Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 408 - Seemed to Be Failing

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Chapter 408: Seemed to Be Failing

Old Liu continued:

“Old Sir’s age is one of the reasons. Another reason is that his injuries are too severe. Just now, we also said that even if he was saved, he would most likely be in a vegetative state. Moreover, the costs of the surgery and the post-treatment fees are not a small amount.”

Although it was an accident at the construction site, who could say for sure?

There were dozens of people who were injured this time, and a few died on the spot. It was still a big question whether the contractor would be able to bear the responsibility of compensation for such a big accident!

“So, your family members should discuss it together.”

As a doctor, of course, he hoped to save the patient.

However, if he were to think from the other party’s point of view, he could also understand the difficulties involved.

This kind of situation was not something that any family could afford.

The three siblings and a son-in-law began to discuss. As a daughter, she could not stop crying, complaining about second brother beside her from time to time.

Since her father had been with second brother’s family all these years.

If he followed her and eldest brother, he would never let his old father go out to work on the construction site!

It could be seen that among the three siblings, his elder brother and third sister were doing well, but his younger brother was slightly worse off.

This kind of situation was common in real life where siblings have different opportunities and destinies.

Moreover, didn’t Zheng Laoer just say that his wife had just given birth to a second child? In other words, the entire family had been relying on Zheng Laoer for the past two years. Their lives would definitely be a little more difficult.

While the family members were discussing, Jiang Tingxu and the others were also giving the patient the final conservative treatment.

Actually, one didn’t need to think to guess the outcome. The old man’s injuries were so serious that it was basically impossible to save him.

“Doctor, can my father wake up and speak?” Zheng family’s third sister asked.

Jiang Tingxu, Old Liu, Old Bao, and the two doctors from the radiology department shook their heads. Zheng Rongguang’s condition was already not sufficient for him to wake up.

“Sob, Sob, sob… you can’t even say your final goodbye? How can this be? Dad!”

Fortunately, his husband beside her pulled his wife back.

In the end, his eldest brother stood up:

“We… give up.”

At the end of his sentence, he sobbed a lot.

“Nurse Min, sign the consent form to give up resuscitation. The three siblings have to sign it.”

“Okay, Dr. Jiang.”

At this moment, the monitoring equipment at the side let out an ear-piercing sound again.

“Heart rate is 50, blood pressure is 60.”

Beep Beep.


Until the end:



On the monitoring equipment, several lines were instantly flattened.

Jiang Tingxu looked at the time:

“It’s 17:28. Make a note of it.”

Old Bao and Old Liu pulled the blanket over the patient’s entire body, from bottom to top, all the way to his head.

For a moment, the entire resuscitation room was filled with the Zheng family’s third sister’s shrill cries:

“Dad! ! !”

Not only in the resuscitation room, but even the people waiting outside could hear it clearly. They all shook their heads.

“Looks like it’s not going to work!”

“What a shame!”

The Zheng family’s third sister’s crying shocked Pei Rusi and Guan Xiaodong, who had just come out of the resuscitation room next door.

The two of them looked over:

“Eh, is that Dr. Jiang?”

Pei Rusi nodded:

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

“Eh, okay.”

The nurses in the resuscitation room were the first to see Pei Rusi enter:

“Department director Pei.”

Naturally, the two of them also saw a few straight lines on the monitoring equipment. Their expressions became a lot more solemn.

This was already the third person today.

In the emergency department, it had not even been an hour.

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