Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4023: Money Can Buy Anything

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Chapter 4023: Money Can Buy Anything

The dissenter was none other than Starshooter Prince. He became the focus of the field right away.

“The Preeminent Legacy was opened by our elder who threw his life away for this sake. That’s why the resources and wealth belong to our Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom!” The prince loudly declared.

The crowd thought that there was a hint of logic in this. Sure, those plates were activated by their elder’s body.

“He’s right, that elder used his life to win the legacy. No matter how you look at it, Sea Emperor is the real winner.” One cultivator commented with his own agenda, wanting to establish a favorable relationship with the behemoth.

Another just wanted to cause chaos and shouted: “We all see who the real winner is. You need to make another announcement for the rightful winner.”

It was best to cause chaos and confusion. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie so if Li Qiye had a clean victory, that would be the end of the legacy.

“Yes, further deliberation is required.” One more chimed in.

“The people of this world have been adding to the legacy for eras now, this can’t go down with frivolity.” The vocal members of the crowd clamored, wanting to cause trouble to prevent a conclusion.

“We can’t just let this Li guy take the legacy when he didn’t earn it!”

“Yes, we need a redo since that didn’t count!”

Who wouldn’t want a piece of the largest pie in the world? Just a tiny portion would propel their sect to the next level.

Archaic Style seemed unfazed against the increasingly agitated crowd. The manager gazed at everyone and said: “Rules are rules. We have no intention of changing the Preeminent Legacy’s established rules. Young Noble Li’s spot is activated, therefore, the resources in there belong to him. This rule was there in the past, it is here now in the present as well. Archaic Style will not change it for anyone or any sect.”

“We formally announced that the legacy belongs to Young Noble Li outside of the administrative fees.” He solemnly declared.

Though his voice wasn’t particularly loud, everyone could see his immovable conviction. This successfully stopped the troublemakers from riling the others.

Archaic Style was a business, not a cultivation sect. Nonetheless, its reputation was cladded in gold. It also had plenty of influence and power. Not even Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom can force Archaic Style to change its rules. Thus, Li Qiye’s victory became final after the formal declaration.

“Brat, our Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom will not let this go. We’ll take back what belongs to us.” Starshooter Prince coldly warned Li Qiye.

“Wow, very bold to talk to me like this. Don’t you know who I am?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmph, who are you?” The prince snorted, not realizing the problem.

“The richest in the world. What do you think is the result of offending the richest person in the world?” Li Qiye smirked.

“So what if you have money? Only an insignificant parvenu.” The prince retorted: “Money can’t make up for the disparity between…”

“Five million Grand Dao Refined Jades for anyone who beats him up for me.” Li Qiye raised five fingers and said slowly.

“Five million Grand Dao Refined Jades!” The crowd clamored.

This referred to jades refined by Grand Dao Sacred Physique cultivators. They weren’t the finest grade but still extremely precious, especially when the number was so huge.

Not to mention the young generation, even older cultivators found this number impressive.

Some exchanged glances for a bit, clearly tempted by the offer. Starshooter Prince might be one of the ten sword prodigies but it wasn’t for the ancestors to teach him a lesson. It might be the easiest way to make five million jades.

Of course, no one questioned Li Qiye’s ability to pay at this point. This sum was just a drop in the ocean for him.

“You, you dare?!” Starshooter trembled with rage. His face turned red as he glared at Li Qiye: “Touch a hair of mine and our kingdom will deliver swift retribution!”

“Slap him twice, hard enough to break his teeth. Another five million.” Li Qiye casually added.

“!!!” Starshooter’s rage only grew.

“Ten million…” The crowd exercised relative caution after hearing five million but once doubled? The ancestors’ heart started beating faster.

“Seems like a good deal.” One ancestor murmured.

The only thing holding them back was the prince’s background. Otherwise, he would be smacked several times by now.

Nonetheless, some ancestors began changing their appearance or hiding their true identity. This transaction was too favorable to ignore.

“I got this, can’t pass up a deal this good.” A burst of hearty laughter suddenly erupted.

Everyone looked over and saw Jian Sanqiang walking towards the prince.

“We’re too late.” The hidden ancestors found this regrettable. Their hesitation made them miss out.

“You dare?!” The prince was both furious and afraid.

“Little brat, of course I dare. I’ll go easy on you and let you start first.” Sanqiang laughed.

Sanqiang stood at the top of Sword Continent. The prince was undoubtedly strong for a member of the young generation. Alas, he had a long way to go before reaching Sanqiang’s level.

“I am a member of Sea Emperor and the successor of the Starshooter Dynasty!” He had no choice but to bring up his background.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. You talk too much.” Sanqiang waved his hand and activated an arrow intent despite not actually wielding a bow.

“Boom!” The prince summoned his treasures, aware that he must do something before it’s too late.

“Rumble!” Sanqiang easily subdued the prince in the next move.

“Pop! Pop!” He slapped the prince twice and sent him flying out of Hallowed City. Blood and teeth gushed out of the youth’s mouth.

No one found this surprising due to the gap in power.

“Finished.” Sanqiang clapped his hands, seemingly ready for the reward.

“Give it to him.” Li Qiye ordered Archaic Style.

“Thank you, Sir, just let me know if you ever need some more muscle in the future.” Sanqiang accepted the money and happily came over to Li Qiye in order to bow. He didn’t resemble an expert in the slightest.

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