Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 1364 Moving the Stone Dragon

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Chapter 1364 Moving the Stone Dragon

The atmosphere over the battlefield was stiflingly silent.

The all-heavens experts could not help but worry as they gazed at Zhou Yuan’s calm expression. Although it might have felt great to bring justice for his fallen comrades, it was honestly too rash of him to have done so in front of the Saint experts. If they were angered, even his master, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, would not be able to protect him.

The entire place was silent, everyone waiting for the Saint experts to give their final verdict.

Amidst this atmosphere, the crowd grew even more worried. Xu Beiyan was the one who had started this whole affair. If he had not acted on his evil thoughts, Zhou Yuan would not have been angered into killing him. Hence, most people were sympathetic towards Zhou Yuan and respected his actions. In addition, Zhou Yuan had saved them from a desperate crisis earlier, pulling them back out from despair. Of course they did not wish for Zhou Yuan to be punished.

While the crowd was silent, Chi Jing walked over to Zhou Yuan’s side. Her short red-wine-like hair fluttered in the wind, a resolute expression on her face. She was clearly displaying her support for him.

Su Youwei also stepped forward at nearly the same time. Wu Yao was silent for a moment before following.

“Meaningless.” Zhao Mushen frowned. If the Saint experts ended up not punishing Zhou Yuan, it would be because of the decisions made at the top and not because of Law Domain experts like them. Hence, such actions looked childish in his eyes.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan was really too impulsive.

Even if he wanted to kill Xu Beiyan, he should not have done so in front of all the Saint experts were watching. There was still so much time in the future, it was not like he would lack any chances.

How was he going to resolve this after killing Xu Beiyan and slighting the Saint experts?

Zhao Mushen cursed inside, but he still had to admit that Zhou Yuan’s actions had indeed moved even someone like him a little. Although he was selfish and apathetic at times, no one hoped for one’s friends to be the same because it would only make it difficult to create any trust. Zhao Mushen might not care whether others trusted him, but he felt that Zhou Yuan had a unique charm.

He could somehow make others feel at ease, and at the very least, you would never have to worry about him stabbing in the back.

While such thoughts swirled in his head, Zhao Mushen found that he had unknowingly come to stand behind Zhou Yuan as well, causing the corners of his mouth to twitch slightly.

A team surged out from the crowd, headed by a beauty. It was Ai Tuanzi while those behind her belonged to Zhou Yuan’s team.

The team Zhou Yuan had brought out of All-Heavens City initially numbered near a hundred. The dozen or so members killed by Tai Xuan were merely a portion of them.

Ai Tuanzi and the others silently gazed at Zhou Yuan’s back with complicated expressions, especially the members who did not have good backgrounds. They had been furious when they heard about what Xu Beiyan had done, but had also felt powerless. After all, Xu Beiyan was an untouchable existence to them due to his strength and status.

They never imagined that someone would stick up for them, but Zhou Yuan had now toppled this belief.

Under Ai Tuanzi’s lead, they gathered behind Zhou Yuan. Although several of them were at the Nascent Source stage and did not even have the qualifications to speak here, it did not stop them from showing the courage to support him.

The one that ultimately pulled Zhou Yuan’s gaze back from the deep pit where Xu Beiyan had been destroyed was Tuntun, who suddenly appeared on his head. It reached out a paw and patted his head as if consoling him.

Zhou Yuan turned around, somewhat surprised when he found the sizable group behind him. Soon after, he waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

He appeared rather composed because he was honestly not worried about the Saint experts’ rage. After all, even if master Cang Yuan could not protect him, he still had Yaoyao!

I will rely on her until even you Saint experts shiver inside!

While this thought flashed across Zhou Yuan’s mind, prime sovereign Jin Luo’s calm voice boomed.

“Xu Beiyan only has himself to blame for this fate after committing such an evil act. However, Zhou Yuan disobeyed the Saint command and will thus be stripped of his contributions. After this is over, he will not receive any reward.”

The all-heavens experts looked at each other. How could they not understand what this meant? Zhou Yuan was obviously being let off with a light slap on the wrist. After all, he had already completed his cultivation breakthrough and obtained the best reward. The subsequent rewards honestly did not hold much value for him.

Evidently, the Saint experts were not angered by Zhou Yuan’s impulsiveness and had instead thrown Xu Beiyan under the bus.

When this matter spreads in the future, Xu Beiyan would surely be spurned by countless people.

The tense atmosphere slowly dissipated as many people began to relax. This was quite a happy outcome.

When they looked towards Zhou Yuan, they found that his expression remained unchanged, causing them to be impressed. With such mental fortitude, he would likely be calm even if the sky were to fall.

Zhou Yuan ignored the gazes. This outcome was within his expectation, regardless of whether it was his master or Yaoyao who ultimately swayed the decision...

He cupped his fists together, suddenly becoming much meeker than before. He then turned towards the crowd and smiled, “Sorry to have disturbed everyone, let’s get back on track.”

The many experts acknowledged, their attitudes clearly more respectful than before. The genuine admiration they felt could not be concealed.

The crowd swiftly scattered and began setting up the Dragon Subduing Nails.

Only then did Zhou Yuan turn towards Su Youwei and Wu Yao. His gaze paused on the latter’s face as he grinned, “It seems that you guys have benefited substantially.”

However, he saw Wu Yao’s brows suddenly furrow as she glared at him. These words were uncomfortable to hear.

“Uh…” Zhou Yuan was stunned. He hurriedly said, “I didn’t mean anything else.”

By the side, Su Youwei blushed a little and said, “Your highness recovery and cultivation breakthrough were mostly thanks to Wu Yao.”

Wu Yao coldly said, “I merely returned something that did not belong to me. You and I don’t owe each other anything now.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. With the sacred dragon blessing returned and made whole, all the past grudges could fade away like smoke.

He walked towards Wu Yao.

When she saw him approach, Wu Yao raised her chin slightly, revealing her slender swan-like neck and displaying pride that belonged to her alone. Her long and narrow phoenix eyes stared sharply at Zhou Yuan in an unyielding manner.

Zhou Yuan arrived in front of Wu Yao and raised his fist towards her. “Allow me to reintroduce myself...I am Zhou Yuan.”

Wu Yao was slightly taken aback, clearly not expecting such a stunt from Zhou Yuan. She looked into his eyes, finding them filled with warmth and friendliness, causing the sharpness in her eyes to recede slightly. After a long silence, she also raised her fist and gave him a fist bump.

“I am...Wu Yao.”

The brief contact felt cold yet soft. Zhou Yuan withdrew his fist and said, “From now on, we’re friends.”

Wu Yao did not know whether to be angry or to laugh at his childish antics. In the end, she indifferently remarked, “Childish.”

However, a sliver of warmth flowed in her usually cold and lonely heart.

Zhou Yuan did not mind Wu Yao’s reply. He turned around and surveyed the dragon head battle zone. He could sense the Genesis Qi of the entire Stone Dragon Secret Domain gradually grow excited as each nail was hammered into the ground.

Moreover, due to the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, he could even sense the enormous stone dragon beneath his feet vibrate as the first howl from when the beginning of the world echoed from the past.

“The Stone Dragon Secret Domain...belongs to our all-heavens.”

Zhou Yuan sensed something. In the next instant, he suddenly saw countless threads of light rise into the sky, originating from the many nails.

The light threads soared out of the domain, casting themselves into the Great Dragon Moving Array outside.

A vast power unfurled, causing space to fluctuate. Zhou Yuan and the others were shocked to see the stone dragon that was as large as a star begin to move, slowly rising towards the all-heavens Dragon Moving Array.

The all-heavens experts burst into emotional cheers.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged. Instead, he looked towards the Sacred Race side.

Although the Sacred Race has failed, given their nature...would they really do nothing and watch the all-heavens collect the Stone Dragon Secret Domain?

It was honestly unlikely...

Zhou Yuan kept up his focus, growing increasingly vigilant instead of relaxing.

The battle for the Stone Dragon Secret Domain was likely not over yet!

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