Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 402 - It’s Mrs. Mo

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Chapter 402: It’s Mrs. Mo

When the couple went downstairs, Leng Zheng was already waiting in the car.

“Boss, Madam.”

After Mo Boyuan got in the car, he said in a cold voice.

“Go to XX mental hospital.”


The car drove at a very fast speed. After about half an hour, they arrived.

It was Jiang Tingxu’s first time coming to such a place. When she entered the gate, she saw that there were mentally ill patients everywhere. There were men, women, young people, and old people. When she saw that there were children too, Jiang Tingxu didn’t feel very good.

That child appeared to be around the same age as her son.

However, his gaze was dull and he had a silly smile on his face. He was drooling…

Mo Boyuan pulled his wife who was in a daze.

“Let’s go.”

Only then did Jiang Tingxu come back to her senses. She nodded.


They arrived at the director’s office smoothly. The director was already waiting inside. When he saw the three people who came in, he hurriedly went forward.

“Mr. Mo, I’m really sorry.”

Mo Boyuan raised his eyebrows:

“Tell me the details of the situation.”

“Yes, Mr. Mo. Let’s sit here and talk. This is?”

“My wife.”

“So it’s Mrs. Mo.”


After the group of thesat down, the director’s assistant came in with cups of tea.

The director spoke somewhat anxiously.

“Mr. Mo, I was on the plane when Miss Shen was taken away. The person who handled this matter was our deputy director. We’ve already sent someone to call him over.”

A mere director of a mental hospital would not dare to breathe loudly in front of Mo Boyuan, not to mention that now, he had allowed the person who Mo Boyuan sent in to be taken away!

Although it was not done by the director himself, it was done by his subordinates. There was no way he could escape responsibility.

He had a very strong desire to live.

Mo Boyuan did not speak. He sipped his tea gently.

This made the director’s heart skip a beat again.

Fortunately, there was a knock on the door at this moment.


Hearing this voice, the director’s face instantly became much more relaxed.

“Come in.”

A male doctor wearing a white coat came in. He appeared to be about forty years old and was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses:

“Director, you’re looking for me?”

The director stood up:

“Mr. Mo, this is Deputy Director Zhang from our hospital. He also handles Miss Shen’s matters. Mr. Mo, if you have any questions, feel free to ask him!”

After receiving the director’s meaningful glance, the deputy director hurriedly called out respectfully.

“Hello, Mr. Mo, I’m Zhang Ping!”

Only then did Mo Boyuan put down the teacup in his hand and inadvertently glanced at Deputy Director Zhang.

It was just a glance but Deputy Director Zhang’s entire body trembled. He had the feeling that Mr. Mo really wanted to kill him just now!

Hiss ~

“Who took Shen Peiyi away?”

Mo Boyuan didn’t intend to waste his time here. He went straight to the point.


The director kept making eye contact with him and he was gesturing continuously with his hands too.

Fortunately, Deputy Director Zhang noticed it in time.

“Mr. Mo, it was Jun Group’s lawyers from Jin City who took Miss Shen away. They have issued a certificate from Foreign Hospital X to prove that there are no problems with Miss Shen. They have also prepared all the relevant documents.”

All the certificates were valid so naturally, they didn’t dare to keep her here.

It was indeed the Jun Family!

Mo Boyuan only wanted to know who had taken her away. Now that he had gotten the answer, there was no need to stay here anymore.

“Honey, let’s go.”

Jiang Tingxu looked as if she had expected it when she heard that it was the Jun family.

She stood up:

“Okay, let’s go.”

The director and deputy director felt a lingering fear even though Mo Boyuan and his wife didn’t blame them.

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