Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 1886 - Yang Lightning Soars

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Chapter 1886 - Yang Lightning Soars

Kara Moonridge appeared outside, Swansea and the others instantly rushed to her to help her in whatever way possible, but she declined as she wore a veil because the one she wore got torn while saying that it was not a serious injury and just an ordinary concussion.

Tanya Frostblight instantly defeated her opponents using her sword arts, sending him outside, and Drake Blackburn was just directly below her. However, he didn't go up once the doors turned green from being locked but went down, entering another room with no opponent, all the while unaware that Niera had eliminated his beloved.

He kicked the door, wondering out loud where to go next as though he was being funny, but unbeknown to him, towards his back, in the first row, fifth column spatial bubble room clashed two opponents.

Flashes of purple strands of light and golden slashes struck each other. However, they hadn't exchanged a single word right from the start and started to battle without any banter whatsoever, at least until the green-robed person opened his mouth.

"So you're the Emperor of Death's father. You don't measure much as your son, do you? Just like Jambei's father..."

Logan couldn't help but wryly smile as he heard the question from the green-robed youth.

"You speak as though your father is strong, Hayou Azureclaw."

"He's not." Hayou Azureclaw grinned as he waved his claws, "I have already surpassed my father in talent by working so hard to create a claw-attributed revolving core that my Azureclaw Family has never seen the likes of it, and not only am I going to surpass him in talent but cultivation as well, just like how you son has already surpassed you in both."

"Why do you look like you are fixated on this? Do you want to beat your father up or something?"

"Indeed." Hayou Azureclaw chuckled, "Revenge is a dish best served cold. I will humiliate him for the humiliation I received in my childhood for having a revolving core that got almost crippled, fair and square."

"That… my condolences..."

Logan's expression twitched as he wanted to stay clear of this family matter as he had enough back in his home.

"You're mocking me, aren't you?"

Hayou Azureclaw's expression faded, replaced with narrowed eyes.

"If I hadn't created this variant revolving core myself through going through many life and death battles and situations of eating whatever that possessed a remote chance to make my revolving core the way it is, making it into a claw-attributed variation revolving core, then I still wouldn't have received any recognition, much less any kind of respect and adoration that I'm being showered with now..."

"Is that right?" Logan smirked as purple lightning began to crackle around him in deadliness, "I don't know how your father is, but I think any normal father would be prideful if his son is able to surpass him or have their hopes dashed if their son ends up being a cripple, causing them to go crazy sometimes."

"You lie." Hayou Azureclaw's eyes narrowed sharply as he raised his hand, his lacerating claws beginning to shine in a golden light, "You only felt humiliated when your son surpassed you."

"Well, I don't feel that way, but as a cultivator, my blood is boiling to catch up, and as a father, I'm more than satisfied that I could die happily at any moment! Ahahaha!"

Logan burst out into laughter as he rushed towards Hayou Azureclaw, his purple lightning forming into a swirling arc before Logan punched through it.

A crackling burst of purple lightning shot through the air as it neared to strike Hayou Azureclaw, but he merely waved his hand, the claw slicing through the burst of purple lightning as though it was slicing tofu.

But the next moment, small luminous sparks burst forth into existence under the slicing arc of the claws before they began to explode, causing Hayou Azureclaw's eyes to widen as he saw his claw strikes collapse.

"What kind of lightning is this…!?"

The sparks began to near him, its momentum fueled by the previous explosions, but he rapidly retreated, escaping from the onslaught of the explosions.

'Well, this is basically what happened to my lightning after I practiced dual cultivation with Nora, sharing our yin and yang energy and digesting it together enough times...'

Logan wondered but didn't say anything, knowing that he and Nora could even easily take out an average Low-Level Law Rune Stage Powerhouse and even fight against Mid-Level Law Rune Stage Powerhouses if they combined forces.

In the Alstreim Family's seating area, Nora also looked mesmerized by the union of their power. It was all thanks to the unique birth of the Purple Star Yin Flame, which had never been seen before, unlike the relatively common Purple Yang Star Lightning that Logan absorbed.

"Exploding lightning? That's a first..."

Hayou Azureclaw commented with narrowed eyes, causing Logan to chuckle.

"The nature of yang is overbearing. Lightning already is a tremendous source of yang, so when an explosive yang type force is added individually, the result is quite extreme that you see that your earthly claw that countered my lightning also needs to be yin or yang in nature if it wants to overwhelm mine!"

Logan dashed through the impending explosions that failed to catch up to Hayou Azureclaw without worry. The latter swung his claws at Logan as golden claws emerged from his claw gauntlet as it headed towards Logan, but it missed him.

However, Hayou Azureclaw still looked calm as his real intention was to make the small sparks explode on Logan, but they got merely sliced through and dispersed.

'He even has control over it…!?'

Hayou Azureclaw couldn't understand. Were the small sparks not a waste of the destroyed lightning but an authentic byproduct that stays until dispersed?

Within a split second, Hayou Azureclaw tried to understand Logan's powers. He didn't dare underestimate the other party simply because he was the father of the Emperor of Death.

Logan almost instantly reached Hayou Azureclaw as the latter was speculating and carefully seeing his moves, causing Logan to grin ever so lightly before he pointed his finger at Hayou Azureclaw. The finger crackled with intensive arcs of purple lightning before it shot towards him instantaneously in a straight line.

Hayou Azureclaw sliced the concentrated lightning strike with his bare hands and did so, slicing through the arc of lightning when those small sparks popped up. However, he was so fast that he spun around and sliced off every spark that appeared.

Despite that, the explosion went off, causing him to curl up into a claw and retreat, taking minimal damage before he spread his body open and struck Logan with his claws again!

*Bbzzzz!~* *Boom!~*

Logan waved his hands with accuracy, lightning forming all behind him in three points, over his head, to the two sides, and shot towards Hayou Azureclaw. He repeatedly bombarded Hayou Azureclaw with his purple yang lightning that kept on exploding when they met the lacerating claws. Their moves countered each other, and they seemed to be battling at a stalemate.

The crowd was dumbfounded to see this kind of scenario happen. They expected one party to overwhelm the other as some were of the opinion that the Emperor of Death's father was stronger than he revealed, and some others said that Hayou Azureclaw definitely has the most superior destructive prowess in Essence Gathering Cultivation, but now, it seemed like both of them were equal, battling to a stalemate.

Moreover, despite the terrifying of the lightning and the claws, they both appeared to be near each other, wanting to end this in one move. The more they closed the distance, the harder it became to defend against the claws and lightning they sent towards each other.


A destructive and thick arc of purple yang lightning exploded on the vast array of claws that sought to cut Logan to pieces. Hayou Azureclaw seemed to heave a breath when suddenly Logan changed his way of battling.



Logan clapped his hands together and chanted, "Purple Yang Thunderclap!"

The explosion that shot towards Hayou Azureclaw caught him off-guard even though he almost counter-attacked, making his brain tremble. He was too careful of the sparks that created the explosion that he didn't expect an invisible explosion to attack him as though it was from the branch of Sound Laws.

Nevertheless, with his tremendous willpower, he didn't faint but curled up into a claw again, trying to retreat as he was in a disadvantageous position when suddenly a dark strand of energy struck him, searing his leg and capturing him.

"You're not going anywhere, Hayou Azureclaw..."

Logan's voice resounded right beside Hayou Azureclaw, who felt his scalp turn numb.

How did Logan appear beside him when there should still be some distance!?

It instantly made him flinch, wanting to slash the Logan by the side to pieces as he waved his arms in a flexible manner that defied physics, as though his arms had dislocated, but a raging fist clad in purple yang lightning came down crashing right towards his face and struck, causing an immense explosion to explode right over his face!


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