Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1758: Backing Off?

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Chapter 1758: Backing Off?

Ancestor Cornelia looked at Davis with shock. Trepidation was prevalent in her heart, but then, it calmed as a huge smile appeared on her wrinkled and tired face.

"No, I believed that you would come and did my best to defend until then..." Her gentle voice echoed.

Davis looked at Ancestor Cornelia with an awkward smile on his face. The reason was that he took a glance around and saw that he was too late. Many disciples and elders of the Burning Phoenix Ridge, a Mid-Sized Territory Hegemon, seemed to have already died that he couldn't help but feel anger swelling within his heart.

The Burning Phoenix Ridge was in alliance with him. But, he felt like he let Shirley down in this matter, looking at the many palaces in ruins. Nevertheless, he swiftly calmed and reached out a hand to Ancestor Cornelia, gently lifting her up.

Ancestor Cornelia instantly felt at ease as she held his hand before it was let go of. She silently looked at his back as Davis began to walk towards the wicked path.

The Blood World Emperor lowered his scarlet halberd as his eyes narrowed.

"Emperor of Death, you have no business here."

"Is it possible that my Alstreim Family is in alliance with the Burning Phoenix Ridge hasn't reached your ears yet...?"

Davis's cold voice echoed as he arrived in front of the Blood World Emperor, staring at his face with wide, threatening eyes that turned red.

The Blood World Emperor's heart shook as he saw this scene.

There was just something extremely weird about those red eyes, making him feel as though it could see through his everything.

"What more do you want, Emperor of Death?"

An exasperated voice suddenly echoed out, causing Davis to turn to look at the source before his eyes laid on the Infernal Lightning Emperor.

"My Infernal Lightning Palace agreed to compensate for the years we took the Hundred Devil Thunder Archipelago as our training and resource grounds. We gave a large number of lightning resources that would ensure your path to the Law Rune Stage. What more do you want?"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor repeated his question as if he was aggrieved before the Blood World Emperor echoed.

"Yes! Not only did we stay clear from attacking the Soul Palace for you, but we also did give our vagrant wicked path cultivators to not attack your people. We have done so much for you, but you ask us to stay clear of the Burning Phoenix Ridge that we have so many grudges with? How can this be possible?"

Looking at them use reason against him, Davis was quite taken aback.

However, he instantly understood that his bastards knew how he reacted to situations. People were learning how to be diplomatic with him based on his past actions and events. The Mandate Emperor and Karmic Guardian Emperor being accommodating to him also made him aware of this matter.

Nevertheless, just because people were reasonable didn't mean that they could do anything they wanted!

"I didn't ask for you all to do me a favor." Davis shook his head, "I commanded you to not attack my Soul Palace or risk facing my wrath. You all managed to luckily avert danger, but since you attacked my fourth wife Shirley's Burning Phoenix Ridge despite knowing that there's an alliance, it seems like you all don't want your lives."

"Ridiculous! Could it be that we should leave with our tails stuck between our legs when you want us to leave? You're too arrogant if you think that you rule the world already."

"As a young tiger, you may have gained wings, but you still lack the world experience if you think that you already have everything in your grasp. Seems like you will only change your outlook of life after experiencing true despair."

The Deprived Soulstir Emperor spoke, looking at Davis with a mocking expression on his face.

"True despair...?"

Davis slowly spoke before he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Haha, wicked path powerhouses are truly brave to be delivering threats to me. But, it's a pity that they couldn't differentiate between courage and recklessness like the righteous path powerhouses can do."

"Hmph! Do you think you can protect all the members of the Burning Phoenix while battling us?"

The Blood World Emperor sneered.

"Your ability to kill without letting anyone know is indeed terrifying. However, we have yet to see it with our own eyes. And so today, we decided that we want to experience this mysterious technique with our own eyes!"

Davis stared at the Blood World Emperor with a calm expression on his face. He was about to speak when a loud voice echoed out.

"Emperor of Death, please don't mind us!"

"Kill those wicked path bastards! We don't care if we die!"

Karlheinz Strom and Newgate Stein, an Elder, and a Grand Elder, screamed with hatred brewing in their voices. Along with them, the entire Burning Phoenix Ridge began to clamor, their voices drowning out all legible hearing as well as creating a boisterous atmosphere that put a not-so amused expression on the faces of the wicked path hegemons.

"The number of ants looking to die is insane. Perhaps, I should really fry them all like and have a village-wide pot of ant soup."

The Infernal Lightning Emperor's body crackled with infernal lightning coiling around him like a dragon's. They swirled around him, emitting a powerful aura that made the blood of the Burning Phoenix Ridge disciples boil with trepidation.

However, a pillar of greyish-black energy suddenly shot towards the skies with a purple-robed character as the center. Everyone's eyes couldn't help but turn to look at Davis, whereupon they saw a heavy aura of death swirl around as though two dark dragon heads were twisting around him.

"I've always been thinking people deserved second chances, but it seems like such a benign philosophy isn't required in this scenario."

Davis's voice echoed with full of derision, causing the Blood World Emperor to react.

"You dar-"

A condensed ray of death energy abruptly shot towards the Blood World Emperor from Davis's index finger, bursting through the air like a shooting star, unlike its gaseous form as it pierced through the Blood World Emperor's opened mouth.

The Blood World Emperor's eyes appeared horrified as he took two steps back, feeling the death energy begin to spread in his throat and even heading towards his soul. However, his blood energy quickly burst to suppress and extinguish it as quickly as possible!

"Tch, I missed."

Davis's brows furrowed. He had actually pointed at Blood World Emperor's forehead to take him out with a single shot, but he missed, ending up shooting his impertinent mouth.

"Although I developed this technique called Death Ray a while ago, it seems like I need to work on it more..."

He loudly mused, shaking his head ruefully while inwardly feeling like he had wanted to call out this technique's name for a long time already.

His new technique called the Death Ray was a condensed blast of death energy that took away four percent of his Emperor Soul Stage soul force in an instant, but the utter concentration and the sudden propulsion through energy traveling from all the way from his soul to the meridians in his shoulder, arm and fingers in an instantaneous speed without a stop whatsoever meant that it was capable of killing a similar powerhouse as him as long as it struck their vital; their soul, in addition to lacking in defense.

Ancestor Cornelia was awestruck, and so were the disciples and the elders of the Burning Phoenix Ridge as they looked dumbfounded.

The Blood World Emperor severely trembled as he looked at the blood flowing out from his mouth and neck. Blood coagulated rapidly from the death energy contaminating his blood, but at the same time, he looked like a zombie with blood pouring out in copious amounts. His clenched fists quivered in anger before he swung the scarlet halberd at Davis, massive undulations moving towards him as the Legacy Artifact locked him down in his place.

"You're courting death!!!"


The Spatial Blight Emperor and Infernal Lightning Emperor also burst like a volcano as they instantly appeared in front of Davis, wanting to kill him in a single move while the Deprived Soulstir Emperor also pulled on his zither's string, his eyes emboldening with excitement and killing intent!

"Fool, since you attacked us, don't expect neither yourself nor your family to come out unscathed!"


Before Davis could even reply, their energies struck at him at the same time, creating a spatial fissure that instantly sucked in the debris below them!


In the Purple Guest Palace, a shadow seemed to blend into the surroundings as it made its way through the hallway. However, it momentarily stopped and looked at the green-robed woman who appeared to be cultivating in the midst of a walkway.

'Not a problem, but...'

The shadow found it strange and difficult, but still, it moved on, slithering past the green-robed woman when suddenly a huge poisonous energy blast struck towards it!

"How brazen. Did you think that you can escape my senses?"

Evelynn stood up from meditation and stared at the space she struck out, staring at it with killing intent bursting out from her eyes.

A black-robed figure silently emerged from the shadows and fiercely rushed towards her like a violent gale. Blood aura was clear to Evelynn's senses as she could feel that this assassin burned their blood essence.

Nevertheless, she was unshaken as her vertical third eye opened. Huge energy burst out, forming into an invisible hex as it struck against the invisible figure.

The assassin, however, felt their heart strangled and their senses suppressed as they could feel they had been completely locked on. The ignited blood essence energy was going to be used for an attack was used for something else as their figure transformed into a dark light amidst the darkness and shot out.

'An escape technique!'

Evelynn raised her eyes as she bellowed.

"Don't think you can escape from my hex!"

She shot forward and got out from the Purple Guest Palace, chasing him as they seemed to be moving in the direction of the north.

However, a shadow emerged in the Purple Guest Palace slowly, seemingly sneering at the green-robed woman who was chasing their shadow in the distance. They turned around and pounced into the shadows again. However, he suddenly stopped and looked at the four sickles stretching out from his body, and only did the sheer pain start to assault him!


The cough of a man echoed as he spat a mouthful of blood and turned to look back at the three-eyed woman whose eyes resembled a demon from the underworld. Poison kept rushing into his body through the sickle's pores.


He unwittingly uttered, his white eyes seemingly appearing to be reluctant.

"Thawing Poison Body Double, an escape technique that I learned from the Myriad Poison Sect, but as I said, it was foolish of you to think that you can avoid from my senses and try to assassinate the people inside, Hidden Night Emperor."

The Hidden Night Emperor's body shook as he heard his title being spoken. He had almost assassinated the Vast Sky Emperor, so how could this mere Hex Demoness, a character who was said to have been lucky with absorbing a magical beast's blood, should have no experience with assassins, able to find him and tackle him with ease?

Evelynn's purple eyes turned into one of derision.

"Since you're going to die, I'll say it for you. For one, my husband already predicted that you would attack at the command or commission of the wicked path as he left to save the Burning Phoenix Ridge, and two, you met me, a demoness you definitely didn't want to mess with..."

Her eyes flashed as she waved her hand and caught a tiny dagger that was spat out from his mouth between the web of her index finger and middle finger. Her lips merely curved in disdain as she saw that the poison could critically poison and even kill a Peak-Level Ninth Stage Powerhouse, but in front of her, it was still useless unless it struck her soul with pinpoint accuracy and piercing past her defenses.

The Hidden Night Emperor saw that his greatest hidden weapon was captured before he helplessly trembled like a rabbit in the hold of her four sickles puncturing the joints of his limbs that made it impossible for him to be able to move, making him feel like he was caught in the absolute entanglement of a deadly spider!

Evelynn took over his meridian points leading to his dantians, overflowing them with poison while even leaving him unable to self-destruct. And soon, he was frothing, appearing to be on the verge of death!

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