Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 409 - Contact the Funeral Parlor

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Chapter 409: Contact the Funeral Parlor

However, doctors were not gods. They couldn’t revive the dead.

Facing death was unavoidable for doctors, just like how facing death was also unavoidable for normal people.

For some patients, death was the best outcome.

It was the same for the patients who were suffering on the sickbed, and also the same for the patients who had exhausted their family’s wealth.

Therefore, these situations were nothing out of the ordinary.

However, patients who had hope of being saved being given up on by their families was what upset all doctors the most!

“Let’s contact the funeral parlor.”

Jiang Tingxu had already regained her composure since she had faced death countless times and even experienced it herself.

After that, they did not need a doctor anymore. Lao Bao and Lao Liu were more familiar with this procesure. They stayed in the resuscitation room with the family and waited for the funeral parlor that they had already contacted to come.

Jiang Tingxu walked out of the resuscitation room and stood in front of the sink. Her expression was not very pleasant, and she was overwhelmed with thoughts moment.

Pei Rusi and Guan Xiaodong also came over after they changed out of their surgical gowns/

“Dr. Jiang?”


“You’re not in a good mood?”


Of course she wouldn’t be in a good mood after someone died in front of her.

“Dr. Jiang, as a doctor in the emergency department, you must maintain a calm state of mind and not become overly emotional.

“You only need to remember one thing: if they are willing to let us treat them, we will do our best. If they aren’t willing, that is their right and freedom!”

Pei Rusi’s words sounded rather cold and heartless.

But to all doctors, wasn’t that also a kind of self-interpretation?

There was a saying that was very true: Time was the best medicine for all!

Even Guan Xiaodong nodded in agreement at this time.

“Dr. Jiang, don’t think too much about it. Haven’t we seen many deaths already?”

Actually, Jiang Tingxu wasn’t as unsettled as the two people in front of her thought she was. She just felt a little upset.

However, they were kind-hearted enough to try to comfort her, so of course she had to be grateful.

“Okay, okay.”

Only then did Pei Rusi start to rinse his hands. However, before he could wash his hands, the phone in his pocket rang rapidly.


“Department Director Pei, can you come to the neurological department immediately? There’s a patient here whose condition is a bit complicated. He needs surgery immediately.”

“Okay, I’ll go right away.”

After hanging up the phone, he rinsed his hands a few more times.

“I’ll go to the neurological department now.”

Jiang Tingxu and Guan Xiaodong both heard Pei Rusi’s call so they nodded.

“Department Director Pei, you should go quickly.”

Since there were a large number of people in the neurological department but they still couldn’t handle it, he should head over quickly.

It was obvious that Pei Rusi would not be back anytime soon.

During an craniotomy, no matter how small the surgery was, every second mattered.

The three of them went out one after another. They finally saw the head nurse and the others. There was a nurse in almost every ward.

They gave the patients fluids and medicine, checked their temperature and blood pressure, and also dealt with some of the patients’ skin injuries.

Jiang Tingxu and Guan Xiaodong looked at each other.

“Help them.”


The two of them specialized in dealing with the patients’ external injuries. With Jiang Tingxu and Guan Xiaodong help, it was finished much more quickly.

By the time they were done, it was almost seven o’clock.

After that, it was impossible for them to have time to go to the cafeteria to eat. However, the hospital’s department heads had already instructed the cafeteria to send over lunch boxes, so they didn’t have to endure the hunger and wait until midnight to eat.

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