Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4003: Amber

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Chapter 4003: Amber

“How keen you are, Young Noble. I personally found this helm from an ancient battlefield. I took my time looking and couldn’t find anything similar.” Tie Jian found this incredible.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head. Though the past was long gone, some items still made it through the year. He managed to see one in this shabby shop.

Xu Yiyun found this curious as well. Many of the items in the shop were unidentifiable due to their age. Even top historians had no idea, let alone regular cultivators.

Only big shots could recognize the old items here. However, they didn’t know everything and certainly not as fast as Li Qiye. The guy seemed to be more familiar with the items than her uncle.

Tie Jian had spent his time going over each item. He either found them in the ruins or bought them from disciples of fallen clans. He took pride in this yet still didn’t know all of their history. It was surprising to see a guest possessing so much knowledge.

These things weren’t precious to cultivators. They were broken and old with no real uses. Nonetheless, he still listed them at relatively high prices. Thus, it would be strange for this shop to be profitable. It rarely had customers.

However, he certainly had a few interesting antiques dating back to the previous epoch - the Nine Worlds.

What was his goal in keeping up this shop? All of his efforts were not rewarded in a financial manner.

Li Qiye scanned the entire shop and didn’t find anything particularly interesting. He had seen all of them before. In fact, what they considered antiques were new creations in his timeline.

“You don’t like anything?” Xu Yiyun found this disappointing, unable to help her uncle out.

“Some are up there in years but nothing more.” Li Qiye smiled.

Yiyun couldn’t say anything else since he was more familiar with the merchandise than they were. Introducing something else to him would only result in embarrassment.

“Common items can’t interest our young noble.” Lu Qi told the middle-aged man: “If you have a real ace, take it out and let the young noble take a look. He might be able to identify and increase its value.”

The man hesitated for a bit. He had something good indeed, the ace card of the shop. He never took it out because he hadn't understood it yet, only that it was rather valuable. The extent of its value remained unknown.

Taking it out was risky but on the other hand, meeting someone as knowledgeable as Li Qiye was rare as well. If he missed this chance, he might never be able to solve its mystery.

“Lil’ Jin, take out the thing beneath my bed.” He didn’t waste time and made a decision right away.

Someone in the room acknowledged the command. A while later, a youth brought out a wooden box.

The box seemed to be carved from a single piece of wood. There were no traces of assembly. It didn’t have a lock, only a seal.

The seal wasn’t activated but an immense force still assaulted whoever was close by. The man picked it up and used a merit law to deactivate the seal then took out the item.

It emitted a refreshing air, akin to one finding shade and breezes during a hot summer. It had a faint yellow color and resembled a piece of amber the size of a basin.

The thing inside this amber was nothing shocking - just a piece of tree root. It was golden and as thick as a thumb. There were a few tiny roots branching from it. The thing looked like golden ginseng.

The man presented it to Li Qiye with both hands and said: “I cannot identify this item but I’m sure it is special. I found it buried deep in an ancient land. That area was freed from impurities. It also had incredible visual phenomena when I took it out including a diagram depicting the myriad ages.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “It has been in my possession for a while but I still can’t figure it out.”

Back then, he was shocked by the visual phenomena when he excavated it. If it wasn’t for this personal experience, he wouldn’t have been able to confirm its precious value and keep it until now.

He spent his spare time looking at it but it didn’t exude anything special afterward. Li Qiye’s arrival today was a decent opportunity.

Li Qiye gently rubbed the piece of amber. It was cool like jade but far harder and heavier. Amber shouldn’t have been heavy but this had more weight than refined metal.

“Do you notice anything?” The uncle could see that the rubbing was intentional.

Li Qiye glanced at him once before focusing on the amber again. His hand lit up with a gentle light and chaos energy.

This energy began melting the amber, allowing him to reach the root inside.

“Buzz.” Once he made contact, the root became resplendent. The rays coming from it were sacred. Being shined by it made the group think that they were ascending.

Hallowed Sword exuded something similar to the entire city. However, the rays here were different.

While being in the rays’ presence, they felt as if a light was being born in their heart. Their very being was slowly being shifted into this holy affinity - a rather profound process.

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