Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1885 - Forceful Yin

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Chapter 1885 - Forceful Yin

Niera's facial expression was full of excitement as she clashed with Kara Moonridge. Intense flames emerged from her frail-looking palms as she entered Kara Moonridge's yin and ice domain that had already been submerged under her fiery domain.

The intensity of the three domains clashed, and the two domains of Kara Moonridge threatened to suppress hers. Even then, Niera rushed directly to her opponent, stretching out her arms as though she was envisioning the wings of a magical beast.

'Ravaging Golden Tornado!'

Niera spun her body in a diagonal arc using like when she used this attack to try to overwhelm Hayou Azureclaw.

Deadly crimson flames directly burst into a terrifying swirl of flames that shot towards Kara Moonridge, who adopted a defensive stance as layers of ice walls kept forming in front of her. Her eyes were narrowed with a bit of nervousness as she saw the incoming funnel-shaped flames swirling as they blazed towards her.


The moment their attacks clashed, a mist began to form all over the enclosed room. However, the people could swear that they saw Kara Moonridge's defense break.

"What monstrous prowess…!"

They were surprised to see Niera battle against two Perfect Domains. She wasn't this powerful when she faced Hayou Azureclaw or was it because Hayou Azureclaw was too powerful in terms of offensive might? Or was it that Kara Moonridge was weaker despite having conjured a five-kilometer Perfect Domain as there are different qualities and properties to laws?

They couldn't understand.

Niera looked at the aftermath that was not so visible. She had been gathering energy for the Ravaging Golden Tornado Technique of the Destructive Golden Flame Canon from the moment the door could open, knowing that she might possibly meet an opponent in the next room.

Perhaps, Kara Moonridge wasn't prepared, but Niera wasn't willing to lose the advantage that she might've gained at this moment.

She raised her hand up and began forming a mini-sun at the top of her finger as flames kept swirling around to form a blazing crimson sphere.

"No, you don't..."

Kara Moonridge suddenly emerged from the misty clouds and waved her hands.

Icy daggers flew towards Niera at a bending angle, causing Niera to wave her hand, canceling the Burning Sun Lights The Skies Technique as she used her other hand to defend against the incoming cold daggers.

A wall of flame rose from Niera's move as they struck the icy-cold daggers, rebounding them. They flew back to Kara Moonridge and stayed beside her before she reactivated her domains again, the yin-natured icy domain intersecting with Niera's Perfect Domain as they tried to suppress her.

Niera saw this maneuver of Kara Moonridge's and couldn't help smile wryly.

'She was prepared, but this would've been so much easier if I had the Golden Crow Flames...'

However, it was her decision not to receive the Fire Phoenix's Flames when it is was readily available to her. Thinking back, she couldn't help but feel that she was immensely arrogant!

"Here I come..."

Her eyes sharply narrowed as she shot towards Kara Moonridge, causing the latter to widen her eyes in response as she began to counterattack.

Icy fumes kept surging from her palms as they were sent towards Niera while her soul force also controlled the ten icy daggers behind her, all of them targeting the approaching Niera with her sharp pointed-tip that threatened to pierce her.

Niera throttled when the icy fumes appeared before her before she shot to the left, using the Alstreim Family's movement technique to drastically increase her explosive speed of the first step.

Kara Moonridge's beautiful eyes glanced to the side as she kept up with Niera's movements. The icy fumes that seemed to be also filled with a baleful yin aura seemed to open their maws wide as it constantly chased after Niera.

Niera waved her hand behind, and a burst of bird-flames shapes shot backward, directly clashing with the baleful yin and icy fumes that threatened to swallow her.


Another wave of mist engulfed the area, causing Kara Moonridge to narrow her eyes as she lost sight of Niera. She also couldn't sense anything in her two domains while her icy daggers returned back, readily waiting for the slightest hint of presence.

However, even after two seconds, she couldn't find Niera.

'This is bad. I should find her quickly...'

Kara Moonridge thought as she had seen Niera's attacks before. All of them were extremely powerful, but they required long moments of preparation to surge out, and if she had a chance, that was the moment she should strike as she did earlier, but it seemed Niera also possessed fine moves and flexible reactions to defend herself although not as skillful as her.

But still, if she missed this chance, then…


Abruptly, furious waves of flaming undulations began to blow on her face, causing Kara Moonridge to clench her teeth as she turned around.

"Yin Flow Reversal!"

One of the basic moves of yin but drastically enhanced exploded out into a vortex. The region in front of Kara Moonridge became icy, trapping the flaming wings in the shape of an obscure bird that threatened to burn her into ashes.

This fiery technique that Niera unleashed was powerful, but Kara Moonridge's Yin Flow Reversal sought to placate whatever attacks that may have been thrown at her, lessening its prowess by a considerable degree and sometimes even canceling out the entire attack.

It was not the most powerful defensive move but was the most strategic and energy-conservative defense that a yin-attribute cultivator could employ, and indeed, the fiery wings began to erode as the yin vortex held it back. With the icy air combined with the baleful engulfing yin, the crimson flames were quickly receding as though they were splashed with icy water.


But suddenly, Niera broke through the baleful yin vortex, causing Kara Moonridge's pupils to sharply dilate. She instinctively sent out the ten icy daggers against the speeding Niera with full power, wanting to stop her from nearing.

However, Niera kept on rushing without a stop!


Blood spurted as three of the ten icy daggers stabbed Niera's palm, thigh, and shoulder as they stuck, spreading baleful ice energy within her.



A fiery fist engulfed in crimson flames landed on Kara Moonridge's face, causing the latter to flinch as she got sent flying in an arc towards the surface.

Davis's eyes were wide with shock, along with the others. However, looking at Niera endure the intense pain and hold on to Kara Moonridge's neck as she captured her, his eyes sharply narrowed, holding himself from interfering.

Niera landed on the purple stone surface as she held Kara Moonridge by the neck, suppressing her underneath as she

Kara Moonridge felt her consciousness flying away from her as her eyes almost rolled back from the impact of the punch she received to her face.

If she hadn't put up an icy barrier over her face in the nick of time, perhaps, her face would've been burned to an unrecognizable level. Nevertheless, blood was dripping out of her nose, while Niera also seemed to be bleeding more in copious amounts.

The baleful ice energy didn't stop the bleeding but further aggravated blood loss, but Niera didn't seem to care about it as she tightly held onto Kara Moonridge.

"Give up."

She spoke, heaving a heavy breath, seemingly having a difficult expression on her face.


Kara Moonridge couldn't believe the audacity and the boldness of this woman to not dodge or defend against her icy-cold daggers. For all she knew, it could've killed Niera, leading to a deathly battle between her husband and Davis.

However, looking at Niera's eyes, she saw that this was not calculated but seething with a worried expression that looked indecisive. She could feel the grip on her neck loosening, perhaps from the continuous loss of blood, but she could also sense that her baleful yin aura in the Niera's body was becoming less and less as the daggers were removed using soul force.

'This woman… she actually held back from turning my face into a wreck at that final moment...'

Kara Moonridge knew that a piece of ice layer would not be able to do anything against Niera's overbearing flames that struck her face. Right now, even though she had tons of energy to use, she couldn't help but sigh.

"I give up."

A white light began shining on Kara Moonridge before she was sent out by the spatial formation, along with the flying daggers scattered all over the place.

Niera heaved a heavy sigh as she sat down in a crossed leg position. She hurriedly popped a pill into her mouth and began healing herself, her expression slowly becoming relaxed and calm as the bleeding stopped. However, the flesh didn't seem to heal as she had only used an exceptional Peak-Level King Grade Healing Pill within the competition's limits.

"This girl… I'm going to beat her up for being so reckless!"

Inside the Alstreim Family's seating area, Claire's exclamation resounded with worry and anger, causing all the others to heave a sigh of relief as they saw Niera was safe, not heavily injured.

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