Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4049: Armament Mountain

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Chapter 4049: Armament Mountain

Armament Mountain; one sect, two dao lords. It was created by Armament Dao Lord and revitalized later by God Ape Dao Lord.

The dao of the sword dominated this continent. Ninety percent of sects here focused on this dao. The rest had a hard time keeping up.

Armament Mountain was an exception. It maintained regional supremacy while focusing on other weapons - saber, hammer, spear… It had used every other weapon before to great effect with one exception - the sword.

Armament Dao Lord stood out even among his peers due to his versatility. There was no way the sword dao was too difficult for him.

Most believed that given his talents, he would have dominated the continent with this dao as well. Thus, the actual story perplexed future generations.

This issue has been discussed over and over again, resulting in numerous explanations and theories.

One stated that he was bullied by a swordsman during his youth. Thus, he had a grudge against the sword.

Another talked about him having a fiancee taken away by a sword genius. Therefore, he swore to oppose the sword dao, wanting to defeat it…

A third explained that due to his incredible talents, he had a unique pursuit. Since the sword dao was already on top during his generation, he didn’t wish to follow the previous sages. Thus, he chose the other weapons in order to become a unique cultivator…

He never confirmed any of these theories before so it became an eternal mystery. Moreover, some were ridiculous anyway.

Though his sect only had two dao lords, it might not be weaker than those with three or more dao lords either.

From a distance, Armament Mountain looked as if there were hundreds of peaks crowding together. All of them had a different formation. One was tall and perilous just like a spear pointing at the sky. Another was thick and heavy, resembling a hammer. One more was a precipice in the shape of a saber… This was quite a sight to behold.

When observing deeper inside the sect, there was one particular peak shrouded by clouds and mists. It wasn’t that large compared to some of its friends. However, it occasionally flashed brightly just like a treasure grove.

It was the size of a tiny boat amidst an ocean of clouds. However, it surpassed everything else and became the core of the sect. The most majestic and divine peak here still seemed inferior in comparison.

The others seemed to be crowding in this place just to prostrate and offer their respect to this one. It served as the foundation of Armament Mountain - the one taken back from a forbidden zone.

Li Qiye followed Shi Yingxue back to her sect. He didn’t bring anyone except Calm Bamboo Princess.

Once they got close enough, they started observing the sect.

“Armament Mountain is as magnificent as ever.” The princess became sentimental. The only difference now was that she was a maid instead of a princess.

“It has been several years since your last visit, Your Highness.” Yingxue nodded.

“Please call me Ning Zhu instead, I’m no longer a princess of Wooden Sword and do not dare to use this title any longer.” Ning Zhu said. [1]

Yingxue’s eyes shifted between Ning Zhu and Li Qiye. She had heard of the bet between these two before.

Outsiders would consider a princess becoming a maid a fall from grace. She didn’t agree but it would be improper to comment on it.

“That peak isn’t bad.” Li Qiye’s focus was on the tiny peak.

“It’s brought back by our progenitor from the Sword Burial Forbidden Zone. It is the very foundation of Armament Mountain, that’s why none of us can use it in a transaction.” Yingxue chuckled awkwardly while trying to spell it out for Li Qiye.

He smiled and knew her intention, choosing not to force the issue. He only gave it a brief glance before staring at something else.

Next to the sect was a field. It looked rather plain compared to the majestic peaks nearby.

“What is that place? Does it also belong to your sect?” He asked.

“Yes, Young Noble. It belongs to the Tang before and is also under our jurisdiction.” She looked over and answered.

She was curious about his interest in the plain. Her sect didn’t pay attention to it despite the close vicinity due to its desolate and barren nature.

Armament Mountain administered a large territory but not all the lands belonged to them. For example, this plain still belonged to the Tang.

“The Tang had a legendary character once. It’s just that they have declined with few members left.” She added.

She wasn’t too certain because due to the Tang’s current state, they had no connection with a big shot like her.

The Tang wanted to sell all of their land and properties to Armament Mountain. However, her sect had no interest in this deal. This was the only reason why she remembered them.

“I see.” He smiled.

She remained curious but didn’t ask him for elaboration. The trio then started heading for Armament Mountain again.

They met many disciples on the outskirts who instantly greeted their sect master.

“Sect Master.” Their trip was interrupted by an anxious old man who ran up to them.

“What’s the matter, Elder Sun?” Yingxue slightly frowned after seeing his abnormal expression.

“A little problem.” The elder glanced at Li Qiye and Yiyun before whispering to Yingxue.

Yingxue’s expression became serious after hearing this. Something must have happened in the sect.

She pondered for a bit before telling Li Qiye: “I’m afraid there are internal matters I have to take care of, Young Noble. Please rest in our courtyard for now and I’ll take you on a tour of the sect once I’m finished.”

1. I’ll use Ning Zhu instead of Calm Bamboo from now on

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