End of the Magic Era - Chapter 1294

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Chapter 1294: 1294

Chapter 1294: Doom of the Undead

The sky seemed to be filled with dust and clouds. There was gray mist that blocked any light. It was like a dark night without stars or the moon. If an ordinary person were here, they wouldn’t even see their own fingers.

The air was brimming with the power of death. On the continent that was absolutely flat, many ghosts were unconsciously wandering and fighting. The victorious ghosts would swallow the soul fire of the losers. That was the fastest way for them to level up.

If those tireless ghosts hadn’t been constantly doing that, the planes of the undead would’ve exploded after they had been filled up.

There were a lot of skeletons in the distance and undead creatures wandering behind. Lin Yun dropped his disguise. The undead creatures around him all noticed and lunged at him. The ghosts all screamed and charged at him too.

A living creature in the skeleton plane was like a drop of water in boiling oil. No undead creature would abandon the fresh flesh and soul.

Lin Yun stooped and grabbed a handful of the soil. He released fire and burnt it for a moment. Then, crystals that looked like black grains were condensed.

This is it, the plane with the most supply of Black Sand. No planes with one-tenth of the supply here will be found in 10,000 years…

Lin Yun didn’t bother to deal with the low-level undead creatures. Their soul fires trembled violently when they approached Lin Yun, as if they had run into their natural enemy. They flinched in fear. After they ran back for some distance, they turned around and dashed at Lin Yun again, repeating the process.

The ghosts that overlapped each other and looked like jellyfish were the same. They all screamed and fled as they approached Lin Yun. Then, they ran back, and then lunged at him again…

Although his ability, Undead Predator, wasn’t very powerful, it wasn’t something that those weak undead creatures could resist.

After a dozen minutes, there was nothing within dozens of meters of Lin Yun, and the low-level undead creatures gathered in circles around him. At least 10,000 undead creatures had gathered in this place.

When all the undead creatures were gathered, Lin Yun opened his mouth and spouted a fiery rune. Immediately, a circle of flames arose around him and spread out quickly, consuming all the undead creatures within a range of 1,000 meters.

The flames illuminated the dim world. Countless undead creatures were burnt to ashes, leaving their essence on the ground.

In no more than one minute, the place became absolutely quiet. The flames were burning, but there was not a single undead creature left. Lin Yun had purposefully attracted all the undead creatures nearby to him. There was none left in a radius of 10 kilometers.

He opened the Book of Death, and turned to the Sage Chapter, which unleashed a powerful devouring force, swallowing the essence on the ground.

Unfortunately, there was no change despite the absorption of essence.

There were still only two level-7 spells that could be copied. To upgrade the Sage Chapter again, it required a shocking amount of undead essence.

It was unlikely that he would meet a powerful undead creature that was as strong as the peak of the Heaven Rank again, and directly use the power of death it carried.

Lin Yun wandered in this skeleton plane again, and released his aura of vitality, attracting a large number of undead creatures. He killed all of them. Most of them were below level 20, and few were above it. He had only seen two that were above level 30.

As he hunted the undead creatures on a large scale, Lin Yun’s ability of Undead Predator was evolving too. After a week of hunting, the low-level undead creatures would flee in fear when he was 100 meters away. Even the level-30 undead creatures didn’t dare to approach within 50 meters of him.

The aura of vitality that Lin Yun released was as eye-catching as a lighthouse in this dark world. Even low-level ghosts could detect him from a dozen kilometers away.

He continued hunting for half a month, and almost executed all the undead creatures in this plane, including a level-39 skeleton giant, which was the most powerful existence here.

He discovered many unusual things. One was that there was another Planar Path in this plane, and was much more stable. It was open for a dozen minutes every day, and many undead creatures would travel from there to this plane through the Planar Path.

Seeing the Planar Path, Lin Yun suddenly remembered something. Soon after the Lincoln Business Alliance obtained this skeleton plane in the future, the undead creatures would invade the Sten Kingdom.

The invasion started somewhere near the City of Angels. However, according to historical records, the invasion happened because an evil necromancer accidentally opened the gate to an undead plane during an experiment, and therefore let in plenty of undead creatures.

However, seeing the plane and the undead creatures that were surging from there into this skeleton plane, Lin Yun suddenly understood.

The invasion of the undead had nothing to do with any necromancer. Those undead creatures were from another plane.

The other end of the Planar Path contained a terrifying amount of power of death. A lot of the power of death even leaked from the Planar Path into this skeleton plane.

The other end of the Planar Path was definitely the Undead Plane, which was known to be unconquerable!

Noscent had tried to conquer the Undead Plane again and again in the age of colonization, but suffered huge losses every time. In its heyday, it conquered the Undead Plane, but those bones that couldn’t be shattered very soon returned as an ocean of undead creatures.

For normal planes, it was possible to set up a base and just collect resources. However, in the Undead Plane, the tireless undead creatures would fight any living creature ceaselessly whenever they saw one.

Most forces that had conquered the Undead Plane lost the war of attrition as the undead creatures could afford the attrition, but human beings couldn’t.

The undead creatures could kill a living human at the cost of 100 or even 1,000 soldiers of their own, and they had an inexhaustible supply of reserve forces. In a total war, a billion undead creatures could be easily sent to the battlefield.

Even when the magic-powered warships were developed and put into use in the future, they would be worn out by the number of enemies too.

Standing in front of the Planar Path, Lin Yun burnt the new undead creatures into ashes. He hesitated for a moment, and then entered the Planar Path.

Hiding all his aura, he walked out of the Planar Path, and saw a world that only had black, white, and gray colors. In front of him was an enormous mountain of bones 1,000 meters high. Many skeletons and ghosts were wandering on and around the mountain.

Some of the bones were replaced by the skeletons. They even used the powerful bones as weapons.

In the distance, a skeleton archer raised a bone bow, and tore off one of its ribs to use as an arrow, shooting the spine of another skeleton. Then, it quickly moved to its target, and swallowed the soul fire that was still burning in the head.

Then, it tore apart the skeleton on the ground, and installed a similar rib in its body. After that, the skeleton archer hesitated for a moment, and then installed the rest of its opponents’ ribs on itself. It seemed to have more than 30 ribs.

A lot of undead creatures were wandering in the area. Almost all of them were fighting. Some of them died, and some gathered from a distance. Some even stood up from the mountain of bones. They were newly born undead creatures…

A gray sun hung in the sky, emitting cold light. The sunlight felt as cold as death. One could receive nothing but weird coldness from the sun, which seemed to be already dead. It seemed to have been corrupted by the aura of death.

Lin Yun stared at the sun, and felt very uncomfortable.

He flew into the distance, and saw nothing but desolation on the ground. Half-buried bones were everywhere. The plants here were unique to the Undead Plane too, and they looked quite scary.

There was a bush that seemed to be made of black weeds. A level-20 skeleton warrior entered the bush. Immediately, the weeds seemed to be back to life. They tied up the skeleton warrior quickly, and all of its joints were wreathed in weeds.

In only three seconds, the skeleton warrior had been torn apart into broken bones. Only its head where the soul fire was burning was kept intact.

The weeds trembled crazily. Their bloody roots rose from the ground, and stabbed into the skull. The skeleton warrior’s soul fire waned. After the skull was tied up, the bloody roots disappeared into the ground with it.

The weeds seemed to be growing more exuberantly. Hundreds of more weeds appeared in less than one minute.

Lin Yun knew that the plants were named Soul Swallowing Weeds. They were very common in the Undead Plane, and only needed power of death to survive. However, in order to expand and upgrade, they would have to swallow the soul fire of the undead.

They could set up traps and wait for the brainless undead creatures to fall in.

Cutting down some of the Soul Swallowing Weeds, Lin Yun flew onward. Those weeds were not valuable, and had a lot of replacements in Noscent, so it was unnecessary to dig them out.

After flying for half a day, he saw a shabby city of bones ahead of him. He released Lagulin, Barton, and the ghost of the prince.

The three undead creatures caused panic when they appeared. A lot of undead creatures shunned them in fear. The ghost of the prince glanced at Lin Yun, and then attacked the city of bones obediently.

It was more of a building 1,000 meters long and wide than a city. There was an altar a dozen meters high in the center of the city, and a throne was placed on it. A level-35 skeleton king was ensconced on the throne.

The battle came to an end very soon. The prince swallowed the skeleton king’s soul fire, and gave its essence to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun hid himself, and asked the prince to go hunting with Barton and Lagulin. They swallowed the soul fire of the victims, and left the essence of the dead for Lin Yun.

Half a month later, all the undead creatures within 100 kilometers of the Planar Path had been eliminated. The three ghosts left marks on the range, declaring that it was their territory. No other undead creatures would feel anything wrong even though they had no subordinates, because one of them was in the Heaven Rank.

Swallowing crazily for half a month, the three ghosts had been growing very fast in the Undead Plane. Lagulin and Barton had reached level 39, and the prince had stabilized in level 41.

The tremendous amount of essence of the undead didn’t upgrade the Sage Chapter so that it could copy level-8 spells, but it allowed the Sage Chapter to copy another level-7 spell.

After occupying the territory, Lin Yun set up an alchemy array to seal and hide the Planar Path. Then, he left with the three ghosts.

Over these days, Lin Yun had detected the assembly of a significant number of undead creatures in the distance. At least 100,000,000 undead creatures, led by lords above level 45, were fighting in the distance.

Although their battlefield was at least 300 kilometers away, as soon as Lin Yun leaked his aura of vitality, the two undead overlords would certainly feel the light in the darkness.

Then, they would definitely stop fighting each other, and come in his direction.

Lin Yun looked back regretfully.

If he could kill a few Heaven Rank undead creatures, the Sage Chapter and Undead Predator would definitely upgrade again.

However, that was just his wish.

Every Heaven Rank undead creature would be too ashamed to call itself a lord if it didn’t command tens of millions of subordinates.

The lords above level 45 could easily lead 100,000,000 undead creatures to war…

Those undead creatures weren’t all low-level ones. Lin Yun had detected that the two overlords had at least 50 Heaven Rank subordinates.

He couldn’t afford catching their attention. Even if he were to fight for a whole year, he couldn’t possibly eliminate them.

Also, he wasn’t a tireless ghost. If he were to fight consecutively for a couple of days, his soul would be exhausted even if he still had mana. He certainly couldn’t fight for a year…

Hiding the Planar Path, Lin Yun turned around and left. He had found a path to the Undead Plane, which was an important finding. However, he was still too weak to stand his ground in the Undead Plane.

Although he knew some coordinates in the Undead Plane, those coordinates were inaccurate, and led to locations that wouldn’t be significant until tens of thousands of years later.

If he were to go to those coordinates at this moment, he might end up in an undead overlord’s city.

Returning to the skeleton plane, Lin Yun sealed this side of the Planar Path too.

Losing the power of death and the undead creatures from the Undead Plane, the skeleton plane became completely desolate. There was nothing in it left.

Lin Yun opened his Demiplane, and released 1,000 alchemy puppets. Some were battle puppets, and the rest were all engineering ones for mining and refining. Those engineering puppets weren’t as good as alchemists, but they could carry out the task of mining the Black Sand and refining it.

Leaving those puppets here, Lin Yun took out the Book of Death, writing a few runes and marking the coordinates of this skeleton plane. Then, he returned to Noscent through the Planar Path.

He reappeared below the ground. Tearing apart the alchemy arrays and removing all traces, Lin Yun destroyed the Planar Path, and came back above the ground.

He quietly returned to the City of Angels. When he walked down from the third floor, he saw that Xiuban was having a great time chewing a half-meter-long leg, and Reina was studying an ice crystal. There were quite a lot of customers in the store.

Xiuban’s eyes were widened, as if he was eager to welcome troublemakers, so Lin Yun knew that nobody would dare to come to the Gilded Rose for trouble…

The excavation of the Black Sand was no longer a problem. He only needed to go to the skeleton plane regularly to pick up the refined Black Sand. The puppets could take care of the rest.

Lin Yun left instructions for the manager of the store in the City of Angels. He also left a bunch of potions and 30 level-39 battle puppets.

He left the City of Angels with Xiuban and Reina for Neverwinter City.

The moment he returned to Neverwinter City, Faleau reported to him about recent events.

Hearing Faleau’s report, Lin Yun was quite calm. Everything was just as he expected, if not even better.

The cooperation with the Lincoln Business Alliance was definitely the best move. Although Lin Yun didn’t really care about rumors, the Gilded Rose’s development in the Odin Kingdom would’ve been restrained if he hadn’t handled it well. In time, the rumors might’ve become the Gilded Rose’s stain.

Currently, the Gilded Rose was incapable of rising in the Sten Kingdom. It was already the best to start a branch in the City of Angels because earning a place in the City of Angels was easy as long as one was strong and rich, and sold great items.

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