Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4033: Recruitment

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Chapter 4033: Recruitment

Numerous cultivators from various races and differing statuses waited outside in the courtyard.

Some actually hid their true identity while waiting for Li Qiye. Others purposely released their aura to intimidate the crowd and to make a good impression.

They have received an invitation and came to earn a good salary from Li Qiye. Of course, a few naturally had their own plans that might not be favorable for Li Qiye.

Groups talked among themselves about one key topic - the right approach to get the best payment.

Li Qiye’s group finally showed up and interrupted the conversations.

“Gentlemen, our young noble is here. Those interested may state their price.” Yiyun spoke after Li Qiye sat down.

“I only need 300,000 Grand Dao Refined Jades each year and I’ll follow any order.” One cultivator impatiently shouted.

“I will work for five years in exchange for a Heavenly Sovereign weapon.” Another shouted.

“Young Noble, I am at the Grand Dao Sacred Physique Realm. How much will you pay me?” One expert released their fate palaces. The power of the dao erupted as a result.

“I am only asking for a particular alchemy grass, I’m sure you have it in your treasury, Young Noble. I will work for three years.” One old man said.

“Our sect has five hundred members. We are located next to one of your territories. We will work for you for five years in exchange for the nearby border.” A sect master wanted land.

“Our group of eight is known as the Eight Tyrants of Qilian. We have plenty of workers and slaves under us. Our requirement is 300,000,000 Grand Dao Refined Jades…”

Li Qiye simply sat there and listened. His gaze moved across the courtyard like flowing water.

He eventually stopped the shouting crowd: “Enough, no rush. One at a time.”

“Silence!” Xu Yiyun roared sharply and silenced the crowd.

“Good. Who’s first?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Cultivators exchanged glances. Earlier, they were shouting nonsensical deals to play up the atmosphere.

Now, when it was actually time to negotiate, they trod carefully in order to get the best possible deal. After all, stating a ridiculous price might lose them the opportunity completely.

That’s why some rather waited and listened to the bids instead. This would give them more time to think while seeing Li Qiye’s reaction.

Their rumination was interrupted by a burst of rather creepy laughter. A shadow appeared on the ground first then a black root drilled out, causing mud to splash.

It grew larger and turned into a tree demon with countless black branches. The scariest part were the skulls hanging on some branches.

“Kekeke…” It laughed sinisterly.

“Dark Hand Devil!” Those nearby immediately ran away from this tree.

“The monster at Nine Dao Sovereign realm?!” A youth turned pale after hearing this title.

“That’s him, he destroyed his own sect.” An older cultivator nearby became serious.

The title was notorious in Sword Continent. He wasn’t the strongest cultivator by any means but could be one of the cruelest.

Rumor has it that he came from an above-average sect. However, he became at odds with the sect and eventually ambushed then devoured his fellow members. He then took all of its resources and treasures.

This act made people’s hair stand up in anger. Some heroes of justice declared a crusade against this demon. However, they were killed instead.

The demon was elusive and traveled alone, managing to escape the law while committing evil acts.

He looked quite happy to see the crowd’s frightened reaction. He sneered at Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, I am a reasonable person, give me one billion Golden Sovereign Refined Jades and I’ll leave without ever thinking about opposing you.”

“One billion for peace of mind?” A crowd member commented.

He wasn’t the only one who viewed Li Qiye as someone with more money than sense. However, he was the most blatant so far. Other big shots couldn’t do the same thing since they cared about their reputation.

The sum was quite outrageous. The demon could rob and steal for the rest of his life without ever reaching this amount. His cultivation wasn’t high enough to make this demand.

When a cultivator reached Grand Dao Sacred Physique, they would have two potential paths - either a heavenly body or a golden avatar.

The former was the path of the sovereign while the latter would take one to the dao lord realm.

The first levels of Heavenly Sovereign included ten dao. After reaching ten dao, that would take them to the next classifications - Golden Sovereign, Myriad Sovereign, Supreme Sovereign, and Immortal Sovereign.

At Nine Dao Heavenly Sovereign, the demon was strong enough to hold his own anywhere in Sword Continent. Thus, even if he wasn’t evil, others would still be intimidated by him.

Alas, this cultivation realm wasn’t enough to demand one billion refined jades. Few sects could come up with this amount, let alone an individual. It was enough to cause a mass-scale conflict.

“One billion?” Li QIye chuckled after hearing the demand.

“That’s right.” The demon smirked: “One billion is nothing to you, akin to a drop of water compared to the ocean. It is way too cheap considering that it’ll save your life, kekeke…”

The crowd did agree with this comment. One billion was actually nothing to Li Qiye. After all, he had billions of Dao Lord Refined Jades.

“Isn’t it nice to dream? I can produce this sum but I don’t think you’ll be alive to enjoy it.” Li Qiye calmly answered.

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