Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 643 - Setting Out

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Chapter 643: Setting Out

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There was less than a week until the first match. Ever since they looked at the recordings of Judge Academy’s past tournaments, everyone seemed to be much more serious. They were no longer as relaxed during their training as they used to be. Of course, there were some whose performances were even more exciting, such as Chen Dao and Cheng Ming.

To them, being able to participate in the tournament meant being able to face even stronger opponents. In truth, since the last half a semester, those with talents like Chen Dao had seen their skills greatly increase. Putting aside regular students, even the other monitors had seen them slowly pulling away.

It was easy to see that Cheng Ming and the others rarely met their match. Even during the monthly examinations, the tests focused on the overall difficulty of war, so this would actually be the first time they were facing opponents that were much stronger. Even though they were nervous and worried, they still could not contain their excitement and anticipation.

Everyone treasured the remaining time they had. Even during their break times, everyone would gather in the rest lounge, brewing some coffee or tea while they discussed among themselves.. The contents were more or less the same, which was the final line-up for the tournament.

According to Yu Mei, five-person teams usually comprised two long and two close-ranged fighters. The long-ranged fighters would be decided into archers and mages, and then the four would be complemented by a support.

That was a standard formation. In the New World, both adventurers or special task squads would always use that composition. In truth, the earliest team tournaments were held due to the need for elite squads in the New World.

However, the formation was not unchangeable, as each academy would deviate from the standard based on the conditions of their own students. For instance, the Russian academy had used four close-ranged fighters with one long-ranged mage as their composition. They used the close-ranged fighters to buy enough time for Diana’s talent to unleash a long-ranged magical attack.

So, in the past few days, the monitors, and even Yu Mei, were busy thinking about their line-up. They had considered quite a few compositions, but it was a pity that there was not enough time to experiment with them and put them into practice. Each new composition that was brought up had their own reasonings to it, but the others would naturally point out the relevant flaws. They would argue amongst themselves, and no one was truly convinced.

The last period seemed to pass by in a flash, and Dawn Academy was finally going to attend their first match. Their opponents were Judge Academy, who were called the strongest. It was decided that it would be held during the weekend. Since the Americans were the hosts, Xiao Lin and the others started their journey a day before with the vice president in the lead, going through the wormhole and heading to Earth. They went straight to Los Angeles before using the wormhole there to head to Judge Academy.

Yu Mei and the president did not follow. Due to the regulations, those at Gold Rank or above were not allowed to return to Earth, and both Yu Mei and the president were obviously at that level. That was why the vice president was in charge of bringing the team to any away matches. That was one of the disadvantages of being the away team, since it meant that Xiao Lin and the others would be deprived of guidance at the American academy, and would only be able to rely on themselves.

Other than the vice president, Xiao Lin was assigned as the leader of Dawn Academy’s representatives, and was therefore in charge of the other eleven monitors and Gu Xiaoyue. The others were unhappy about that because that assignment meant that the president had already silently acknowledged Xiao Lin as the year leader. However, with Xiao Lin’s abilities, no one could say anything about it.

What was worth mentioning was that the position of vice president had actually been born due to the need for a leader during the tournaments. For instance, the Russian academy had also sent their vice president during the last friendly match.

Due to time constraints, they immediately boarded the bus prepared by the Earth division right after arriving on Earth, and they headed straight to the airport. Other than giving their parents some hasty phone calls, they had no time to do anything else. Xiao Lin had a brief call with his home before glancing back at Gu Xiaoyue, who was sitting at the last row of the bus, quietly staring out of the window.

Everyone had been busy during this period of time, and Xiao Lin had been busy practicing elemental sword aura during his free time. Alongside that, there were many people in the training hall, and Gu Xiaoyue would usually avoid the crowds, so Xiao Lin had a hard time finding time to talk to her. Of course, that woman would not look for him herself either.

“Are you not giving Chengyun a call?” Xiao Lin went to the last row and asked.

Gu Xiaoyue rolled her eyes. She fell silent for a moment before she said, “Chengyun? You’ve only known that girl for a few days. When did you get so familiar?”

Xiao Lin had long since developed a habit of being shameless in front of Gu Xiaoyue, so he smiled. “Of course, Chengyun is such a cute girl. She’s so active and happy. Even just interacting with her for a day, anyone would take a liking to her immediately. I naturally came to care about her.”

“Take a liking?” Gu Xiaoyue narrowed her eyes.

Xiao Lin immediately looked up. It was the first time he noticed that that woman could be so sensitive, so he helplessly said, “Please, it’s the kind that’s like a sister. What are you thinking!”

Gu Xiaoyue snorted lightly before looking away and going quiet. Of course, Xiao Lin was very patient, and did not continue disturbing her, but he did not leave either. He chose to sit next to her, glancing at the woman’s beautiful silhouette.

Some of the others would occasionally glance backward, looking at the two strange people in the back row curiously. However, they would all be glared at by Xiao Lin. Ever since he was appointed as the team leader, Xiao Lin started to manage the monitors’ daily routines without much difficulty. Everyone else also knew that Xiao Lin would be the year leader eventually, and would have that right.

Gu Xiaoyue’s skin was not as thick as Xiao Lin’s, and the undisguised gazes caused her to feel a little uncomfortable. She finally turned around, helplessly explaining, “Chengyun is still my sister. I just wrote a letter to her some time ago, and I’ve told her everything that needed to be said. There’s no need for a phone call, lest she get worried.”

“Some time ago? How long ago?”

“Oh, about a month.”

“That’s so long ago!

Xiao Lin felt exasperated at that woman who did not seem to understand human relationships. He thought for a few seconds before immediately taking out his phone. He decided to help her for once and quickly dialed a number.

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