Doomsday: I Obtained A Fallen Angel Pet At The Start Of The Game - Chapter 211 (END) - Bassam’s Body Was Poisoned!

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Chapter 211: Bassam’s Body Was Poisoned!

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Looking at the destroyer in front, the eight tentacles of the giant octopus also stopped moving.

The purpose of the giant octopus was to sink this steel warship.

It wanted to kill the people inside, and then he wanted to feed on them.

He wanted to sink the warship to hunt and eat and to ensure that they would get enough energy.

Stark’s fighter targeted Murphy’s destroyer in front of them.

The quantum satellite also successfully entered low Earth orbit.


A burst of white gas spewed out from the joint.

Following that, the quantum satellite that was originally tightly connected to the ‘missile’ directly detached.

It reached the lower Earth orbit.

Looking up at the remaining bright spot in the sky, everyone felt very excited.

After all, all the launch bases were basically destroyed during the apocalypse.

Even if they were not destroyed, they were mostly scrapped.

In addition, there was no maintenance for a long time, so they were only the remaining launch bases.

The remaining launch bases could be counted with one hand!

After saying that, they did not look at the quantum satellite anymore.

“Beep beep! The quantum satellite has been detected and is in the process of establishing a connection with the satellite!”

Just as Stark was paying attention to the surface of the sea in front of him, an electronic synthetic sound suddenly came from the cockpit.

Hearing this electronic sound, Stark was delighted.

Because it meant that the quantum satellite had been successfully launched.

This also meant that the enemy could be discovered in advance, attacked in advance, and would also retreat in advance.

Moreover, the benefits of a quantum satellite were several times that of an active phased-control radar!

An active phased radar cannot do that because a quantum radar emits quantum light waves.

These light waves refract very little in the air.

This is why a quantum radar can detect a target before an active phased radar.

Look at the only small light spot on the radar panel.

That light spot represented the destroyer not far ahead.

He looked at the destroyer on the screen.

Stark rubbed his chin with one hand, thinking about how to seize control of this warship.

At this moment, Bassam, who had been stunned by the system, woke up.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the unfamiliar environment around him.

His head was also in pain as he looked ahead.

A memory suddenly surged out of his head. It was the scene in the underground launch preparation room.

Then, he fainted.

For a moment, the scene in his head was also quite chaotic.

Looking at the surrounding walls and the decorations in the room, Bassam thought that he and the others had been kidnapped.

The dormant battle armor instantly entered battle mode.

The light blue light instantly turned into a dangerous red light.

Seeing the password door in front, he was ready to use the weapon in his hand to smash it open.

The moment he picked up the weapon, Scorpion sensed it.

“Boss! Bassam and the others are awake!”

“Let them calm down and come to me!”


The password door in front opened before Bassam smashed it.

Seeing the metal door open in front of him, he became vigilant.

The moment he stepped out of the metal door, Scorpion’s voice sounded from inside his helmet.

“Captain Ba! Please go to the infirmary for treatment, then go to the cockpit!”

After saying that, he disappeared, and his teammate who was lying on the side gradually woke up.

When he woke up, his reaction was almost the same as Bassam’s!

Among the group, only one person did not have any reaction.

His face was only frighteningly pale.

Looking at his pale face and thin body, everyone was extremely impressed.

After all, he was able to maintain his composure under such circumstances.

It could only mean that his temperament was not ordinary.

Looking at the surrounding rooms, everyone became a bit doubtful.

“Everyone, please go to the infirmary for treatment, and then go to the cockpit.”

After saying that, Scorpion’s voice disappeared.

The Warframe that was originally in combat mode was also removed at this time.

Seeing his teammates who had woken up inside, Bassam was no longer worried.

His body relaxed at this moment, which was also the moment he relaxed.

Intense pain spread through his entire body, and in an instant, the life detection of the armor issued a warning.

“Warning! Warning! Blood pressure is too high. Heart rate is too fast!”

“Warning! Warning! Blood pressure is too high. Heart rate is too fast!”

The warning kept ringing, and Scorpion also felt that something was wrong.

“Captain Ba, may I know where you are now?”

“Roger, please answer!”

“Captain Ba, may I know your current position?”

“Roger, please answer!”

After waiting for two to three minutes, he still did not hear Bassam’s answer.

Stark also realized the seriousness of the problem at this time.

“Scorpion, immediately locate Bassam’s position!”

“We must locate him as fast as possible!”

After saying that, he put on his battle armor and prepared to go out and look for Bassam.

After all, the mecha was too big. It was just like a huge aircraft carrier.

All the facilities inside were available—training room, lounge, arena, simulation training room, mecha simulation room, medical room, etc.

“Positioning successful! Captain Ba’s current position is the lounge!”

After saying that, a map of the interior of the fighter jet appeared.

Stark looked at the position of the light dot and moved quickly.

There was almost no stopping along the way, because the Scorpion had already opened all the cabin doors!

This was also the reason why Stark was able to move smoothly along the way.

Beep beep beep!

“Warning! Warning! Currently, the pilot’s body temperature is too high. Tylenol ice potion will be used to lower the temperature!”

Just as he finished speaking, a secret compartment inside the armor opened.

Inside was a small syringe filled with a blue potion.

The syringe was filled with tylenol ice potion.

A plastic tube popped out from under the armor.

The blue potion was also injected into Bassam’s body along the tip of the needle.

His originally red body gradually turned back to its original color.

After injecting the potion, Stark also rushed to the place.

Stark, who was lying on the ground, looked at Bassam and asked, “System, what disease does Bassam have?”

[ Ding! Bassam doesn’t have a disease. It’s a poison released by the system! ]

The system that initially made Stark feel warm was now so cold.

It was like a thousand-year-old ice, freezing people’s hearts!

But Stark’s mood was helpless because the system had poisoned him.

Stark’s eyes were red as he roared at the system, “Why are you doing this! Why?!”

His eyes were red as he waited for the system’s reply.

[ Because they will obstruct the host from executing the purge plan! ]

[ So the system has the right to eliminate these people! ]

When the system first spoke, it spoke in a casual tone.

When it spoke the second sentence, it sounded like it had fallen into a ten-thousand-year-old ice cellar.

It sounded incomparably cold!

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