Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm - Chapter 544 - I’m Off to Make a Killing While You Guys Fight!

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Chapter 544: I’m Off to Make a Killing While You Guys Fight!

The Demi-Saints of the Gods, the Demons, and the other foreign races were all in a daze.

Like them and other hegemon races of the universe, the humans of the Three Realms had themselves occupied a base over a constellation, and it was their base for the war—no more, no less.

And yet, there was rarely grand scale battle above Grand Luo, which was why their bases would only be guarded by a single Demi-Saint. That was a rule that applied to Gods, Demons, and humans.

Therefore, as they came charging in now, the Grand Mage of Xuan Du led Demi-Saints from the Chan Sect, the Jie Sect, the Buddhist Sect, and the rest of the Three Realms to fight them.

It was clear that they had prepared for this.

“We need to go!” a foreign Grand Luo cried.

But it was already too late.

The Grand Mage of Xuan Du had already strode one pace forward, the image of the Eight Trigrams over his head shooting out to seal the world around them.

As the five banners behind him flapped loudly, one of them—the Northern Flag of Water Manipulation—turned into dark water and landed to the north, while another—the Southern Flag of Levitating Flame—erupted into a blaze and landed to the south.

They were soon joined by the Central Flag of Yellow Earth, the Eastern Flag of Blue Lotus, and the Western Flag of Colorless Clouds, each of which instantly cut off the many foreign Demi-Saints’ retreat.

While the Grand Mage of Xuan Du was not exactly grand in stature, he appeared majestic in that very moment.

The Golden Realm Pagoda hovering in his palm, the dimensions beneath his feet unraveled as he strode forth, and he instantly reached the Stoner Patriarch. “You are a bold one, Stoner Patriarch,” he said flatly. “How dare you attack a member of the Three Realms of a lesser tier? Did you really think that you are licking the best boots after defecting to the Gods and Demons?”

The Stoner Patriarch’s face fell and he turned to leave, but both space and time around them were sealed by the Eight Trigrams ward and the Flags of Five Elements. Moreover, he was a class beneath the Grand Mage of Xuan Du when it came to escaping, which was why he could not get away whatever he tried.


The battle ignited.

The Stoner Patriarch was caught in a disadvantage after a matter of seconds.

He hence revealed his true form—a 5,000-kilometer tall stone giant, but the Grand Mage of Xuan Du was still handing it a trashing, knocking boulders off its body.

Jiang He, who was quietly watching the battle in the distance, felt a chill within when he sensed the terrible auras of the battle. “Is that the battle between the best Demi-Saints? The Stoner Patriarch is still normal since I could fight evenly against him for a few moments in a melee, and I would be an equal match if my immortal arts reached Demi-Saint as well… but isn’t the Grand Mage of Xuan Du himself exceedingly powerful, too?”

In the rankings of Demi-Saints across worlds, weren’t the Stoner Patriarch, the Grand Mage of Xuan Du, and the Nether River Patriarch listed at the same tier?

Jiang He sneered.

Did a mentally challenged person create that ranking?

Well, perhaps the ranking was made without accounting for the fact that the Grand Mage of Xuan Du wielded three treasures from the Saints.

“To tell the truth… when it comes to the Eight Trigrams ward, the Flags of Five Elements, and the Golden Pagoda, even Saints would increase in combat ability if they took possession of any one of those three. Taishang Laojun, however, lent all three to his disciple at once—it would actually be weird if he did not become so awesome!”

With that, Jiang He did not continue watching the battle between the Stoner Patriarch and the Grand Mage of Xuan Du.

That was unnecessary, after all.

The Stoner Patriarch was going to be beaten up into pieces as long as it cannot get away.

On the other side, more battles were erupting.

The Demi-Saints of the Three Realms had all advanced, finding themselves each an opponent from among the foreign Demi-Saints to fight.

One of the most eye-catching ones was an immortal maiden wearing airy white clothing, invoking the Golden Scale Dragon Scissors while the Primordial Golden Cauldron floated over her head. She was fighting against the eldest disciple of the Patriarch of the Gods, but was somehow not losing.

Five out of the twelve Golden Immortals from the Chan Sect arrived as well, some such as the True Habitant of Tai Yi and the True Habitant of Yu Ding being familiar faces for Jiang He.

And then there was also the Immortal Hermit of the South Pole and the Daoist of Many Treasures as well.

“So, this is the true depth of the Three Realms?”

Jiang He was a little emotional.

The Twelve Golden Immortals of the Chan Sect were all Demi-Saints, and they numbered up to thirteen when the Immortal Hermit of the South Pole is included.

The Jie Sect disciples did not dull in comparison either, and when combined with the Western Sect, all three major sects boasted a total of more than twenty Demi-Saints. As for the Ren Sect, everyone knew that the True Lord of Morality and Pure Nothingness only had one disciple, and it was the Grand Mage of Xuan Du.

“The daemons would have some Demi-Saints as well, such as the legendary Daoist of Luya… oh wait, he’s the head.”

“I believe Kong Xuan is still alive, however, and he’s a peak Demi-Saint who is a match for the Cloudy Sky Daoist and the Daoist of Many Treasures… and given the dragons’ long history, they would certainly have some elites among their fold.”

“And then there’s also the Great Immortal Zhenyuan who wields the Earthen Tome…”

“Tut, tut…”

“If every last one of those elites attacked at once, these foreign Demi-Saints are never getting away, are they?”

“However, the Gods and Demons also boast deep pockets. They must have more Demi-Saints they have yet to mobilize, and after I kill sixteen of them… either way, if a war between Demi-Saints really breaks out, the Three Realms would not actually have too great an advantage and would have to keep an eye out for neutral races.”

Jiang He then turned his eyes to the edge of the battlefield.

Wang Hou was fighting a rather scatterbrained foreign Demi-Saint over there.

He was a Saber, yet another vassal race of the Gods and Demons.

Sabers were a minor race in the universe, and was weaker in both strength and numbers even in comparison to the Sky Demons. This was the one and only Demi-Saint born among them after endless eras had passed, and his cultivation was a class beneath the Sky Demon Emperors since he was just an average Demi-Saint.

His appearance closely resembled humans, though he stood at three meters, with a dark-red scales growing over his body. At the same time, there were sharp blades sticking out of his kneecaps, elbows, and spines.

In contrast, Wang Hou’s Martial Yuan Spirit hovered as he fought bare-knuckled against the Demi-Saint Saber, getting bolder the more he fought. His Martial Arts Qi was strengthening gradually as well, and there were signs that he would ascend in the middle of the fight.

Behind him, his Martial Grotto-Heaven was just like a blackhole.

Endless energy buffed him so that he could counter the Saber’s mystic treasures and godly techniques easily!

“How devilish!”

Jiang He could not help sighing. “Minister Wang is truly the devil himself… it was just days after he ascended up to the thirteenth-tier of martial arts, and he could already fight Demi-Saints in close quarters. It’s likely that average Demi-Saints would not win against him should he rise to the fourteenth-tier.”

“Hold on…”

Jiang He paused then. “If he could fight a Demi-Saint in close quarters at the thirteenth-tier, I should be able to fight and kill a top Demi-Saint at the pinnacle of fourteenth-tier… but why don’t I find myself as strong as I imagined?”

Staring at Wang Hou for a long time, he then realized with a start, “I got it now… Although I’m at the pinnacle of fourteenth-tier in martial arts, I fight through the instinctive movements and the brute strength of my limbs. I never did develop a technique fitting for my current martial arts level that could completely utilize my combat strengths.”

But in that very moment, blood rain abruptly poured across the world.

One of the Demi-Saint Demons was bludgeoned to death by the Daoist of Many’s Treasures… mystic treasure.

Thus, with one dead Demi-Saint, another soon followed as the Immortal Hermit of the South Pole slayed a Demi-Saint God.

“The Saints of Gods and Demons would definitely be coming soon…” Jiang He thought.

After all, if they did not show up, it wouldn’t take long for their Demi-Saints to be wiped out…

Hence, Jiang He quietly retreated.

If the Saints of Gods and Demons showed up now, it was doubtful that the battle would continue… but since he started this fight which ended up with almost twenty Demi-Saints from the God race, the Demon race and their vassal races dead, he contributed significantly on the surface.

But in truth, Jiang He was not earning much.

“Right now, every pair of eyes across worlds would be focused here. I’m never making a killing in the future if I don’t try to make a profit now!”


Tearing through time and space as he casted teleport, Jiang He rushed to the Demons’ encampment.

According to Moyin’s information, the Demons’ base in the celestial battlefield had thirty-six barracks and six treasure vaults.

Moreover, there would be troves of mystic treasures, medicinal pellets, and cultivation manuals in each vault. They were kept there for convenience as trading items for military accomplishments… and if Jiang He could clear it himself and plant the truckloads of treasure, he most certainly would profit immensely!

“And if this is the case for the Demons, the Gods would not lose out by much as well!”

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