Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3989: Easy Takedown

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Chapter 3989: Easy Takedown

“Rumble!” Massive monsters stood up and made the trio look tiny in comparison.

The houses were as large as mountains. One stomp could crush them like ants.

“What the hell are these things?!” Dong Ling was startled.

They didn’t look like regular monsters and beasts. The latter would at least be considered alive. On the other hand, these things had no sign of life even though they were moving.

There were no ferocious auras but Dong Ling felt threatened. He found them to be brimming with power and pressure.

“Rumble!” The trio became trapped in a world of monsters and suddenly turned into potential delicacies.

Of course, their tiny frames wouldn’t be enough as an appetizer for a single monster.

“What do we do now, kill our way out?” Dong Ling panicked.

Contrastly, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn; the same with Lu Qi.

“Whoosh!” One building raised both hands for a downward smash.

The sky suddenly turned dark with two mountain ranges descending down on Li Qiye.

He didn’t bother looking up and kept the same pace. Meanwhile, Dong Ling was scared out of his mind. He grabbed his sword, ready to fight to the death.

In this split second, Lu Qi made her move. She raised her jade hand and her fingers looked like a blossoming lotus flower.

Rays of light came out and erupted like an exploding sun. A terrible force easily crushed the descending hands of the monster and pierced through the monster’s chest.

“Boom!” The entire thing collapsed right away.

Dong Ling became slack-jawed after seeing how easy it was for her to take down one. He thought that he was quite strong given his age. Nonetheless, he had no confidence against so many monsters. This might not be the case for Lu Qi.

As for Li Qiye, he didn’t bother looking at the fight at all.

“Raa!” Strange roars came from the other side of the street. More monsters roared in response.

Dong Qing felt as if he was a lost lamb being surrounded by a pack of wolves. They seemed to be infuriated, perhaps by Lu Qi’s offense.

Thus, all rushed towards Li Qiye’s group and caused violent quakes.

“We’ll turn into meat pastes!” Dong Qing bellowed in horror.

However, Lu Qi raised both hands this time and her fingers released bright sword lights.

“Boom!” Frightening sword energies manifested from the rays. Thousands of divine swords appeared; their glints could wash the entire world.

“She’s this strong?!” Dong Ling’s legs became weak while being exposed to the domineering sword energy.

He had met plenty of experts - both geniuses and ancestors. Thus, he had a good idea of power level. Alas, he was frightened this time.

Even ancestors wouldn't be as powerful as her. This included most of the top ancestors in his sect.

“Clank!” The swords gathered to form a single one. It unleashed a slash and decapitated numerous monsters. Their huge frames smashed onto the ground.

This one slash covered the entire street - a testament to her incredible might.

Dong Ling’s mouth became wide open, speechless. The problem for him here was that she was only Li Qiye’s maid.

Such a powerful existence commanded respect anywhere in Sword Continent. Others would address her as “senior”. Why would she be inferior to a yin-yang cultivator? The whole thing didn’t make sense.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, was unimpressed by her power. It was as if he thought that she was being too sloppy.

Dong Ling swallowed his saliva and caught up to the duo again. He stole glances at Lu Qi but couldn’t see through the veil.

“Se-senior, which sect are you from?” He couldn’t contain his curiosity despite being afraid.

Unfortunately, Lu Qi didn’t bother answering him.

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “You’re making our little miss look old. She might be offended and make mincemeat out of you.” Having said that, he gently stroked Lu Qi’s long hair.

“...” Dong Ling had no response.

Given her power, he assumed that she was part of the previous generation. After all, he was acquainted with most of the young geniuses - the ten swords, the four heroes, on and on…

But what if Li Qiye was telling the truth, that she was just as young as him?

What would be her background? Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom? Nine-wheel Citadel? He couldn’t exactly connect her to anyone from these two sects.

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