Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos - Chapter 2203: Troubled Mind

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Chapter 2203: Troubled Mind

Unable to look Vahn in the eye, Cheelai sat with her head on the table, hands folded behind her head as she unenthusiastically inquired, "So...? When do I start...?"

Maintaining the same amused smile he had been sporting ever since Cheelai's little debacle, Vahn answered, "Technically speaking, you started the moment I transferred you from Frieza Planet 297. Your duties don't actually cover anything specific. You just need to watch over Broly and treat him well. Other than that, you're free to do just about anything you want."

Since it wouldn't be long before the manor was capable of autonomously sustaining itself, Vahn didn't need Cheelai to perform menial tasks like cleaning or cooking. So long as she didn't try to manipulate Broly or machinate against the other residents, he didn't mind if she simply regarded the manor as her home. It may as well be...

Though she couldn't help thinking there was another reason she, specifically, had been chosen as Broly's caretaker, Cheelai wasn't going to complain about fewer duties and greater freedom. Heck, just being able to request things from him was a tremendous boon. His powers seemed borderline omnipotent. So long as he played her cards right, her life would basically be smooth sailing from this moment onward...

Choosing to believe this was the case, Cheelai raised her head to reveal an excited smile as she said, "Sounds a little too good to be true but I'm not gonna complain. When do I get to meet the kid...?"

Shifting his intent to Broly, Vahn found the young Saiyan on his hand and knees, silently observing his reflection in an emerald green lake. His expression gave off a remarkably introspective vibe, but, considering his father probably only talked to him when he was giving orders, it wasn't particularly strange. Besides Ba, the massive, remarkably malleable, and cat-like creature, he didn't really have any friends, much less someone to talk to.

"Hmm...I'd like to give you more time to acclimate to life within the manor, but, if you're this eager to get started, I don't mind retrieving him now."

Since there wasn't actually all that much to do in the manor besides laze about, Cheelai, while not exactly eager to get started, would rather have something to do than continue sitting around. Life on the streets hadn't exactly been glamorous but it was nothing if not stimulating. At the very least, it kept her on her toes and forced her to stay alert if she wanted to survive.

As much as she had enjoyed the last couple of days, Cheelai was beginning to feel a kind of stress she couldn't put into words. She felt like she 'had' to do something, but, without any tasks or even a single person to talk to, the only thing she could do was keep herself occupied. It was indescribably stressful, so much so that she hadn't been exaggerating when she mentioned thinking the manor was some kind of purgatory.

"Sounds good. I guess I'll wait here...?"

Nodding his head in affirmation, Vahn rose to his feet, saying, "Go ahead and finish your breakfast. I won't be gone for too long but it might take a short while to get Broly situated. I'll inform you once everything is ready."

Recalling that she had, in fact, been in the middle of cooking, Cheelai was doubly surprised when she looked over to find that her food hadn't burned. In fact, it was nearly in the exact same state she had left it, almost as though time had stopped the moment she turned away...

Unfortunately, just as she turned around to ask, Vahn's body appeared to simply blink away. For a brief moment, Cheelai's body tensed at the notion he may have turned himself invisible. There was nothing preventing him from doing so. In fact, as the person who had created her ring and clothing, there was a very good chance he could negate them whenever he wanted.

Feeling a shiver pass through her body, tiny goose pimples appeared on Cheelai's arms and legs as she returned her attention to her breakfast. There really wasn't much she could do against someone like Vahn, so, rather than worrying about his incomprehensible abilities, she decided to focus on the task at hand. As for the not-so-subtle moisture build-up in her panties, she would have to deal with that later...




With Saiyans developing in stages, much like the spiritual beings of the Divine Realm, Broly wasn't much larger than Goku despite being sixteen, nearly seventeen years old. He resembled a young boy of around 8-10 years old, his height barely exceeding 130cm despite the fact he would grow to exceed 220cm in the next fourteen months.

"Hello there..."

Hearing a voice behind him, Broly unhesitantly jumped into the pool of emerald green water before swimming several tens of meters in an instant. It was only once he had reached the other side that he bothered to look back, but, by then, Vahn was already on the opposite shore waiting for him.

"There's no need to be afraid, young one. I haven't come here to hurt you..."

Moving before Broly could react, Vahn instantaneously removed the restrictive shock collar around the young Saiyan's neck, his expression placid despite the powerful charge attempting to invade his body.

Seeing his collar in Vahn's hand, Broly's tensions rapidly faded as he softly inquired, "Who are you?" in a curious, rather than fearful tone.

Taking a knee, Vahn lowered his head so that he was nearly eye level with the young Saiyan before answering, "My name is Vahn. I've come to take you and Ba someplace safe. A place where you can eat your fill, make friends, and never have to worry about someone placing a collar on you. Will you come with me...?"

Demonstrating just how gentle a soul he truly was, Broly's expression reflected his internal conflict as he gazed in the approximate direction of his father, Paragus.

Even as an adult, Broly had always cared deeply about his father. It could be due to the fact he was the only other person Broly knew growing up, but, even after being forced to suffer for decades, he never resented his father. Instead, the death of Paragus actually served as the reason for him losing control and entering the Legendary Super Saiyan state...

Following Broly's gaze with his own, Vahn briefly considered his options. The simplest solution was to erase Paragus from Broly's memories. Inversely, he could always erase Paragus's memories, or, better yet, have him think he had fled the destruction of Planet Vegeta rather than the persecution of its King. Vahn wasn't sure of Sarina's intentions regarding the Prince, but, regardless of what she had in mind, it was better for the aged Saiyan to resent the person who had destroyed his planet and its people rather than a child who had never wronged him.

Those that expected the descendants of despots, opportunists, and criminals to pay for crimes they had no hand in were the absolute worst kinds of people...

"Your father can come with us. However, for both of your sakes, I will have to erase a large part of his memories. I think you know this, but your father isn't exactly a good person. If he were allowed to leave this planet with his current mentality, he would injure and even kill a lot of people before finally being killed himself..."


Rather than refute Vahn's words, Broly immediately nodded his head in understanding. He knew, first-hand, how consumed by vengeance his father had become. He was also ruthless to the point of shooting one of his comrades in the back just to save provisions that wouldn't have lasted more than a few weeks. It was a completely senseless killing that ultimately left him marooned on Vampa for nearly sixteen years as he simply lacked the knowledge and expertise to repair a damaged ship...

Extending his hand, Vahn ruffled the young Saiyan's hair before surprising him quite a bit by picking him up and placing him on his shoulders. He may have given Goku a similar treatment, but, as Broly had never received even a small amount of affection from his father, he had absolutely no idea how to react. As a result, he ended up tensing like a statue, his hands tightly grasping Vahn's hair as their surroundings instantaneously changed.

As it was impossible for Broly to injure him in any way, Vahn let the young Saiyan do as he pleased while observing the massive, lake-like pool of green fur in front of him.

Sensing the subtle vibration from Vahn's and Broly's hearts, the lake-like pool of fur began to bristle loudly as the center deformed to reveal a massive, cat-like creature with an amorphous, snake-like body. It actually reminded Vahn of a Lake Slime, but, instead of possessing a body comprised of a gel-like substance, it had mammalian, shapeshifting properties similar to Xysteria...

While Vahn was staring at it, Ba was looking at Broly sitting on his shoulders. Then, demonstrating where its name had originated, it roared a thunderous, "Ba...!" that generated a wave of pressure in their direction.

Waving his hand, Vahn casually dissipating the physical sound wave as he responded with a curious, "Ba...?"

Though it was about to initiate a follow-up attack, Ba slowed its momentum when it heard Vahn's words. A markedly confused expression appeared on its face, but, compared to the astonishment on Broly's, it was a relatively tame response. As for why the young Saiyan was so surprised, it was because the massive creature lowered its head, various growling sounds emanating from its throat as Vahn responded with remarkably similar sounds...

Unsurprisingly for a creature the size of a small lake, Ba possessed a rudimentary intelligence that allowed it to communicate with members of its own species. Vahn was effectively a member of all species, and, thanks to the benefits provided by The Path, he could even communicate with bugs, creatures that primarily communicated with pheromones. Talking with mammals was exponentially easier, so, after promising the cat-like creature it would never have to go hungry again, Ba lowered its head and allowed Vahn to touch its nose.

Increasingly Broly's confusion exponentially, the massive body of Ba immediately shrunk down to the size of a large, lime-green house cat. It still had the same red eyes and fierce-looking teeth of its original counterpart, but, instead of occupying a crater the size of a football stadium, it was now tiny enough to carry around. More importantly, it still possessed its shapeshifting qualities. In fact, Vahn had enhanced them quite a bit.

"Here, try this on..."

Though he was profoundly confused by Vahn's words, Broly still extended his hands to accept Ba the moment it was proferred to him. To his surprise, the malleable cat promptly deformed around his arms, rapidly climbing up the rest of his body in a manner that made Broly think he was about to be consumed. Fortunately, this was far from the case. Instead, Ba formed a shape resembling a hoodie with a lush green tail.

"What...is this...?"

Understanding the young Saiyan's confusion, Vahn teleported them near the location of Paragus's crashed ship before explaining, "I had a small chat with Ba. It agreed to become your partner and help protect you so long as you provide it with a steady supply of Ki. Since your body produces an almost unlimited amount, I taught it how to shapeshift into a variety of different forms that would allow the two of you to stay together always."


Hearing Ba's voice reverberating through his head, Broly moved his hands up to feel the soft fur of his best friend enveloping him. This caused the furry hoodie to bristle slightly, the hairs along Ba's body standing on end as it wasn't used to being caressed...




(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'When you're active all the time, having nothing to occupy yourself may as well be hell...','Boly is too pure for this world...','Ba...!')

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