Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1644 - Controlling

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Chapter 1644 - Controlling

In the Vast Sky Emperor's Palace, the atmosphere was calm yet proud.

Many disciples could be seen practicing their spatial skills or challenging each other to a battle, displaying tremendous ability that just wasn't limited to Space Laws. They used Wind Laws as the air rent, visibly splitting into many pairs as if space itself became distorted under their thrust's pressure.

A golden-haired man was watching this with content in a tall palace before he turned around and went inside.


His expression abruptly changed as he waved his fists, destroying the furniture beside him.

"Curses! How dare she humiliate me, that little girl who doesn't know her place!?"

His fists trembled while his eyes gleamed with a bit of shame.

Two days had already passed from that day, and he couldn't stop himself from thinking about what happened from time to time, making him unable to maintain his composure. Now that he finally took his anger on an innocent decoration, his bent body stood up straight as he took a deep breath, abruptly smiling.

"Oh well, she is a little girl, alright. She will come to know that life isn't all sunshine and roses, making her understand that getting together with me is the right answer for her future and legacy. At that time, I'll completely erase that late husband's figure from her memories with my otherworldly skills in bed. Heh!"

His confident expression returned, replaced with an overbearing pompousness. Just as he was worried if the other three Emperors would make a move on her in these four months, his scalp went numb as he suddenly shot forward.


Blood splashed from his back as he flinched in pain.

Before he could even notice, a dagger was stabbed into his abdomen as it tried to destroy his dantian. Spatial energy poured between the blade's edge and his dantian, increasing the distance vastly before he turned around and struck out with his palm.

"Twofold Void Shattering Palm!"

A black-robed man appeared as if though he had sprouted out from his shadow. He retrieved his dagger back from the Vast Sky Emperor's abdomen as he understood that he failed to destroy his dantian. Instead, even while his black eyes gleamed at the incoming attack, he didn't mind as he stabbed out again.

The Vast Sky Emperor's pupils dilated as the dagger arrived straight towards his forehead while his fist shot towards the opponent's chest. Spatial energy and dark energy clashed, creating a ripple that blinded both of them.


It was unknown what occurred, but copious amounts of blood splattered in the Palace Tower of the Vast Sky Emperor Palace while the sound of explosion alarmed everyone in this power!


A day later, Davis, who completed learning Inscriptions and Spirit Formations, rubbed his forehead, feeling that he almost reached exhaustion. Absorbing the information wasn't a problem, but digesting and understanding billions of words made him feel dizzy.

'But, I am an amateur in these two that I have practice a lot before I can say that I'm an Inscription Emperor and a Spirit Formation King.'

Indeed, although Davis found High-Level Emperor Grade and above Spirit Formations, he was unable to understand a thing and knew that it was due to him lacking in knowledge with regards to the mysteries of the soul, resonating with the heaven and earth.

Considering that Spirit Formations used no flags or banners or even if it did, didn't contribute to him in making one as it fully made using soul force on positions one would place the formations while it reacted with the ways and workings of the heavens in order to activate, he could understand why he needed soul comprehension to do so.

Nevertheless, he collected all the information pertaining to High-Level Emperor Grade and above Spirit Formations and kept it in his subconscious mind so that he could recall with ninety-nine percent similarity whenever he wanted with his soul prowess. This also constituted the reason why obscure matters like insights can never be properly recalled unless it was quite solid in the form of resources.

While he went onto the next agenda and began collecting Blacksmithing records, which possessed a massive content till High-Level Emperor Grade, he unceremoniously began to absorb them into his memories.

It could be seen that the Soul Palace didn't care much about Blacksmithing, but they did have a wide variety of blacksmith schools, ranging from armament forging to even the smallest decorations and furniture that radiated attribute aura, useful to make cultivation rooms and various other places, creating artificial danger zones and such.

However, there was indeed Peak-Level Emperor Grade Blacksmithing, but that was strictly for the school of soul artifact forging, which gave Davis an immense surprise, causing him to inwardly jump up and down.

Perhaps, if he successfully learned Soul Artifact Forging and mastered it, his soul prowess would increase a notch, but if he also learned Blacksmithing as a whole, he could finally take care of his armaments as well. However, there was Sophie who could forge better than him at the moment while Tina Roxley seemed to specialize in Alchemy, although he had the confidence that he could become better than them within a short period of time due to his soul prowess and martial might.

'Hmm, this is too troublesome. Am I overburdening myself with some knowledge that I don't require?' Davis couldn't help but become confused.

But somewhere along the lines, he also felt that he must lead them as their man. Therefore, even though he didn't want to take away their specialty, he couldn't resign himself to mediocrity either, just like Shirley said.

'That girl, first she tells me to show arrogance. Now, she tells me to embrace perfection while Isabella, too, would like if I was ambitious. They just wouldn't give me a break, huh...'

Despite what he thought, a deep smile was on Davis's lips as he thought about their joyous smiles. Those precious smiles sure did motivate him to work to death.

He continued to collect information from the massive Library before Soul Emperor Elusivemist appeared in front of him, his pupils trembling as he turned to look at Threelotus.


Threelotus inwardly harrumphed before she turned around and walked away, and as soon as she left, Soul Emperor Elusivemist returned his gaze to Davis and knelt.

"Master, news that the Vast Sky Emperor has been injured by an assassin initially surged but was later suppressed as soon as it came out. It was said that the assassin escaped. However, only an extreme few people in the Fifty-Two Territories can escape after trying to kill a man of such caliber. It can't be..."

"It's the Hidden Night Emperor, alright. Only such a person can somewhat deal with one of the Four Great Righteous Sects' Emperors."

Davis interjected, causing Soul Emperor Elusivemist's eyes to tremble as his doubt became a reality.

"Master, I don't understand. How could the Hidden Night Emperor take that assassination mission? Not only was the remuneration not acceptable, but it was also foolish of him to have made a move on the Vast Sky Emperor. He could've almost died only to a slight change in the situation."

He couldn't help but ask, unable to suppress his curiosity.

"Perhaps, he was one of my slaves..." Davis turned to look at Soul Emperor Elusivemist, his cold gaze seeping into the latter's body, "... like you."

Soul Emperor Elusivemist's body shook as he lowered his head.

If such an assassin who carried out extraordinary assassination missions, killing three Peak-Level Ninth Stage Powerhouses, was also the Emperor of Death's slave, then wasn't he basically a child servant compared to the fully capable adult servant?

"I bet you didn't even try to do anything funny knowing that the Hidden Night Emperor wouldn't take this silly job, huh?"

He didn't even want to think about this matter, but Davis's voice echoed, causing him to shudder severely.

"Master, it- it's not like tha-"

He hurriedly raised and shook his head, but his body suddenly froze as he became the recipient of malicious killing intent.

"Slap yourself a hundred times."

Soul Emperor Elusivemist's body wildly shuddered as he looked frightened.


He instantly used his hand to slap himself in the face, creating a crimson palm imprint on his cheek that stung greatly.

*Paah!~* *Paah!~*

He hit his face two more times, imagining that the Emperor of Death would say something, but only receiving that deathly stare made him be enveloped with the chills of being instantly crushed to death that he repeated his swings.

*Paah!~* *Paah!~* *Paah!~*

Sounds of humiliating slaps kept echoing in this library while Davis merely watched with an indifferent gaze as though he had no chill at this moment.

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