Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 607 - Challenge

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Chapter 607: Challenge

A week had passed since the Medicinal Studies classes started. Even though Medicinal Studies took up a part of the basic weapons course, the basic course actually needed a lot of time after the class to revise and memorize the contents.

After all, just passing required them to remember a thousand herbs. Even if most of them were the basic herbs that were easy to remember, it was still not an easy thing for most of them.

So, during the second class, almost half of them were gone from the classroom. The student union was more lenient towards secondary classes, allowing each student to have a second choice. In the month after choosing the course, they had the ability to change it, but after a month, they would need to wait until a new semester.

Xiao Lin’s task was even heavier. If he wanted to obtain an S-grade, he would need to remember ten thousand herbs. Professor Qin, who Song Junlang had mentioned to him before, had been researched by Xiao Lin through the second-year year leader Chen Yu. Professor Qin was currently the biggest authority on Medicinal Studies in Dawn Academy, and he specialized in the research and production of the newest potions.

However, he was different from the professors who liked to stay at the academy. Professor Qin enjoyed doing his experiments in the New World. According to Chen Yu, Professor Qin was only in the academy for no more than two months in a year. Of course, as a professor, he had his own experiment room.

In name, all the research rooms in the academy were put under the student union, but Professor Qin had a big reputation. Even the president would have a hard time ordering him to do anything.

That was why it was practically impossible for Xiao Lin to rely on Song Junlang or the president to get in. He could only use his own hard work to enter. He had taken the time to understand the research rooms in the academy. Most of them were prepared for graduates or above, and it was very similar to Earth. The professors would assign the tasks, and the research students would prepare the formulas accordingly.

In theory, it was impossible for Xiao Lin to get in, but Xiao Lin had already looked into the evaluation standards of the certificate for medicinal studies. Yes, it was the same as the messy and hateful professional certificates on Earth. In Dawn Academy, various professional occupations also had these evaluations. If one wanted to work in the relevant fields and be treated generously, the certificates were necessary.

The certificate for Medicinal Studies was relatively easy. It tested the participants on the ability to recognize various herbs, and the most basic certificate wasa a thousand basic herbs. After their first year course, that certificate was obtained automatically.

Because the student union did not have a hard stance on secondary professions, the higher levels of the certificates would require the students to choose for themselves. Recognizing over ten thousand herbs was enough to gain a master-rank certificate.

Even in the graduate classes, the passing grade was only five thousand types. It was enough for them to see how high that woman’s standards were. She was practically asking for higher-year levels from the first-years.

However, that meant that, if Xiao Lin could do it, he would have the level of a graduate. It was natural that the lecturer would not mind writing a letter of recommendation. Anyone who could do that would definitely be qualified for a research room.

After that was the question of whether or not it was possible. Remembering over ten thousand herbs in just a year was not limited to just remembering the name and the appearance. Obtaining a master-level certificate required one to remember the traits, growing process, properties, and uses of each herb.

A lot of the people on the forum felt like Xiao Lin was crazy. Of course, quite a few of them thought that Xiao Lin was joking. Even Cheng Ming and the others had looked for Xiao Lin. Because the Inter-academy Tournament was fast approaching, it was not the time to be distracted by Medicinal Studies.

However, their suggestions were not able to change Xiao Lin’s stance. In the first two classes, he did earnestly listen in class, but he quickly realized that what was taught in the classes was far from enough. In consideration of the majority, the speed of the lectures was not that fast. Based on that speed, a semester was probably only enough for a passing grade.

So, Xiao Lin used his rights to choose his own classes and gave up on that class, going to the library to borrow a large amount of books. The rest of them felt that Xiao Lin had really given up on that unrealistic stunt, and no one spoke of it anymore.

Only, Gu Xiaoyue would have a strange expression every time she walked past Xiao Lin. It was possible that only that woman really believed that Xiao Lin was aiming for the masters certificate. She had experienced Xiao Lin’s memorization skills. Even with her levels of intelligence, she could not compare.

Using Academic Genius’s passive learning skills, Xiao Lin’s memory was incredibly scary. With the increase in his basic attributes, the effect strengthened as well. His Intelligence affected his memory to some degree. After all, mages needed a good memory for those complicated spells.

Xiao Lin’s regular studies and training were not affected by it. He still did not want to give up on the tournament two months later. The time he had was utilized to the maximum by him.

He could only read the books from the library at night and during the weekends, but his efficiency was already more than just ten lines at a glance. He just needed to constantly flip through the books. He merely needed to glance at the herbs before they were integrated into the memory. After reading, he only needed an hour or two to digest and sort out the information before he remembered it all.

At that speed, in the week that passed, Xiao Lin had more or less memorized over three hundred basic herbs, but he still felt that the speed was too slow. With that speed, he would reach his goal within a year. Yet, to Xiao Lin, he did not have a year to waste.

One night during the weekend, Xiao Lin had finished his reading and was preparing to sleep. He had calculated the speed of his memory, and could not help but sigh. After that, he heard the sound of Bell’s laughter nearby.

“It seems like you’re frustrated with your memory. Do you need my help?” That playful and cute voice was from the academy’s artificial intelligence, Bell.

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