Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4006: Calm Bamboo Princess

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Chapter 4006: Calm Bamboo Princess

The grass sword was surprisingly heavy. Even a fool could tell that it was exceptional.

A sword made from a bundle of grass shouldn’t be powerful in the slightest. Alas, its price told a different story.

“Can you lower the price a bit? What’s your best price?” Yiyun couldn’t help but ask since the sword was right there in front of her. Nonetheless, her tone lacked confidence.

Even if the shop would lower its price generously to 150,000 refined jades, it would still be too much for Yiyun. In fact, her clan most likely couldn’t afford 100,000 refined jades either. [1]

Either way, she couldn’t give up and still asked for the price since she truly desired the sword.

“This is already the best price.” The worker shook his head and smiled wryly: “Miss, our shop always offers the best and final price.”

She smiled back, only asking out of curiosity. Though the sword was somehow connected to her clan, all she could do was watch.

“I’ll take it for 210,000.” Another girl suddenly interjected while Li Qiye was taking a look.

Yiyun looked over and saw a girl dressed in green. She was far more beautiful and brimmed with vigor and vitality. Her aura was both pleasant and comforting.

Her eyes were spirited and bright just like that of a fairy. Her oval face was perfectly sculpted, the same with her facial features. Her red lips were sexy; others couldn’t help wanting to take a bite.

The green dress was a perfect fit and outlined her voluptuous breasts. Others wouldn’t be able to avert their gaze.

Despite her sexy appearance, she had an air of elegance that only added to the overall package.

Her appearance attracted everyone’s attention. The cultivators nearby couldn’t look away.

“Calm Bamboo Princess.” One youth recognized her and whispered: “She is absolutely the prettiest among the ten sword prodigies.”

“Do you sense her spirituality? Wow.” One cultivator was surprised to feel the waves of life force emanating from her.

Someone else familiar with Wooden Sword Holy Kingdom said: “From what I know, she used to be a calm bamboo tree always basking in worldly energies. That’s why her aura is so special.”

“I heard that she’s engaged to Peace Ocean Sword King from Sea Emperor, is this true?” One youth gossiped.

“Shh, don’t talk about matters like this before an official announcement. No one can protect you if they pursue it.” A friend immediately warned.

“He’s right though.” A frequent traveler to Wooden Sword nodded: “The sword king had visited Wooden Sword before.”

“There’s a high chance he’ll become Sea Emperor’s sixth dao lord.” One more youth was in awe when the king was brought up.

Most were afraid of this notorious figure because he was in charge of Sea Emperor. This was before mentioning his dominion over the young generation.

“Calm Bamboo Princess.” Yiyun greeted her.

Both girls were members of the ten sword prodigies. The princess came from Wooden Sword and was a direct disciple of the ruler there - Willow Monarch.

If the rumors of her engagement were true, her status would reach the next level like a phoenix soaring above the nine firmaments.

Thus, there was a considerable disparity between the two girls even though they were on the same list.

Some saw Yiyun before but didn’t have as strong of a reaction. First, she frequently visited Purification but most importantly, she just wasn’t as pretty as Calm Bamboo Princes and lacked a powerful background.

If Yiyun was beautiful, then the princess would be considered gorgeous. The latter would always be under the spotlight wherever she went.

As for their background, Wooden Bamboo wasn’t on the same level as the behemoths. Nonetheless, it was still a dao lord lineage, superior to the Xu even back during their prime.

In the present, the Xu could only be considered a third-rate power while Wooden Bamboo remained at the top.

Furthermore, the princess was a direct disciple of Willow Monarch, one of the six kings in the continent.

All of these factors explained the difference in treatment between the two girls.

“Long time no see, Miss Xu.” The princess replied.

Though they were acquaintances, the princess didn’t hesitate because she came for the sword today: “I wish to have this sword, please let me have it.”

The spectators became interested in the competition between two sword prodigies.

Yiyun shook her head and said: “The sword belongs to Archaic Style, feel free to buy it if you wish, Princess.”

“Wrap it up for me then.” The princess told the worker.

This prompted the guy to stare at Li Qiye because he was still holding it. Moreover, the rule of their shop was first come, first served.

“Young Noble, what do you think?” The worker asked Li Qiye before selling to the princess.

“210,000 will be fine.” Li Qiye said.

“Sounds good, I’ll go wrap it up for you.” The worker responded before bowing towards the princess: “Your Highness, this young noble had purchased the Celestial Grass Sword. Please go look for another sword, we actually have a Celestial Soaring Sword right now in our main hall…”

“I will pay 250,000. Yes?” She glanced at Li Qiye and uttered coldly.

“Well…” The worker stared awkwardly at Li Qiye. Their store also allowed mini-auctions for a highly coveted item.

“300,000.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Oh!” Others exclaimed after hearing this and started analyzing Li Qiye.

“Who is this brat?” Someone quietly asked.

The group shook their head since it was their first time seeing him.

“He doesn’t look like an important character. Can he produce this sum?” Another said.

This had nothing to do with disdain. It’s just that 300,000 Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades was a monstrous amount. Most top experts didn’t have this much, let alone a nameless junior like him.

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