix Realm, citing the Calamity Light as a reason, but I told him to wait again, and he didn't listen, so I berated him harshly. I'm sorry~"

"Oh, no, no." Davis shook his head, "It's fine. You didn't engage in a battle, right?"

He understood that she was apologizing for creating discontent with one of the Four Great Righteous Sects, but it didn't matter to him.

"Uhm... although there was some discontent in the Vast Sky Emperor's face, he went away."

"I see." Davis nodded.

However, he thought for a second before he asked, "Truly?"

"Uh? What do you mean?"

Isabella's voice slightly raised, causing Davis to purse his lips.

"Call me paranoid but did he just come for the key? You already told me that they have an eye on you, right?"

There was a slight pause on the other side before a sigh echoed.

"Why are you so perceptive? But after hearing the details, you can't be hasty, alright?"

Davis's expression became cold as he released his cross-legged position from mid-air and stood up.

"You don't get to choose that, but I'll listen. What exactly occurred?"

Isabella, who knew that he would react like this, felt worried. This was why she didn't say it explicitly, but once he even slightly figured it out, she no longer bothered to hide it and explained everything.

Apparently, the Vast Sky Emperor confessed to his Isabella and wanted her to become his that hearing it made him...


... laugh in anger.

Davis stopped his laughter and spoke into the messaging talisman.

"No wonder you didn't manage to stop yourself and insulted him. Good! Good! I would've been more glad if you slapped him in the face, but I guess that it would've led to a hostile situation, huh?"

"That's right. As much as I want to kill that disgusting person, no, more than that, I want you to stay safe for the time being, build your strength. You can leave home to me, your third wife, okay?"

Davis's expression twitched as he hesitated to reply,

"Davis, you don't need to hold back for me but remember your parents, Natalya, and the others, especially Shirley and your child. Things haven't progressed to a do or die point, so no matter how angry we feel, this isn't the time, okay?"

Isabella spoke with a pleading voice, making him tremble, not knowing how to deal with this. It wasn't just the Dragon Families who made a blunder, but the Four Great Righteous Sects haven't seemed to learn their lesson. Now that they think that he, the Emperor of Death, is dead, they think it's alright for them to be going after his precious Isabella?

Davis clenched his teeth as he intensely felt that he had to teach the Vast Sky Emperor a lesson at the very least, making him disagreeable to Isabella's request. However, it wasn't like he didn't understand her point. If possible, he didn't want to make things worse too, but no one goes unscathed after making a move on his women, no matter how small the action may be.

However, he relaxed and displayed a smile.

"I get it. I'll see to it that I stay put, learn and cultivate."

"Good!" Isabella's joyfully echoed, "We can teach them a lesson after we become powerful. I'm also just a thin line away from reaching Mid-Level Martial Overlord Stage."

"Hm, you worked hard." Davis's smile turned gentle.

"Thank you. There's nothing else to report, but I hope to see you soon, goodbye~"

The messaging talisman lost its glow amidst Isabella's excited voice that echoed inside his ears before it slowly receded, making him rather long to see her. It was more than half a month since he left their side that he couldn't help but berate himself for being irresponsible but seeing her and probably everyone act for the greater good of his family also made him feel fortunate.

"I'll stay put as I said, Isabella. However..."

Davis flicked his sleeve as he removed the sound barrier before his gaze fell on the Soul Queen behind him.

"Threelotus, who's the world's strongest assassin?"


Threelotus's body became stiff as she didn't expect a question like that. She saw Davis wildly laughing but other than that strange reaction; she really couldn't perceive anything.

Could it be that someone offended him?

'If someone offended this saint, then they must be killed, no?'

Thinking like this, Threelotus felt that she could at least curry favor in this way and spoke after that stunned pause.

"The strongest assassin in this world is from the wicked path, named the Hidden Night Emperor. It is said that he doesn't belong to any power nor has an organization of his own but a single man who strikes fear even into the hearts of the Four Great Righteous Sects. Rumor has it that he's also a Soul Emperor, but no one knows."

Davis furrowed his brows on hearing that.

'There were five Soul Emperors in the Soul Palace, and the remaining four Soul Emperors are the leaders of the Four Great Righteous Sects. Therefore, there were a total of nine Soul Emperors, but it looks like the wicked path isn't accounted for. Is this to maintain an image that the righteous path is more spiritual or something?'

He wondered while inwardly mocking the righteous path before his lips curved.

"Is that so? It was quite helpful but summon Elusivemist for me. Don't make a delay."

"Ah? O-Okay..."

He watched the Soul Queen leave while running as if she didn't know how to fly. It made him wonder that if he should just say that he isn't interested in her, making her fully give up, but even that seemed rude to him since she didn't go out of her way to offend or act rudely towards him after the first meet.

He just shook his head, wanting to mind his own business, when he suddenly reached out his hand, and a long object abruptly appeared in his palm as he held it. It unrolled and appeared like a black-layered scroll with a white surface but was empty, having nothing written on it. However, it shed an eerie aura, causing the surroundings to be encased in irregularity as though space was unstable at this moment.

"It's been a long time since I used you in this way, so I guess I'll have to see how you improved, Fallen Heaven..."

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