Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 667 - : The Origin Of Starburst

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Chapter 667: The Origin Of Starburst

If even Song Junlang, who had a backer, was kept in the dark, then it was definitely something big. Xiao Lin did not want to cause any trouble, especially since it was about another academy. He had no reason to care, so Xiao Lin stopped harping on that topic and went on to ask about the elemental sword aura.

Song Junlang used to be an extremely powerful elemental swordsman before he lost his powers. He had been at the Gold rank, even if not many people knew about that anymore with how many ears having passed. However, Xiao Lin once read the records in the library before. It was an easy matter for him to check some unimportant records in the library after the president raised his reading rights.

That was why Xiao Lin knew that Song Junlang would definitely be able to answer him.

“What? Starburst? You’re learning that technique?!” Song Junalng’s calm face turned strange after hearing Xiao Lin’s questions.

Xiao Lin immediately guessed that the man definitely knew a lot about it. Xiao Lin had found the right person, and he immediately straightened up in earnest, waiting for Song Junlang to continue.

After a few minutes of silence, Song Junlang reverted to his calm expression as he brushed past the topic. “Whatever. I’d advise you to give up on it, the sooner the better. That swordsmanship technique has no future.”

Of course, that was not the answer Xiao Lin wanted. It was a swordsmanship style that he combed through the entire library to look for. After the battle with the Turkish academy, it would be hard for him to give up on Starburst’s shocking power.

“You found it in the library, right? Ah, if you found it, then that boring president definitely increased your reading clearance to the highest,” Song Junlang cursed. Only he would dare call the president a boring person.

“That’s right. I took a very long time to choose, and the practical usage of this style suits me quite a bit,” Xiao Lin said.

“To some degree, you’re very much like me back then. It’s reasonable that you think the swordsmanship style I used before is good.”

Xiao Lin’s eyes lit up. “You used this before?”

Song Junlang sighed as he said, “Strictly speaking, I’m the one who stored this swordsmanship style in the library. I thought that I would never see anyone using it ever again.”

“Don’t tell me you created it?!” Xiao Lin’s face had a strange expression. If that was the case, then Song Junlang had definitely been terrifyingly talented.

Song Junlang quickly shook his head in denial. “How could I have created such a refined style? However, the swordsmanship style was definitely created by someone else. Back then, no, even now, it’s existence is a unique one.” Song Junlang closed his eyes and revealed a strange expression. It seemed to be in reminiscence and sadness. When Xiao Lin wanted to get a clearer look, his expression was calm again.

“I more or less know why you’re here. Starburst is definitely a unique swordsmanship style. Everyone is similarly confused the first time they use it. I won’t bother explaining elemental swordsmanship to you, but put it this way, Starburst’s power originates from the stars. The four basic styles before it are just to use the power of the four elements to move the stars and form Starburst.”

Xiao Lin listened closely and suddenly felt like something was off. He curiously said, “Hold on. You mentioned the power of the stars? I’ve gone through the basic classes of Norma. There are three energies on Planet Norma: the elements, life energy, and death energy. What is the power of the stars? Furthermore, if you’re talking about the stars, I remember what appeared in the sky was the moon when I used Starburst, and it was a crescent moon.”

Song Junlang had a disgusted face as he replied, “You should revise your astronomy. Let me ask you, is the moon a star? Can the moon emit light by itself? Do you think this is some fairytale from Earth? Everything in this universe, including power and energy, must still adhere to science. The moon itself doesn’t emit any light, and only glows from reflecting stars. As for the moon you saw, that involves Planet Norma’s astronomy, and I’m too lazy to explain that to you.”

Xiao Lin did not mind the cursing, and humbly nodded, saying, “So you mean that Starburst harnesses the power of the stars, but the appearance of star energy can take many forms? The moon that I saw then was just one of them?”

Song Junlang nodded. “More or less, but with your half-baked skill, if it can even be called that, it’s very hard to borrow the power of the stars. Star energy is something that is hard for us to fathom, and it is very mysterious. Planet Norma’s astrology is also the research of star energy. That High Priest from the ancient Thunder Kingdom probably researched it as well. However, no matter who it is, they’ve only understood a tiny bit. No one would dare say they have mastered the energy.”

Pausing, Song Junlang sighed. “So, I’d advise you to give up on this swordsmanship style. I think you’ve noticed as well. It isn’t complete, so there’s no reason to learn an incomplete style.”

Xiao Lin reluctantly said, “Who created it? Why don’t they continue with it?”

“There won’t be a complete style. There never will be.”

“Why? Has the creator died? Or do they not want to continue with it?”

“There isn’t more if I say there isn’t more! Why are you speaking so much nonsense?!” Song Junlang suddenly raised his voice, and his face turned a little dark and scary.

There was a brief silence.

Xiao Lin could tell that Song Junlang did not want to speak about it. He seemed to understand something, but he was filled with questions as well. Still, he apologized, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked so much.”

Song Junlang waved it away. “It’s fine. I haven’t been in a good mood in the past two days. Basically, there’s no reason to keep on practicing this. Oh, I forgot to mention, you felt like the power was immense because your opponent used necromantic spells. Starburst is extremely strong against death aura, and can even double in strength. Against a regular opponent, the power is limited.”

Xiao Lin quickly left Song Junlang’s place. Just as he said, Department Head Song did not seem to be in a good mood that day. It might have been because Xiao Lin brought up an unwelcome topic, but Xiao Lin did not push the matter. He respected the privacy and secrets of others.

No matter what, he managed to get some answers, and now knew why Starburst was so powerful against Said. As for whether or not he would continue, Xiao Lin would naturally choose to do so. It might have been his curiosity, but Xiao Lin would not give up on such an excellent swordsmanship style before it was proven to be useless.

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