Dual Cultivation - Chapter 718 - Introducing the Family

Chapter 718 - Introducing the Family

Liu Lanzhi and the other two disciples looked at Su Yang with anticipation. What could possibly be better than the Celestial Pond that boosts their cultivation base significantly?

Su Yang then retrieved two cultivation techniques and handed them to the two disciples— Disciple Ji and Disciple Chen.

"This is an Immortal-grade cultivation technique. Although the Celestial Pond may affect your cultivation speed, it is only temporary. However, with this cultivation technique, it will be a permanent effect."

Disciple Ji and Disciple Chen accepted their cultivation technique with trembling hands, their expressions blank and seemingly in a daze.

"Thank you, Sect Master!" They bowed to him deeply.

Once the disciples left, Su Yang turned to look at Liu Lanzhi and asked her, "What do you want?"

"You don't have anything prepared for me?" Liu Lanzhi raised her eyebrows.

"Hahaha… Who knows?" A mysterious smile appeared on Su Yang's face.

He then reached into his robes and retrieved a scroll.

"Here," Su Yang extended his arms and offered it to her.

"What's this?" Liu Lanzhi accepted the scroll before opening it to read it.

As Liu Lanzhi read the first sentence, Su Yang spoke, "That's a Divine-grade cultivation technique. It's above the Immortal-grade technique."

"Eh?" Liu Lanzhi immediately stopped reading the scroll and lifted her head to look at him with a surprised face, her eyes blinking in a dazed manner.

Even the other ladies there turned to look at him with wide eyes. Divine-grade cultivation technique? Such a powerful cultivation technique does not yet exist in this world— not even the Holy Central Continent has one!

"D-Divine-grade cultivation technique, you say? And you're giving this to me?" Liu Lanzhi asked him in a dazed voice.

"That's right. You are the Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect that is going to be the number one sect in this world in the near future; it's only natural for someone of your stature to have something special like a Divine-grade cultivation technique." Su Yang said to her with a smile on his face.


Liu Lanzhi was speechless. And after a long moment of silence, tears began flowing from her eyes— tears of happiness.

"Hey, hey. I didn't give you the Divine-grade technique so that I can watch you cry," Su Yang said to her with a smile on his face.

"I'm sorry… I just don't know how else to express my feelings…" Liu Lanzhi said in a trembling voice.

"Just smile and say thank you— that's all you need to do."

Liu Lanzhi nodded before wiping her tears and speaking with a beautiful smile on her face, "Thank you, Su Yang!"

Once Liu Lanzhi returned to the Yin Yang Pavilion and back to her own room, Su Yang turned to look at the three beauties standing behind him with envious gazes.

Su Yang chuckled when he saw this, and he said to them, "There's no need to be envious. Once we return to the Divine Heavens, I will give you all cultivation techniques and martial techniques that far exceed your current understanding."

"Really?" Zhu Mengyi's eyes flashed with excitement.

"Yes. I would give the cultivation techniques to you right now, but it wouldn't do you any good with the low-quality Profound Qi in this world."

"Anyway, I am now going to give you a quick tour around this place before introducing you to the others in the family that is currently in this place," Su Yang said.

The three ladies nodded, and they proceeded to follow Su Yang around the sect.

Of course, the disciples in the sect were greatly dumbfounded when they saw the three peerless beauties following Su Yang, as they have never seen someone so beautiful before, much less three at once in the same place.

However, since two of these beauties were carrying a baby in their arms, the disciples were also greatly confused as to who they were since they didn't think someone like Su Yang would be willing to have children.

"Who are those beauties following the Sect Master? I have never seen them before!"

"I don't know, but they are incredibly beautiful!"

"There's no way someone like that would be a nobody! You can tell at glance just by the profound aura they're emitting that they're all powerful Cultivators!"

"Heavens, I wonder where the Sect Master found them and what are they doing here at the Profound Blossom Sect?"

"Well, knowing the Sect Master, they're probably here to cultivate." One of the disciples said.

"Cultivate? Even though they brought their babies along? I highly doubt it!"

"Don't underestimate the Sect Master! I'm willing to bet that he can seduce even a woman who's currently in the middle of pregnancy with another man!"

As every disciple they passed chatted with each other, Su Yang and the three beauties eventually stopped in front of a medium-sized building.

"What building is this?" Wu Jingjing asked.

"Why don't you take a guess?" Su Yang said with a mysterious smile on his face.

"Hmmm…" Wu Jingjing narrowed her eyes at the building, but she was unable to find anything special about it. However, a moment later, she could feel the Family Seal on her body reacting to this place.

And just as the Family Seal began heating up, the entrance to the building suddenly opened, and a very pretty young lady stepped out of the building.

"Su Yang?" Sun Jingjing raised her eyebrows when she saw him with three beautiful but unfamiliar faces standing outside her house.

Because her Family Seal started warming up, she decided to come outside, expecting to see either Su Yang or Su Liqing as that is the only time her Family Seal would react.

And to her surprise, there were three extremely beautiful fairies that she did not recognize with Su Yang, and she felt a connection with all three of them, indicating that they also had a Family Seal somewhere on their body.

However, two of these three women were carrying a child in their arms, which baffled Sun Jingjing almost instantly, and questions immediately appeared in her head.